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We're still in 1897 - where you most of you will recall Barnabas is SUPPOSED to be looking in the past for the reasons why Quentin's spirit in the present (1967) is being so troublesome and taking over David, the overacting 13 year old. Also, I found a site with a quick primer on the plot to help you catch up if you want


February 3-7: So - as the week begins, the flashily dressed young man - practically a fop really - introduces himself as Aristede (and introduces his rather lethal looking knife as "The Dancing Girl") and proceeds to steal the hand from Quentin. Oddly, he also calls Quentin by name despite never having met him before and despite the fact that Quentin's face is still a mass of special effects make up - so Aristede is informed as well as fashionable.

Quentin goes to the Old House where he tells Magda the hand was stolen by a strange man. She assumes it was a man sent by the gypsies but when he describes the stranger as a young man, she is puzzled. This would surely be a job for one of the elders. So who IS Aristede? At a loss for what to do next, the two decide to summon Angelique to help them get the hand back. Oddly enough, as they make that decision, Angelique is convincing Evan to help her re-establish herself at Collinwood. She's decided she likes it there and wants to stay but she needs Evan to vouch for her since as far as the Collins family is concerned, she's merely Barnabas' fiancée and therefore suspect. Evan agrees that he will say he knew her before and that she was as much a victim as the other women. She is happy to have his agreement (like he had a choice) but notices that he isn't quite focused on the issue at - um, hand. So she asks if she can assist him in some way and he tell her what he knows about the hand and all that's happened because of it lately.

So, it's all a case of excellent timing as Quentin summons Angelique and lo! She knocks on the door. He is delighted to think his summoning worked and then not so delighted to learn that she arrived straight from Evan's - who has quite a lump on his head and is not so happy about it. She says Evan wants the hand back and is amused to hear that someone ELSE has stolen it from Quentin. Intrigued, she says that she'd be happy to help if they like but she must know everything. Evan told her some but clearly Magda and Quentin can tell her the rest. And they do so. Evan meanwhile has called Edward to lay the groundwork for Angelique's re-introduction to polite society. "Edward, I just had an unexpected visitor-Angelique." Though we don't hear it, we get the impression that Edward goes into a tirade against Barnabas' fiancée. "The situation is not what we thought it was", says Evan patiently. "The poor, unhappy girl told me some things you ought to know."

Aristede is loitering on the docks - which looks very much like docks on all TV shows throughout time. Foggy, dark and with barrel and rope tossed higgledy-piggledy for atmosphere. And he runs into Angelique. Coincidence? No, of course not. She's come for the hand or at least to find out where Aristede has stashed it. At first it appears that she intends to flirt him into submission but soon we see that it is merely a ploy and she resorts to strangling him via a voodoo doll until he spills the beans.

Edward, convinced by Trask, sends Judith to a sanitarium to 'rest". And large, portly man in black leather gloves and a cape discovers Aristede unconscious on the docks. After scolding Aristede soundly for being taken in by a mere girl, they make plans to get the hand back. Beth finds Quentin at the Old House with his disfigured face and despite it all, continues to profess her love. Sweet but thoroughly silly if you ask me. The air is doubtless thin way up there where Beth's head is.

Angelique is at Collinwood (having re-established herself with Evan's help) and Edward is moved practically to tears by her tale of how her relationship with Barnabas robbed her of her free will. She in turn professes to be practically moved to tears herself by Edward's goodness in letting her stay as long as she likes until she decides what she will do next.

The man in the black leather gloves arrives at that moment and we are spared everyone's tears of gratitude and/or sympathy. Edward invites him in and the man immediately launches, gravely voiced, into a well-rehearsed but very smooth introduction. "This is a moment I've long anticipated with pleasure," he says. "My name is Victor Fenn-Gibbons-I bring you greetings from a mutual friend in England, the Earl of Hampshire." As he hands Edward some papers, he adds, "these will tell you whatever you wish to know about me." Apparently all Edward needs to know is that the note says the Earl thinks very highly of Victor. I think highly of Victor as well - or at least I think highly of his forgery skills. I refuse to believe in the letter of introduction. Anyway, Victor sees the box Angelique is holding (which throughout the earlier scene Edward never wondered about) and he realizes that this is there "mere girl" that bested Aristede. He rubs his hands together in anticipation of getting them on the box (or perhaps on Angelique, who knows). Victor sets out to charm Edward (and Angelique since she happens to be there) and he is invited to stay at Collinwood as long as he likes. He doesn't make much progress towards recovering the hand however since Angelique shortly announces that she must be on her way to take something to a friend in town.

Angelique, having brought the hand as agreed to the Old House, agrees to cure Quentin with the hand if he will marry her. Plucky of her really since as far as I know, she'd never heard of the hand until Evan told her about it and there seems to be some idea that only someone familiar with it has a shot at making it work. Still, she wants to try. Angelique uses the hand to try and lift Quentin's curse, however he changes into the werewolf while Victor watches through the window.

Victor and his gloves (in the great tradition of Dirk) go to town to meet with Aristede and complain of these delays. I'm actually noticing that Victor spends a lot of time fiddling with his hands and gloves so CLEARLY I am supposed to wonder about it - he wears them inside, outside and all the time. Gee, do you think maybe there's a HAND issue somewhere waiting to be resolved? Victor is VERY upset when he sees a gypsy walk into the bar (a random gypsy that I have never seen but dressed as colorfully and randomly as Magda so OBVIOUSLY a gypsy). Aristede isn't nearly as upset as Victor and he goes over and chats up the young woman with the thick eyeliner. Her name is - Julianka and she's searching for Magda! No, no, no - before you say Julianka is dead - this is that one's daughter. Julianka finds her way to the Old House (with a little help from Aristede who talks too much to young women in bars) and she tells Barnabas that she will end Quentin's curse if she gets the hand of Count Petofi. Meanwhile, the werewolf has encountered Aristede and Victor in the woods and appears to obey Victor's commands. It follows them - like a puppy - a tall puppy in a suit. Quentin awakes to find himself tied up and his face has been restored. Aristede straps Quentin to a table (there's something gleaming in Aristede's eyes and I DON'T think it's supposed to be there) with a swinging blade. Aristede makes it clear that Quentin will die if he doesn't get the hand. Meanwhile, Angelique has told Barnabas of her plan to marry Quentin and he can't believe it! But she insists that she's tired of waiting for Barnabas to come around to her way of thinking and she has decided to move on. In that case, he suggests she give him the hand so Quentin can be cured and she agrees. She gives the hand to Barnabas for Julianka. Julianka then reneges on their deal and steals the hand at knifepoint. Barnabas catches up with her in the woods and puts her under his power. Aristede tells Angelique that Quentin will die unless she gives him the hand.

Angelique goes to Barnabas to help save Quentin and he forces Aristede to tell him where Quentin is. Then, in full hero mode, Barnabas saves Quentin just before the blade drops. His timing doesn't remain so good though since he shortly thereafter he finds Julianka just moments before she was to remove the curse from Quentin. Hey! That's the second prediction in Jamison's dream! The only person who could save Quentin dies! Barnabas also makes this dream connection and this prompts him to remember the Collins Family History. He wonders if the book (printed in 1965 but conveniently transported back in time to 1797 by Vicki back in the first season) is still around and if it mentions when Quentin actually died - that way Barnabas feels he might have a little warning about when he's REALLY screwed. Magda thinks she recalls seeing the book in the old town hall and fetches it back to the Old House but it says nothing helpful - only that Quentin died before the end of the year.

Barnabas, Magda and Quentin have a séance to contact Julianka. Pissed off about being dead and STILL not having the hand, Julianka refuses to help them and puts a curse on Magda declaring that everyone the gypsy loves will die. Quentin is so distressed by this whole event that he rushes out, screaming like a girl that he "can't take anymore!" Later, while discussing how dire the whole situation is, Magda and Barnabas hear a knock at the door and Sandor falls inside, a knife in his back.

Quentin has a filthy row with Beth - he's drinking and she's professing her undying love despite his curse, his flaws, his apparent drinking problem. He wants her to go away and says that he is afraid he will kill her if she stays. She says it doesn't matter if they love each other and I start to believe that Beth may be tall AND STUPID! It's a miracle really that this woman has stayed alive as long as she has.

Quentin over sees Victor meeting with Aristede. He later calls him on it but Victor lies beautifully - if not convincing Quentin, at least making him wonder if he wasn't mistaken.

Magda mourns for Sandor and Barnabas actually does a not too bad job with the comforting shoulder bit. It may be the first time I've seen him operate without a selfish agenda. He seems to have liked Sandor and the two spend the evening together, speaking of him and of life in general. At some point, Magda recalls that Julianka's curse was that everyone Magda loved would die and she rushes out to check on Jenny's children.

Bad timing abounds when Quentin arrives to chat with Barnabas just moments before Magda returns. The woman is SO distraught that not even Quentin can miss it and both he and Barnabas ask her what's wrong. She cries out "He's dead, he's dead!" and naturally Quentin wants to know who she means. THAT is how Quentin finds out about his children. By being told his son is dead and the girl, while alive, carries the curse to the male descendents of the family (AH HA! That means that Chris Jennings in 1967 is related somehow to Quentin!)

Magda makes several attempts to destroy the hand of Count Petofi but it seems to be invulnerable. She can't chop it in half, burn it or bury it. It keeps coming back.

Aristede meets Tim Shaw in a local bar (still drinking away the memories, eh Tim?) and hires him to deliver a message to Quentin. It appears that Aristede and Victor have decided to try the direct approach and Aristede is gonna just ASK for the hand.

Quentin is still doing his bets to drink himself to death when Charity makes another valiant attempt to flirt with him. He looks bored and sickened at the same time. Magda arrives and they dismiss Charity (much to Charity's displeasure). Magda has come to tell Quentin about the hand and his not at ALL pleased to hear that she tried to destroy it - after all, he was told it was critical to any attempt to cure him. They are arguing about this when Tim arrives, message in hand. He overhears part of their argument about the hand and how powerful it is but then decides he should interrupt and knocks. Magda says something about not having seen Tim for a while and the fact that he purchased nightshade from her comes as a COMPLETE shock to him. Then he gets that look on his face like he starts to remember. He questions her a bit more and you can see that Hottie Tim has put it ALL together - or at least partially together. Tim watches Magda leave and suddenly remembering his errand, Aristede's note to Quentin - Aristede is asking to meet and talk. Tim doesn't know what any of it's about of course and doesn't appear to care. He's just a man making a buck or two so he's on his way out again pretty quickly. Probably following Magda.

Aristede is surprised and pleased that Quentin accepted his offer to meet. Quentin is fairly curt, as you might expect since Aristede DID try to kill him. Aristede tells Quentin that if he gives him the hand, he will take Quentin to someone who can lift the curse. Quentin is tempted - oh so tempted but he doesn't trust Aristede so he goes off to think about it. The hand is busily tormenting Magda by floating out of the fire where she's trying to burn it and generally re-appearing in front of her every time she turns around. She finally flees from the house and we see Tim watch her go (I TOLD you he was following her!) Tim picks up the hand, recalls what Quentin and Magda has said about its power and he plans to use that power for his own Hot Tim Purposes!

Quentin goes to Magda to get the hand and they find it missing. Tim takes the hand to Evan and uses the man's fear of the hideous object to find out more about it. He also forces Evan to confess that Trask and Evan made him poison Minerva Trask. Victor and Aristede are searching the Old House for the hand when Magda and Quentin return. Victor demands the hand. Quentin and Magda insist that they don't have it - that it is missing. Aristede doesn't believe it and wants to beat the location of the hand out of Magda but Victor forestalls him. And mentions in an aside to Quentin, "Sometimes stupid, sometimes cruel, but generally, a nice boy." Aristede is sent out and Victor attempts charm and persuasion. This fails and in fact, Quentin is made very angry. Quentin and Victor struggle causing Victor's black glove to come off - oh my god! He has NO HAND!

Magda and Quentin realize that he is Count Petofi. Magda tells Quentin that Count Petofi was a werewolf and the gypsies cut off his hand as payment for curing him. Petofi implies there will be a price to end Quentin's curse. Evan tells Quentin that Tim Shaw has the hand and left town. Petofi moves out of Collinwood, but before he goes, he takes possession of Jamison who stands at the top of the stairs with a sneer on his face and black leather gloves in his hands!

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