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We're still in 1897 - where you most of you will recall Barnabas is SUPPOSED to be looking in the past for the reasons why Quentin's spirit in the present (1967) is being so troublesome and taking over David, the overacting 13 year old. Also, I found a site with a quick primer on the plot to help you catch up if you want


Jan 27-31: What a slacker I am. Things have gotten crazed busy so I am changing my format slightly to a weekly recap instead of a daily one. If it doesn't work out as well, we'll see about going to back to the original way. 

Way back in our last recap - everyone and their brother seemed to have found out that Barnabas is a vampire and this has made him somewhat unpopular (though much sought after - at least by those with silver bullets and stakes). As he struggled to stay hidden, he had help from Magda (who helped out of fear stubbornness and what have you) and Charity (who helped as a result of still being in thrall). Magda has fetched the hand of Count Petofi to cure Quentin but as a test run, she and Barnabas decide to use it on Charity (very nice Barnabas. What a guy). The hand goes to Charity and removes the marks from her neck, while Evan (everyone's favorite family lawyer and neighborhood Satanist) watches. Evan follows the hand and finds where Barnabas keeps his coffin.

Back at Collinwood, Trask has told Judith about Barnabas being an evil creature of the night (as well as a snazzy dresser) and Judith - like the true Collins that she is - immediately assumes that this will reflect badly on the family. Well, perhaps it doesn't enhance the family image but I don't see why she takes it so personally. Trask meanwhile paces the room and Judith finally deems to notice. He tells her that he's come to a difficult decision - he must close the school and leave Collinsport forever. Judith - again demonstrating that it is ALL about the Collins family - asks if it is because he finds it impossible to be associated with a family as riddled with secrets and difficulties as theirs. No, he tells her. It is his own secret that drives him away - his secret LOVE FOR HER! Judith is stunned! So am I - it really is ALL ABOUT her! Confessing that no one has ever proposed to her before, Judith accepts but then hesitates when Trask wants to marry that very night. He convinces her that her brothers will stop them and that it is for the best. She simpers, he cajoles, she concedes. I wretch quietly in the corner

Magda comes to the cave where Barnabas is currently playing house and when he tells her that Evan Hanley knows all about the hand and has demanded it, she doesn't want to give it up (after all, she stole it - it's hers). Barnabas suggests that they trick Evan into trying it and using it to turn Evan into Barnabas' servant. After all, it did as they asked with Charity so why shouldn't this go as well. Magda and I think that's not entirely sound logic and Magda's reasons are far more concrete than mine. She says that the hand does very much what it wants when it wants and who knows what it will want to do to Evan. I like the sound of that and suddenly I am on Barnabas' side. Let's see what happens!

So, Evan arrives and they pull the old double/triple bluff on him - the gnash their teeth and worry aloud about giving in to him and make a big show about allowing him access to the hand. Evan finds this going suspiciously smoothly and suspects a bluff or reverse psychology. So, to thwart what he thinks is their plan to get him to NOT use the hand, he grabs for it eagerly and the special effects department kicks into high gear. The hand is superimposed on Evan's face while he screams like a stuck pig. The camera cuts away to Barnabas and Magda looking on in HORROR! When the shot return to Evan, he is lying on the ground, the hand is gone and his face is transformed into a hideous mess of melted flesh and a dangling eyeball - truly revolting!

Judith, in the foyer where the light is so good, admires the big, fat wedding ring on her finger. I can't believe it, she says. Neither can I - I mean look at him! He's so smug, so oily, so very very evil. Trask is looking about him with an air of assumed ownership - not only at Judith but also at the house. They wander into the drawing room as he says, "We must do something about the room - get rid of its frivolous air." Judith worries about too many changes and upsetting the family and Trask assures her that they won't make too many changes too quickly. She's just about to relax in his - and I'm sorry for this unnecessary visual - arms when she gasps in shock! She sees Minerva glaring at her from the window!

Having brought Evan "Elephant Man" Hanley to the Old House, Magda doesn't seem quite sure what to do with him. He doesn't respond to anything she is saying and doesn't even appear to hear her much less understand her. Luckily there's a knock at the door and that gives her an excuse to stow him away in the basement. Quentin is at the door and full of demands - where is Barnabas, what if Barnabas is late, can they try the cure without him, etc. Magda is in full stall mode when Quentin hears scratching from the basement and peeks through the door. Evan gazes out at Quentin, who gasps upon seeing the ruined face-but doesn't recognize him. Magda says that she and Barnabas found the poor thing wandering the woods and brought him hear. She insists that it has nothing to do with Quentin and he should forget about it. He doesn't seem inclined to believe her and demands that she release the "creature" from the basement. When she does, Quentin asks the man who he is but gets no response or even reaction. Magda sniffs and says that if Quentin is done messing about with things that are none of his business, they can discuss his cure. She leaves the room. While she's gone, Quentin gazes at the man as if he's looking at a freak show. He kneels and stares at the man's face, even touching it, then backs away. Magda brings out the box. Quentin asks to see the hand. Evan reacts, turning his head away. Quentin is now convinced that the man has something to do with the hand and his own situation. Magda says that the creature is a dumb mute and is frightened of everything and she leads poor disfigured Evan away. When she returns, she and Quentin discuss the risks of the hand and decide to try the cure at dusk and damn the consequences. Good show!

Mid-afternoon and Judith is on the phone calling - oddly enough - Evan Hanley. She doesn't reach him of course and asks the operator to check the line while she spends a few moments gazing again at the gaudy ring on her finger. Her gazing is interrupted by the arrival of not only Edward but also Quentin (who arrives mere seconds after his elder brother). Edward notes Quentin's long face and says that he himself had a bad trip to Bangor. Quentin remarks that he isn't sure how things are and they move into the drawing room where Judith is finishing up her fruitless phoning. Judith, hiding her arms behind her back as if either brother ever paid enough attention to her to notice something like a wedding ring, asks if Edward had a good trip. Before he can moan about the rigors of Bangor, she tells them that she's gotten married and while Edward's look of shock is funny enough, it's Quentin's BRAYING laughter that really makes me giggle. Naturally Edward tells Judith that she's been married only for her money and she announces that even if that were true (which it's not she insists), it will be a relief to have someone else worry about the money for a while. Edward points out that the money goes to Jamison after Judith and Judith corrects him that it goes to Jamison when he's 21, which he isn't now. So what happens if Judith dies before Jamison is 21? Glad you asked. "Then dear Gregory will administer the estate", says Judith. "I've drawn up the papers, and once Evan sees to it, it will be finalized." Edward is scandalized, Quentin just annoyed and both leave Judith to herself to ponder wedded bliss. Not finding the foyer suitable for such thoughts, she moves to the drawing room where she is shocked to find a bible with a letter opened stabbed into the page. She reads, "The righteous perish, no man taketh it to heart. None considering that the righteous are taken away, but the evil is still to come." On the wall is a drawn picture labeled MRS. TRASK. "Minerva!" says Judith, and backs away from the picture.

She probably would have more of a reaction only there's a knock at the door and Magda enters, congratulating her on her marriage and asking to see Quentin. "I'm astonished you dare to come here, says Judith, considering you worked for Barnabas." Magda shrugs. "He is a Collins, like you", she says in a bored tone. "All Collins are hard to work for." Quentin enters and Judith leaves huffily. Magda demands to know if Quentin is really committed to trying the cure that night and he tells her yes. As she prepares to leave, Edward enters and Magda says, "Ah, Mr. Edward, you must be so happy to have a MAN in the family at last!" (nice!) She laughs as she exits. Edward asks Quentin if he will help talk Judith out of her rash actions but Quentin says he has plans and has to go. Edward fumes but goes to speak to Judith alone. It does very little good (which I could have told him had he asked) and he vows that she will regret being so hasty and unthinking.

Quentin and Magda are in the Old House and Quentin is just about ready to give the hand a go when he sees the grotesque creature sitting in a chair and asks once again, "Who are you?" The man tries to talk, and manages to say, in a mangled voice, "I am Evan Hanley." Magda enters carrying the box containing the hand. A nearly hysterical Quentin demands to know if that's really is Evan and what happened. Magda says it is but it's Evan that clues Quentin in to what happened when he shrinks at the sight of the box. Magda leads Evan away. Quentin holds the box, looking like he isn't sure he wants anything to do with it. "The moon is rising", warns Magda as she returns, "you had better decide." While Quentin wastes precious minutes weighing his options, the moon has continued to rise so he is soon wracked with the pain that leads to the transformation. "It isn't too late to use the hand", cries Magda. Quentin, his body twisting against the agony, says that it won't help. Magda thinks that whatever it does couldn't be worse than what he's going through now and begs him to let her try. He agrees through the pain and she places the wrinkled, bejeweled hand on Quentin's chest.

The hand grows larger, reaching for Quentin, attacking him. Quentin screams. Suddenly, the hand disappears--the pain is gone. "The hand DID help", declares Magda. "No", says Quentin, "the pain always stops a moment before the transformation." Quentin morphs into the werewolf and tries to attack Magda, but she fends him off with her pentagram, and he flees through the front door.

Trask has brought Charity to Collinwood - or as he likes to call it over and over "her new home". Charity seems slightly off somehow but who wouldn't be with their father marrying so quickly, refusing to press charges against the man who is supposed to have killed mother 9that she herself had been engaged to) and having just recovered from being the willing servant to a vampire with bad hair. All in all, the fact that Charity is just slightly off is a miracle. I'd be bonkers.

In any case, after telling Charity that he will be far too busy managing the Collins money to worry about the school, Trask encourages Charity to try and marry Quentin - to keep everyone together, so to speak. She doesn't seem nearly as opposed to that idea as she had to her mother's suggestion that she focus her efforts on Carl previously. That said, I'm not sure she's as OK with all this as she puts on since the first thing she does immediately after this is announce she is off to pray at mama's grave.

A bit later in the foyer where much has been happening, Trask is having it out with Magda, who has come to see Beth AGAIN (and who we again don't actually see). Trask tells the gypsy that she and Sandor (who I haven't seen lately either) have 24 hours to leave the Collins estate. She scoffs at his attempt to bully her and play master of the estate. He scoffs at her scoffing and threatens to tell the sheriff that she was in collusion with the vampire and not an unwilling slave. She raises the stakes (no pun intended) and tells him to go ahead. She has something to tell the sheriff herself. Something about selling Hottie Tim deadly nightshade and letting the sheriff draw his own conclusions about why Trask would have provided Tim with that handy alibi. Trask scoffs no longer and glowers instead. Magda smiles saucily and makes a great show of asking permission to see Beth - which she gets naturally. And, as she walks off, she also says that she's thinking that she and Sandor will stay awhile longer in the Old House. Trask's glower takes on epic proportions and the camera shakes with fear.

Charity, fresh from praying is on her way home through the woods when she hears a growling sound. The werewolf appears on its favorite rock. Charity screams loudly and runs, the werewolf giving chase. Trask is through glowering and has taken to staring hard at the portrait of Barnabas in the foyer. Magda comes from the servants' entrance noting that Beth wasn't in her room. Trask looks like he's about to say something he'll regret they hear Charity screaming. Magda pulls open the door. The young woman races in, crashing into her father's arms. She babbles that she saw the animal in the woods again and that no one is safe. Trask is going to call the police and Magda, worried at the mention of the creature, offers to take Charity upstairs. Trask says it isn't necessary, but Magda insists the girl is frightened and needs the understanding of a woman. Trask isn't thrilled with that but accepts it as he reaches for the phone.

As Charity sips tea and lies snuggled under covers, she asks Magda some pointed (and pathetically transparent) questions about Quentin. Magda at first is worried that Charity is connecting the werewolf with Quentin but soon realizes - from the type of questions the girl is asking - that Charity is doing her bets to talk herself into a crush on the side burned swain. Magda does her best to discourage this by offering to read Charity's cards and conveniently discovering that though she will be attracted to someone, he will be dangerous and secretive. Yeah, Magda, that always works on young women with a repressed romantic streak. Make the guy sound dark and dangerous and they'll stay far away - NOT!

The police are out in the woods in response to Trask's call and are setting out bear traps. They plan on luring the creature into one of the traps using the most junior policeman as bait. Poor thing :-) Trask returns to the house as Magda is leaving. He tells her about the traps and when she seems very alarmed at the news, he wonders aloud if she knows as much about the werewolf as she did about the vampire. Magda reverts to scoffing and leaves.

Charity has one of those weird Dark Shadows dreams where the symbols fall from the sky like anvils - in her dream, she and Quentin are apparently married and very much in love. They dance for a while and when she says that it's late (Victorian code for "I'm all hot and bothered by your very nearness. Let's get it on"), he tells her to go upstairs and wait for him. She agrees when he promises not to be long. As she walks away, she hears growling. She turns back to warn Quentin when she sees the werewolf appear at Quentin's shoulder. Charity awakens in her bed, covering her pounding heart with her hand.

The policeman in the woods is attacked by the werewolf while setting up another trap. They struggle; the animal gets caught in the trap, crying out in pain as his foot is caught fast! Later, the Collinwood phone rings, Edward answers. It's the deputy who says the creature has been caught and is locked in the jail cell at that very moment. Edward is determined to see the creature for himself and says he'll be there soon.

He doesn't go STRAIGHT there however - first he goes to the Old House to bully Magda. He has the same idea as Trask that she must know about the werewolf but she scoffs at him the same way she did Trask and goes further by rubbing Edwards nose in the fact that Trask is now head of the estate. "Well see about that," Edward says darkly. It appears that Edward has been reading up on supernatural creatures (understandable when you think about what the poor man has been subjected to lately - phoenix, vampire, werewolf) and plans to be at the jail when the sun rises and the creature turns back into a man. Magda is very unsettled by his having made this plan but tries hard not to show it since she doesn't want to appear too knowledgeable.

Moments after Edward leaves, full of purpose and hot air, Barnabas arrives and Magda fills him on what's happened while he slept the day away. He isn't happy at all to hear that Magda tried the cure without waiting for him. He's sure he can reach the jail before Edward and he tells her to let him deal with the jailed Quentin. In the meantime, he instructs her to find a safe place for the hand. As if the mention of it reminds her, she looks around. The hand is GONE! They look around for it and then remember that something else is missing - Evan! He must have regained his faculties (if not his good looks) and taken the hand and hit the road. Barnabas is even angrier than he was before and orders he to find Evan and get the hand back.

Evan, still sporting the Face of Freakishness, is glaring at the hand while consulting his vast library of books for any indication of how to use the magical relic. A knock at the door makes him jump. It's Magda. She demands the hand. He denies that he took it but Magda is a champion of denial and calls him on it. He admits that he has it but he has no intention of returning it unless Magda restores his face. She doesn't know how, she insists. No one knows why the hand does what it does (if she knew this, why steal it in the first place?). Frustrated, he throws her out and turns to look sadly (I think but with that face who can tell) in the mirror.

Barnabas has reached the jail, put the whammy on the guard and is about the let the werewolf out when Edward arrives. Deciding hiding will not work, Barnabas allows Edward to see him. Edward is shocked but controls himself enough to raise the cross he know apparently carries all the time. Edward feels vindicated since Barnabas being there proves he knows about the werewolf. Barnabas admits that he does and even admits that he came to help the creature escape but pleads with Edward to let him explain why, that it is VITAL to the future of the Collins family. While all this is going on, the whammied policeman remains glassy-eyed on the sidelines. Poor thing - he was probably thrilled when his agent told him he was going to be the show. And look at him - desperately trying to emote without blinking or moving. A true artiste. But since Edward refuses to listen to such a devilish creature as Barnabas, the vampire disappears into thin air - with a final comment about seeing Edward again soon. As Barnabas vanishes, the policeman recovers and Edward promises to explain what happened once he's seen the creature. Edward walks into the room where the werewolf is incarcerated and waits for the sun to come up and reveal the identity of the creature behind the bars.

Barnabas report to Magda that they have failed and that Edward will learn about Quentin in just a few moments. Magda suggests that Barnabas return to his own time before that happens. Barnabas mutters something about time being his enemy and goes off to the cave to get some sleep.

The werewolf bats at Edward through the bars, trying to claw him. Edward circles the cell, looking at it. "In a moment, the sun will be up," says Edward, "and I will know who you are." Suddenly, Edward's eyes widen. Has he seen the creature turn into his very own brother?

In the morning the werewolf transforms back to Quentin, however his face is horribly disfigured (even WORSE than Evan's) and no one is able to identify him (despite the familiar and distinctive suit and sideburns). While Edward attempts to recover from what he is looking at, Magda arrives. She is also stunned (and in a way, relieved). Edward wants to know why she showed up if she knows nothing about the creature. Magda claims that Edward made her curious about it. Edward is sickened by her mere curiosity and stomps off towards home, leaving Magda alone with Quentin. "Look at me", she orders the horrifying figure. "Do you understand nothing of what has happened?" Suddenly he speaks! "Forest of Oshden, they took me there. There were nine of them." Magda realizes that Quentin doesn't know who he is and decides that she must tell Barnabas what has happened--he'll know what to do. When she leaves, Quentin grabs the bars and pushes his face through, staring out at her. And getting way too close to the camera if you ask me. YEECH!

Edward has gone home to tell Judith that the creature has been captured but she doesn't seem as thrilled as he would have expected by this news. She insists that she's glad that they are no longer in danger but that she's got other things on her mind. Her ever-supportive brother asks if those other things include second thoughts on her marriage. She bristles, informs him again that she doesn't regret her marriage and never will. He sneers and says that in time she will see how ridiculous it was. "No more ridiculous than yours", retorts Judith. "Touché", says Edward. He seems to regret snapping at her and asks if she wants to tell him what's troubling her. She says that it's just a dream but she doesn't want to talk about. He leaves, saying I'll be in my study if you need me.

Alone at last, Judith wanders the drawing room and thinking about her dream of Minerva Trask. It seems that Minerva kept saying, "Danger-the Queen of Spades". Judith tries to figure out what it all means but can't. Judith turns and sees a hand of solitaire set up on a table that was empty a moment before. Judith screams. Edward comes running in and nervously agrees the cards weren't on the table when they were just talking. Judith says, "I didn't leave the room since you went to your study-how did they get here?" Edward doesn't know. Judith suddenly looks more intently at the cards. Edward asks what she's doing. She turns over the top card - wow, you'll be as shocked as I was to hear that it's the Queen of Spades. "She's calling me", says Judith. "She wants me to go to her." Edward, the newest Collins family expert on the supernatural, is aghast. She wanders from the room, card in hand, and leaves the house. Edward calls out for her to come back, but she ignores him. He follows her as far as the cemetery where she stops at Minerva's grave. When she announces to the grave that she has come as requested, Edward asks, "Have you taken leave of your senses?" Judith is mildly surprised to see him but explains that Minerva is trying to tell her just as she did in the dream. Edward suggests a sane, rational explanation for Judith's dream - guilt, of marrying Trask so soon after his wife died. Judith denies this. Edward insists that Judith return home with him. "I want to stay", insists Judith. "I must stay, I'm wanted here, not you." Edward orders her to stop talking nonsense. "I'm the one," says Judith, and nearly faints, alarming Edward. Judith tips her head back and closes her eyes. Edward wants to take her home and get a doctor. He seems frantic to get her away from the cemetery and pleads with her to come away. When he realizes that she won't budge, he rushes off to get help, leaving her there. "I know what must be done," says Judith, smiling. "I know now." We again view Minerva's tombstone.

Edward rushes into the house and runs into Magda (who seems to be spending a LOT of time visiting Beth who we never see. It's like Beth has become a myth. Where on EARTH did the actress go?) He ignores the gypsy and calls Evan Hanley (I though he would have called a doctor but OK - when in doubt, call a lawyer). Evan is still Mr. Vile Visage so when Edward insists that he rush right over, Evan tries to put him off. Edward is having none of this and says that if Evan doesn't come over right away, the Collins family will be shopping for a new lawyer. He slams the phone down and seems to notice Magda again. She explains that she's going to read Beth's future in the cards and Edward suggests that the future she SHOULD be concerned about is her own. Magda appreciates his concern but is interrupted in expressing it by the entrance of Judith. Edward seems relieved to see that Judith has returned in one piece. At least until Judith gestures to Magda and asks Edward, "Who is she, and what is she doing here?" Edward and Magda exchange looks. "Well", asks Judith, "isn't either of you going to speak up?" Magda laughs. "You're making jokes," she says of Judith. "We do not make jokes, Madame," says Judith. "We run a very proper school here." School? Edward and Magda again exchange glances full of meaning and eyeliner. "Judith isn't feeling well", says Edward. "I'm feeling fine", says Judith. She turns to Magda and says sternly, "If you came in answer to that ad we placed in the paper, you are wasting your time!" She fingers Magda's clothing with disgust. "I don't like the way you dress, and your jewelry is hideous! Send her away," Judith orders Edward, who calls her name twice. Judith ignores him, and says, "Send my daughter to me." Edward points out that she has no daughter. "Of course I do," says Judith sternly, "and I wish you'd stop calling me Judith-my name is Minerva, and you may address me as Mrs. Trask!" She flounces into the drawing room as Edward and Magda exchange the most stunned glances of all.

A short time later, we see Edward enter the foyer from the drawing room looking quite grim. A knock at the front door brings him out of his reveries. But what's this? Evan arrives looking as natty as ever and perfectly normal. No one is more shocked than I - except Magda who has just entered from the servants' quarters where one presumes she actually visited Beth as she's mentioned earlier. She spots Evan and drops her purse on the floor. Edward, annoyed at her fear, asks what she's staring at. Evan is staring at Magda, who kneels to pick up her purse. She greets Hanley with a good afternoon. He tips his hat and says she's looking well. "You are, too," she says, incredulous, cowed and scared. She retreats to the hallway, saying she forgot something in Beth's room.

Edward fills Evan in on Judith's odd behavior and his concern that if she is losing her mind, what they can do to protect her and the family from Trask, Evan nods encouragingly and says that he would be happy to assess Judith himself and make a recommendation (now, he's a doctor as well?). "I want to speak to her alone", says Evan, "I think it will be easier to evaluate the situation without a third party in the room." Edward agrees to wait in the study. As he's about to open the drawing room doors, Magda comes out, calling to Evan. She tells Evan that Quentin is in jail and disfigured as well but this whole hand/face thing has freaked Evan out and he is not interested in helping. He brushes Magda off and goes in to the drawing room where Judith is playing solitaire. As soon as he enters, she jumps up with a cry. She accuses Evan of making Tim poison her. Evan is flabbergasted! "You and my husband planned it, didn't you?" demands Judith. "You thought you could blame Shaw." She grabs a letter opener and lunges at Evan with a scream. Evan ducks and Edward rushes in just in time to wrestles the letter opener away from Judith. "She HAS gone completely mad", says Evan. "She accused me of being responsible for Mrs. Trask's death." Judith is now quietly sitting by the fireplace and comes out of her trance. She asks what happened and when Evan got there? She seems to have lost complete track of time and puts her hand to her head.

Trask arrives while Evan is alone in the drawing room and far from being concerned about what just happened; Evan and Trask are positively inspired. They decide to use this vision as a starting point to drive poor Judith mad. Evan will conjure a "shade" of Minerva to follow Judith around. Unfortunately if will be visible to anyone so it's important that Judith be kept as isolated as possible so no one can validate her claims of having seen it. That way, Trask will gain control of the money and in turn will take very good care of Evan, who finds this whole working for a living thing, quite tedious. Evan leaves and soon Edward comes down to confront Trask about this marriage issue. Trask points out that this would be the worst thing for Judith right now if what Evan told him was true and perhaps Edward doesn't know - or care, is the implication - what's best for Judith. Edward is appalled at this rudeness but doesn't get a chance to respond since Trask announces he is off to see how is wife is faring.

Wearing a gorgeous black robe and chanting over candles later that evening, Evan performs his ceremony and the haunting begins. Trask visits Judith in her room and as she babbles about seeing Minerva, he pretends not to see the vision. Judith is frantic to make him see what she sees (and we know he does and we hate him for it). She's hysterical and Trask slaps her so hard she falls across the bed. He apologizes but says it was for her own good. "Stop crying and listen carefully to me," he tells her. "Edward is greatly disturbed by your recent behavior." She trembles and asks what he means. "He's thinking of having you put away." Trask informs her brutally. Judith's face crumples in horror and she says she doesn't believe it. "What choice do you leave him when you carry on like this?" demands Trask. Judith hears the creaking rocker and turns to see Minerva in it, sewing. She shakes. "You aren't paying attention to me," says Trask. "Make her stop rocking!" begs Judith. Trask heads for the door saying it is too difficult to be with her when she acts like this. "I can't bear talking to you like this. It breaks my heart. Edward is planning terrible things and you can't even concentrate on what it means to both of us." Her voice filled with tears, Judith says, "I CAN concentrate, I will listen, if you make her go away. She'll do it for you, you're her husband!" Trask says sadly, "Judith, I am YOUR husband." He pries the key from her hand and locks her in the bedroom as she screams and pleads, "Don't leave me alone with her. Don't lock me in!" He smiles on his side of the door. "Do I hear Judith Collins begging?" he asks. Judith bangs on the door, pleading to be let out. He leaves. Judith turns away from the door to see Minerva sitting and rocking, rocking, rocking.

Quentin, his face looking like it's peeling off and still as hideous as ever, sits in his cell. A bat flies in and he looks around. He hears the deputy say, "Hey, what are you doing in here? Where did you come from? I. . .I. . .no, no, ahhhhh!" Quentin hears footsteps and backs away from the bars, afraid. His cell door opens via an unseen presence, and he races past the deputy, who lies sprawled his chair, two fang marks on his throat.

Trask comes back to see Judith and ask how she is. "Minerva" is still there but Judith says she isn't and Trask knows Judith is lying. But how to call her on it without exposing the truth that he too can see the ghost? Hmmm.a dilemma. He decides to talk about Minerva and her love of sewing, which is what the ghost is doing. Judith grows more and more unsettled and again suggests that she needs rest. This time she begs him not to lock the door and promises to stay in her room if only he will grant that request. He agrees with a sly smile and slithers away.

Trask answers a knock at the door and it's Magda. She offers the news that she has been sent for by Judith. He was prepared for this is seems because he informs Magda that he knows this already and wants her to do something for him regarding Judith. Magda can't imagine why she would help him and he informs her that if she wants her sister's children to remain safe and secret, she will do as she is told. Magda grimaces and asks, "What do you want me to do to Miss Judith?" "I'll tell you", he says, "but first I must remind you she is now Mrs. Trask."

Magda goes up to Judith who asks if the gypsy knows about ghosts, believes in them. Magda admits that she does and has seen some in her time. Judith asks if she sees Minerva and though it's clear to us that Magda DOES see her, she denies it (Damn, TRASK!). Back downstairs at Collinwood, Trask asks Magda and asks, "Did you see my wife." "Which one?" the gypsy demands angrily. She looks him up and down with utter contempt and scorn. : "I've traveled all over the world and I've seen many people, some of them low, but you are the lowest, and if you think that black suit and high collar hide what you are, you are wrong! I recognize you, I know you are a swine!" She spits at his feet and sweeps out grandly. I applaud WILDLY!

The disfigured Quentin makes his way to Collinwood by instinct and as soon as he is there, he seems to remember who he is. Quentin tries to convince Judith who he is, however she is frightened and tries to flee, the vision of Minerva flailing a knife at her stops her cold. When Quentin races forward to protect Judith, Minerva's ghost disappears. Judith realizes that Quentin saw the apparition and is relieved. Trask, gun in hand, comes running downstairs. Quentin dashes from the house. Judith begs her husband not to shoot Trask says, "I'm not going to allow a prowler to come onto MY property." She doesn't even notice his pronoun usage but I certainly do. "That man saw Minerva", says Judith. Trask insists that there was no one to see. "Minerva came after me with a knife", explains Judith, "and the man saw her, tried to go after her--she disappeared." Trask peers at her. "Gallant for a prowler", he remarks. "He said he was Quentin", Judith says. "Did he look like Quentin?" asks Trask. No, she admits but he said he was. "I don't know why he said that. But he saw her! That means I'm not mad, doesn't it?"

It may mean that but Trask sends for Evan and the two men confront Judith in the drawing room where Minerva once again holds Judith at knifepoint. "She's coming at me with a knife!" cries Judith. Evan says he sees nothing and this upsets Judith terribly. "I wish I did see Minerva-for your sake", says Evan. Judith says that Quentin saw her. Evan shakes his head and informs her that Quentin is away. "He told me he was Quentin", says Judith confusedly, "and I do see HER-unless - Unless I'm really - " "Mad"? asks Trask. "No, not mad, just burdened," she claims. He takes her by the shoulders and says, "I have a paper that will lift much of that burden from you as soon as you sign it." She says that she's too tired to read it now and he dismisses the need to read it at all - all she has to do is sign it." You must trust us", says Evan. After all, he points out that they are all she has now. "I must discuss it with Edward", says Judith. "Edward?" asks Evan. He turns to Trask, "Did she says Edward?" Trask nods sadly, "You see? It gets worse all the time." Judith doesn't understand and wants to know why she shouldn't discuss it with Edward? "Edward is dead", says Evan. "No", protests Judith, "Carl is dead." Evan approaches her gently, "Edward died in Bangor, Carl is in Europe." She is stunned and repeats it, not wanting to believe. "Why don't I remember?" asks Judith. "Everything is going to pieces, I want it to stop!" Pushing the paper in front of her, Trask says, "It will stop when you sign the paper." Evan agrees and Judith looks over her shoulder and spots Minerva, watching and waiting. Trask gets impatient. "It's the only way I can rid of you of this phantom that doesn't exist," he claims and he puts a pen into Judith's hand. She signs slowly and Trask thanks Evan and walks him to the door, leaving Judith alone with the ghost of Minerva.

Out in the foyer, Trask requests that Evan start the ceremony soon to get rid of the ghost now that it has served it's purpose and Evan agrees that would be best. Trask returns to the drawing room where Judith sits at the desk, seemingly in a trance. Minerva watches. "Dear Judith," Trask says. "Winter comes early this year," says Judith in an eerie voice. "I hate snow, Carl. I don't want to play in the snow. It's quiet, like death. Edward's dead, did you know that, Carl? I don't remember. Don't bury me in the snow, Carl. Don't bury me alive." Trask caresses her shoulder.

Evan banishes the ghost and Trask puts Judith in the Tower Room, frightening her with talk off all the dead returning if she doesn't try and stay there quietly until he can make arrangements for her treatment.

Evan and Trask finalize the financial end of the bargain and Evan is home alone, feeling pretty darned good about himself when Quentin, a vision in melting flesh arrives demanding help and specifically, demands the hand. Evan claims not to have it and Quentin calls him a liar. Evan attacks him and they struggle. Quentin hits him over the head. "You do have the hand", he tells the unconscious Evan, "and I'm going to find out where." Quentin locates the box in Evan's desk and takes it out. He hesitantly opens it up, revealing the hand. Hearing someone entering Evan's house, he asks, "Who's there?" It's a young man in an odd hat, who says, "I'll take the hand, Mr. Collins-now!" and he holds out his hand for it.

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