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This is obviously my personal site but my online content arsenal is vast. It includes Greater Gotham: Going Global, a blog about being out and about in New York City and what happens when you turn Gotham Girl lose on the UK; Fabulous Foodie, where food and food culture are served up a la carte. Last but not least, there is Modern Parlance -- home to my hard-working writer alter ego and headquarters in my nefarious plan to take over the world. It is also home to my work blog - Personal Parlance, where I hold forth on publishing, books, social media, communication, indexing, writing, education and anything else content-wise that catches my eye. 

I had wanted to call the whole thing Operation Empire but several of my friends suggested that might put people off. Upon consideration I decided that a) they were right (so went with Modern Parlance) and b) to effectively take over the world, I would need fewer friends and more minions. Applications being accepted now.

Scribbles & Notes

Of course, the word-smithing started long before the plan for world domination. At one time or another, my personal writing projects have included:

Take 2 Movie Reviews which proved indirectly that I once had a social life where as TV Rants & Raves suggested perhaps that I didn't. (I take comfort in the fact that I haven't updated it lately - which suggests that things are looking up.)

The only thing my ongoing Bibliomania ever suggested was that I needed more shelves and the patience to wait for  paperbacks. Publishing Grunt's Bible came about because working with books isn't the thrill ride that reading or buying them is. 

There were pure flights of fancy like Staving off Ennui, the Server Sees the Sights; there were answers to hypothetical questions like "what should go in a toy hall of fame and then there were the snarkathons - first site website I ever did - Alias Smith & Jones Site and the Dark Shadows Snarkathon.

Much older material is kept in the Ephemera Archives - moved to the backburner but not completely forgotten. Who knows what'll end up catching my attention next...

Some Notes: State of TV (2002)

8/29/03: I watched the VMAs on the repeat since I wanted to see the Fab 5 from Queer Eye (I love Thom so much it's wrong. And I love Ted even more. So much more wrong) and I had to have someone tell me WHEN they were one to avoid the rest of the show. I did catch the opening act (because the camera cut to the Fab 5 a few times). How hideous a world we live in when Justin Timberlake and I are on the same page.

9/16/02: I've stopped watching Monk. I enjoyed it intially but I am being asked to accept that everyone surrounding him is an idiot and I just can't sustain that. It's like accepting the fact that no one ever looked at Jessica Fletcher and thought "Hmmmm...you know, it's odd the way people drop dead whenever she's around." It just drives me nuts. And yet - as you say, I can accept vampires and demons. I am a woman of contradictions. Speaking of which - I'm giving Angel and Buffy two weeks if the premieres don't make me cringe more than twice. I'd pretty much stopped watching both by the end there last season and I'm hoping that they've given the smoke a chance to clear and maybe present something I care about.

9/7/02: I'm unenthused and somewhat terrified about the upcoming TV season.

  • I keep seeing these ads for "Hack" - which at first made me laugh so much that I couldn't get beyond the title. But it sounds like another "damaged loner fights outside the system for justice". Not that I am opposed those - heaven forefend. I still rewatch Vengeance Unlimited - but it looks ridiculous. I can't find a cab when I need to get home. How am I supposed to find when I REALLY need help? A good point - Andre Braugher is in it too. 
  • I will not even consider the remake of Family Affair part of my universe. Oh Tim! Why, why, why. One might ask the same of Gary Cole 
  • Less that Perfect sports a cast that makes my head spin in two directions at once - Andy Dick, Andrea Parker and Eric Roberts. Never ever ever did I expect to see any pair much less all three of these people in one place at one time. I know Andrea Parker can be though she's usually not cast that way. And Andy Dick isn't a favorite of mine but at least he's BEEN in a comedy before. Is Eric Roberts funny? I mean, I sort of snicker at the thought of him still working occasionally but can he BE funny? 
  • Another scary cast is The Grubbs - Randy Quaid and Carol Kane. The stuff of nightmares! 
  • I suppose I might watch CSI: Miami but I am afraid if it does well, I will not see my beloved Ainsley on West Wing ever again. A quandary. There's TONS of other crime shows coming and I can't tell them apart yet . 
  • I saw a show mentioned called Bram and Alice and my first thought was -- Bram Stoker? but I was wrong. It does involve a writer but that's about it. 
  • And can someone tell me I hallucinated this -- Birds of Prey in which villains face three women, including Batgirl in a wheelchair and the lovechild of Catwoman and Batman???????? 
  • I need to take an aspirin and lay down

7/18/01: I spent a good deal of this weekend watching movies and TV shows that I had totally forgotten about. And I had SUCH a good time doing it, I wanted to share. First there was the Hart to Hart Marathon on one of the mystery channels (I'm in CT where my parents have satellite so don't even ask me what channel - there are far too many to count). Anyway, I was flipping through channels and heard: "This is my boss, Jonathan Hart, a self-made millionaire, he's quite a guy. This is Mrs H., she's gorgeous."

Jonathan and Jennifer Hart - oh how I loved them...and Freeway of course and the curmudgeonly but secretly lovable Max. My favorite one is either the one where a demented employee of Jonathan's has an obsessive crush on him and tries to BECOME Jennifer (necessitating the removal of the original Jennifer of course) or the one where some demented (seeing a pattern?) guy think Jennifer is the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian princess - based on her resemblance to some stature that Jonathan has (through his immense wealth and general good-guyness) brought to a local museum for the benefit of all. And the HAIR! Oh my dears, the hair... so very very big and fluffy and 80s. And hers was pretty big as well but it was balance by the immense quantities of eye-liner. Happy sigh.

Then there were a couple of Ellery Queen episodes - how much did I ADORE Jim Hutton when I was little?? Lots. Tim is a mere shadow of his father's fabulousness. They did not show my favorite on which is a costume party with an Alice in Wonderland theme. I love that one.

Oh and then, moving a tad further back in time, I watched Rex Harrison in Doctor Doolittle. You know, I don't think I realized quite how sauched Anthony Newley's character was...but maybe that was Anthony. Still it was GREAT fun to watch...when the Push-me-pull-you arrived, I shrieked with girlish delight. I used to love the Push-me-pull-you. Anyway, I sat there and watched and grinned the whole time. Mind you, I'm not saying it's a high quality flick....it may be one of the oddest nominations for Best Picture EVER but it was fun and I did enjoy it.

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