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We're still in 1897 - where you most of you will recall Barnabas is SUPPOSED to be looking in the past for the reasons why Quentin's spirit in the present (1967) is being so troublesome and taking over David, the overacting 13 year old. Also, I found a site with a quick primer on the plot to help you catch up if you want


Tues Jan 21:  Monday was a holiday, but Tuesday had enough action for both days!

Wow! What a day to forget your scarf! Everyone gets bitten! Well, not everyone but every other person.

Tim is hiding in old cellar near the Collins Estate to wait for Rachel who has promised to bring help and/or money. He finds a coffin so naturally, this being Dark Shadows, his first instinct is to fling it open. (near the bottom of my list of "Things to Do Upon Discovery of a Coffin in an Unusual Place".) It's empty - hurrah! But wait, here comes Dirk. The two recognize each other hilariously. You know the thing -- "What are YOU doing here?" "Me? What are you doing here?" - and after many veiled comments about secrets and hiding from both men, Dirk's secret trumps Tim's secret and the newly minted vampire tells the fugitive teacher that he'll never leave the house to reveal what he's seen (which I'd like to point out was NOTHING and would have remained so if Dirk hadn't blabbed about sleeping in the coffin during the day). And Dirk bites Tim.

We hear a dog howl in the distance and look in on Trask questioning Rachel about Tim's whereabouts. She insists that she is innocent and can't tell what she doesn't know. Trask tries bullying to no avail so he tries sympathy (why he thought that would work I haven't a clue but reminding Rachel that he is suffering a recently bereavement doesn't get him any answers either. He threatens to have her questioned by the police. She'd prefer that, our saucy Miss informs him. After all, she's innocent and so has nothing to fear. Clearly that isn't the answer he expected so he changes tacks again. He tells her that he'd LIKE to believe her - she's always occupied a special place in his thoughts (ahem) - so he will give her a chance to prove her innocence to him. Rachel and I both eye him warily. Rachel asks what she'd have to do. "You must remain in the school, and not leave the building under any circumstances." He tells her. She doesn't see what that would prove one way or another but he tells her " If you're at the school, there is no way you could aid Tim, but if you were to leave, I could only assume it's to contact him, and I'd have you arrested as an accomplice to murder."

A knock at the door interrupts them and he sends her out the back way to her room. He goes to answer the door and its Judith, come to express her condolences. He plays the grieving widower up to the hilt and Judith reacts exactly as he expects when he tells her that Minerva's passing has left a void which may be impossible to fill". Judith boldly - for her anyway - takes his arm and leans in to say earnestly "Minerva would be the first one to tell you your life must go on." I'd like to note at this point that Judith is wearing a terribly becoming green dress with a neckline lower than I have EVER seen on the show. Trask pats the hand on his and says that yes his life but what of his dream - his and Minerva's dream of the school. He speaks of Minerva as the driving force behind it and the without her, the future seems very bleak. Judith chimes in saying that she believes in the dream, in him and the school. He blesses her for her faith, she blesses him for - well, just for being him and Trask knows that he is scoring MAJOR points. Talk turns to Tim and how shocked Judith was to hear Tim was the murderer. She asks if he has been found. Trask reports that no, he hasn't and the only clue they have is Rachel, who isn't talking. Judith volunteers to talk to Rachel herself - another woman perhaps might get something out of her. Trask thinks this is a great idea and goes to fetch the girl

Rachel is out in the woods. She hears a wolf howling and pauses nervously but after a breath, goes on. 

Back at the school, Trask tells Judith that Rachel is gone. Trask says that it's obvious the girl has gone to Tim and equally obvious that they'll get out of Collinsport as soon as possible but neither has money so they'll have to find someone to help them. "They don't know anyone outside Collinwood with money. Is there anyone inside Collinwood who might help them?" he asks Judith. She thinks for a moment and suggests that Barnabas might if he didn't know what had happened. "Rachel is fond of him," she tells Trask. "He's the first person she'd go to. She may very well be on her way there now. I have a carriage and can easily beat Rachel to the Old House. I'll tell Barnabas what's happening, and when he learns the details, he won't help Tim or Rachel." She leaves on her errand and Trask, grinning like a fiend picks up the phone and calls Evan to report that everything is peachy keen and Evan's secret vice is their little secret.

Judith knocks at the door of the Old House but no one is there. No matter, she opens the door and waltzes right in. She's only there a second when Dirk - Eyeliner of Evil thickly applied - walks in. She demands to know where he's been and tells him that they've all been searching everywhere for you for days! She demands explanations and he points out that he's been dismissed so she won't get them. She insists that while he in on the estate, he owes her answers - about what he's been doing and what he said to Jamison. Dirk isn't surprised to hear that Edward spared Judith the details of what she describes as some outrageous lie about Barnabas" and Judith imagines he won't be surprised to hear that if he isn't one in 24 hours, she will call the police. Dirk laughs, informs Judith that "You don't boss me around anymore." She orders him to obey her. And he laughs again "Sometimes people change their roles in life, and you have been a mistress so long, you don't know what it's like to be a servant. We are going to change roles". Dirk starts backing Judith into a corner and she is freaking! "Oh, yes" he says with a grin, "I am going to become the master, and you the servant!" Judith shrieks! Her eyes widen as Dirk's fangs appear and he goes in for a bite of her throat. 

A while later, Rachel arrives at the front door of the Old House and starts to knock, but instead looks through the window. She sees Judith sitting in a chair and decides she's better off not knocking and leaves. We - and the camera - remain with Judith and as the shot moves in, we see the marks on her throat!

Trask arrives at the Old House where Judith is semi-dozing on the chair. She is startled awake and mutters something about Dirk. Trask says he came along to see how Judith was faring with her explanation to Barnabas and notes right away how oddly she is behaving. She says that no one was there when she arrived and no one had come afterwards. He points out that she must have expected someone - Dirk, he says he thinks the name was. She gets upset and insists that she said no such thing. In her agitation, she reveals the marks on her throat and Trask recognizes them as the same as the ones on Charity. He tells her that she must tell him how they got there. She doesn't answer him and instead says that she'd like to go back to Collinwood. Trask, unexpectedly quick witted declares, "I realized when I came through that door a moment ago, you didn't know it was me, you were expecting someone else. Dirk is the name you mentioned! He did this! No, says Judith blankly. 

Meanwhile in the random cellar where there is no sign of the recently bitten Tim, Rachel comes downstairs and finds the coffin. As per usual - find a coffin, open a coffin. And as per usual, it's empty. She looks around and sees no sign of Tim. She sits with a sigh and decides to wait for him. As she settles in for her vigil, Dirk comes downstairs, and stands facing her with a very ugly expression on his face. Our Innocent Miss is all smiles and cheer (not noticing the Eyeliner of Evil that the man is wearing) as she tells him, "I didn't expect to see you. I was supposed to meet Tim here." Dirk mentions that this is a strange place to meet someone and she tells him vaguely that there was trouble at the school so it was better to meet away from there. "I saw Tim", says Dirk, "but he can't see you now, he's not "himself." Rachel begs him to tell her where Tim is but instead of enlightening her, reaches toward her face and says, "You shouldn't have come here." She backs away as he lunges at her, fangs bared, and cries out as he attacks her. 

Edward is standing in the Foyer of Fiendish Family Feuds so when there is a knock at the door, he is handily in place to answer it. It's Barnabas and clearly it's who Edward was expecting. Right away, Edward begins questioning Barnabas about where he's been and Barnabas - as he has for the past few days - answers that he out looking for Dirk. Edward laughs humorlessly and assumes that Dirk was not found. At least not alive. Barnabas demands to know what Edward means. Edward admits that he's not as knowledgeable as some people about the supernatural (he glances at the oddly knowledgeable Barnabas as her says this) "but I can make certain assumptions", he says. "A vampire's attack would result in a radical personality change in the victim, right?" Barn agrees hesitantly. "The victim would be similar to a walking dead person, responding only to the voice of the vampire itself." Edward exposes. "Am I right, Barnabas?" Barnabas straightens his tie and asks what Edward is getting at. Instead of answering, Edward strides to the drawing room door and flings them open, revealing Judith standing there, bites clearly visible on her throat. She sees Barnabas and wishes him "Good evening." in a monotone. Edward seems rather disappointed and then is embarrassed when Barnabas asks if that freed him from suspicion. Edward apologizes and says that Trask found Judith in that condition at the Old House. Edward also insists that he never REALLY thought she would react to Barnabas but being under tremendous strain, felt he should try something. Barnabas is all forgiveness and tries to put a positive spin on things. "At least we're certain the creature does exist," he points out. "And must be found and destroyed." Edward agrees but doesn't know how. Barnabas says he'll explain after they get Judith to bed.

Dirk tells dazed and doubtless confused Rachel that she doesn't need to be frightened anymore. She says she isn't but she does wonder where Tim has gotten. Dirk tells her not to worry about Tim any more because now she's going to help him. He touches her shoulder and tells her how glad he is that she came there. She doesn't understand but he assures her that she will (dramatic pause) "before this night is over."

Back the Big house - Edward and Barnabas are watching over Judith, who is propped up in bed. Barnabas tells Edward to watch over Judith while he searches for Dirk. "Either he's the vampire, or he knows who is. Watch her carefully especially if she awakens. He might try to lure her from the house." Edward promises not to let her leave. But Barnabas says he should allow her leave just follow her. Edward thinks it's too dangerous but Barnabas insists that it might be the only way to learn where the coffin is kept and the soonest way to destroy the creature. Edward wishes him good luck. Barnabas leaves. Edward looks down at Judith, and sets in for his vigil. 

Later, in the wee hours, Edward is sitting beside his sister and far away in the house, hears a door slam. He calls downstairs but there's not answer. He returns to Judith, hears more noises out in the house and goes down the hall, all the while demanding to know who's there. We hear glass shatter. Judith moans in her sleep. 

We see something on the floor - a vase? - on the Floor of the Foyer of Fear. Edward, just coming onto the landing sees it too. As he comes downstairs, he notices the front doors are open and closes them. He checks the servants' quarters, then heads toward the study, walks past the broken vase, and back upstairs. Dirk grabs him from behind. They struggle and Edward gets knocked out. Dirk leaves Edward unconscious near the top of the stairs. The front doors swing closed by themselves. 

Judith awakens and sees Dirk. He tells her that there's something she must do. "Anything," she swears. He warns her that it may frighten her. She's not bothered by that at all so he hands her a gun and tells her that, "You will leave this house at dawn, and take this with you. You will use it if it becomes necessary."

Edward wakes up, groggy and suddenly remembers Judith! 

Judith assures Dirk that she understands his instructions and he disappears. Edward calls to his sister, who quickly hides the gun under her pillow. "There's an intruder in the house", says Edward, "he was in this room, wasn't he?" Judith lies brilliantly (she and Quentin are so much better at this sort of thing than Edward. Edward doesn't believe her but doesn't press. He sits back down to return to watching her. She reaches under her pillow where the gun is. 

At the Old House, Barnabas has a gun, too. Good thing to because guess who's come for a chat - Dirk! Dirk tells Barnabas that Rachel is his captive and unless Barnabas brings back Laura by dawn, Rachel will die. Barnabas insists that Laura is dead and even he - powerful vampire that he is - can't bring her back. Dirk says he better try or else. It's clear that Dirk doesn't believe Barnabas at all. Barnabas is about to reach for the gun filled with silver bullets, but Dirk stops him, telling him, don't be a fool-if you kills me, by he time you find Rachel, she'll be dead. He smiles evilly. "You'll do what I say," says Dirk, and leaves by the front door. Barnabas is miserable.

Edward comes into Judith's room with a tea tray and says as he settles it, "We don't have much longer to wait. It will soon be light out." He turns to her but - She gone! "Judith!" he cries, and races from the room. 

Dirk re-enters the cellar and the patiently waiting Rachel asks him who he's waiting for. He sighs rapturously (and weirdly because Roger Davis is freaking me out with all the eyeliner) "Laura". Rachel, obedient but confused, points out that she thought Laura was dead. Dirk says, "Some people have powers to restore the dead. You don't understand, but you don't have to. Just be quiet and wait." Rachel is OK with waiting but not so much with the quiet. "What then?" she asks. "I don't know", he says, and then adds with fury "She MUST come back to me, she must!" Rachel is now very afraid and asks again what he'd going to do. The cockcrows, the sun is coming up. Dirk knows what that means--Barnabas failed! "I wanted him to be here by dawn," says Dirk, a terrible look making a mess of his make up. "Now he's failed. And he'll be sorry, oh, he will be sorry!" He walks past Rachel and opens his coffin. Rachel seems both relieved and miffed the Dirk didn't at least TRY something. So, she sits and waits - for she knows that all good things come to those who do. Or something like that.

She doesn't have to wait for long though. We soon here the sounds of steps on the stairs. Look! It's Judith! Is that a gun in her hand? Yes, it is. Is it pointed at Rachel? Yes it is. And is that Rachel bleating that she doesn't understand? Yes, it is. Judith, always polite even when under thrall, says "I'm so sorry, Rachel." Sorry? Rachel doesn't understand. She pleads with Judith to tell her what's wrong but Judith just apologizes again and raises the gun!

Weds Jan 22: Judith's attention is momentarily diverted and Rachel tries to escape, but is unsuccessful. Tim (where on earth has he been this whole time?), standing outside the cellar, hears several gunshots. He races into the cellar - noticing instantly that Judith is holding a gun and Rachel is lying on the floor bleeding profusely. Tim, King of the Obvious, asks Judith "Are you crazy?" She simply says, "I did what I had to do. I had no choice." Oddly, this does not strike a chord for Tim - or doesn't appear to. If I were writing it, he'd suddenly remember everything Evan did or said - but hey, what do I know? Rachel is in agony. "I have sharp pains in my chest", says the wounded girl. Yes, dear - that would be from the bullets. Tim urges her to rest quietly and that they will get help. "I'm frightened", Rachel weeps, "and cold. So cold." Judith places the gun on top of Dirk's coffin as Tim cradles Rachel in his arms. 

Edward is in the drawing room, telling Trask about Dirk being in the house and Judith disappearing. Edward is so worked up that Trask, the mountain of morality, offers him a drink to calm down. The sheriff calls to report that they haven't found Judith or her abductor but are widening the search for her. Wow! That is one overworked police force. They are currently searching for a mysterious wolf that walks upright, Dirk, Tim and Judith. I hope they get overtime. Edward thanks the sheriff and reports what he's said to Trask. Downing the last of the drink, Edward sighs sadly. "Everyone is so confused, except Cousin Barnabas. He seems certain the creature is Dirk Wilkins."" Trask wouldn't trust Barnabas as far as he could throw him and says, "I would tend to believe it is not. I don't know what reason Barnabas has for accusing Dirk, but when all is said and done, it will prove to be at odds with whatever is good for the rest of us." What crawled up Trask's butt, I wonder. I mean, Trask himself thought it was Dirk just a few scenes ago. When asked why he doesn't like or trust Cousin Barnabas, Trask says that he is convinced that Barnabas knows where Rachel and Tim are and is providing them with a place to hide. Edward isn't sure about that but doesn't see what it has to do with Judith. The front door opens. It's Judith. Edward rushes into the Foyer of The Dazed and Confused and asks rapid-fire questions, "Are you all right? Where have you been? What happened to you?" She raises the gun and points it at him. Trask is shocked but Edward seems only very worried and sad. "Judith, what have you done?" Edward asks miserably. I think Edward actually likes Judith. Odd.

"Give me the gun, Judith", Edward orders softly. She does, without protest. He examines it--three shots have been fired. The two men pepper her with questions of course but she doesn't answer any of them. She's still moving like a sleepwalker (the most natural performance from the actress yet) and says only, "I did as he told me to do." She goes to sit down, leaving Edward and Trask wondering about missing bullets, whether she is mad or possessed and what to do about it. Edward decides that he's going to put Judith back in bed and Trask decides that he will call upon the Higher Powers. Judith is slightly more animated at the idea of trundling off to sleep and the two leave Trask to get in touch with these Higher Powers of his. He prays loudly and dramatically - clearly forgetting that he hasn't an audience for this gig.

Tim rushes into the Old House with Rachel lying limply in his arms. He calls frantically for Barnabas but no one answers (Barnabas is asleep - it's only later afternoon, Magda has gone off to Boston and lord only knows where Angelique has gotten to - she seems to show up only occasionally). Tim - looking EXTREMELY HOT in a slightly disheveled way lays Rachel down on the sofa gently and rushes to the stairs to call for Barnabas again. Still no answer. He rushes back to Rachel's side and she tells him that though she feels weak, the pain seems to be gone. "That's good", says Tim. "No, it's bad", she says. Tim can't accept that - or doesn't want her to think it. He wants to go for a doctor but she doesn't want that. He insists, "I'm going into town to get a doctor. I hate to leave you here, but I have to." Rachel doesn't want him to go to town "I must!" he says passionately. "You'll be all right, really." She shakes her head lightly. "No, I won't be. And if you go into town, they'll catch you." Tim is willing to take the chance but she begs him to understand that "if they catch you, they'll kill you." She is wracked with a wave of pain and Tim searches for something - anything to do in order to help. She takes his hand and remembers, "When we were children, we used to pretend our fathers were whaling captains, and that's why we were at the school. Do you remember?" He nods, tears in his attractive, pain-filled eyes. "We used to sing sea shanties," She recalls. "We'd sing so softly so Trask wouldn't hear us". He voice is fading fast and it's clear that her strength ebbing. Tim collapses at the side of the sofa, "You're dying, you know it." She does, she tells him. "If I don't get help, you're going to die. Do you want that?" he asks desperately. 

Collinwood - Judith appears to be sleeping in her room and Edward is sitting in a chair to the side watching her. We hear Dirk's voice calling her but since Edward doesn't react, it's clear that only Judith hears this telepathic communications. Dirk tells Judith to find him in his coffin, that he has something for her to do. He also tells her what a good job she did on her previous task so he wants to reward her - I bet. Judith rises from bed. Edward asks where she's going but she brushes past him without a word, still very much moving like a sleepwalker. Edward realizes she's going to the vampire, as Barnabas said she might, and he follows her out. 

A dying Rachel asks Tim, "Can you keep a secret?" "What is it?" he asks. She tells him that her father's coming to take her to live in a big white house overlooking the ocean. 
"He's going to come soon", she says, her voice very thin and weak. "But you must not tell Trask. It must be our secret." Rachel dies. Tim calls her name and checks her pulse. He presses his head to hers, devastated, mourning and I hope feeling slightly guilty about not having had spine enough to go for her instead of Charity when push came to shove. Still, it's sad, sad, sad - his childhood friend and closest confidant is dead. 

Edward has followed Judith to Dirk's coffin and orders her to stand aside. She is shocked to see him there and insists that Edward leave. After all, she points out, she was summoned alone. Edward orders her again to move or he'll move her. "Don't hurt him!" says Judith. "I'll do more than hurt him!" vows Edward - almost manfully. "I'm trying to save you, and all of us!" he cries when his sister tries to push at him. Judith starts banging on the top of the coffin, calling, "Dirk, Dirk! He's going to destroy you. You mustn't let him! Wake up and kill him before he destroys you!" Judith passes out, leaving the scene to Edward. He opens the coffin and sees Dirk asleep inside. "It's almost night", mutters Edward, "there isn't much time." He finds a large rock on the floor and searches for something to serve as a stake. He returns with piece of wood shaped very much like a stake (convenient) and re-opens Dirk's coffin. He places the rock and stake just so and hesitates just long enough for Dirk to awaken and reach out to grab at him. Edward quickly pounds the stake into Dirk's chest. The vampire gasps and dies with his eyes open, Eyeliner of Evil ever so slightly smudged and blood flowing from his mouth. Gross.

A bit later - Judith is in the drawing room with Trask. She is free from Dirk's control now that he's dead is still looking rather vacant and expresses frustration that she can't remember the lost hours of her life. Trask hands her a cup of tea and urges her, "Don't dwell on it. You know what Edward and I told you. Dirk's hold on you is over." He runs a hand lightly down her throat (gag gag gag - hello? Very recent widower) and comments that even the marks on her neck are gone. She enjoy that about as much as I am sickened by it - which is to say - a lot. Trask suggests that instead, they think of the future. And suddenly - Hottie Tim enters, seething with anger, good looks and bad neckwear! Trask holds him at gunpoint (where on earth did that come from?) and orders Judith to call the police and tell them Minerva's murderer has been captured. He and Tim stare each other down. Tim suggests Judith not make the call, for her own good. Judith is puzzled. If you tell the police about me, I'll have to tell them about you as well, warns Tim. Judith is very puzzled but Trask tells her to just make the call. Judith may like Trask, but takes orders from no one and turns from the phone and demands to know what Tim means. Tim wonders how she can have forgotten shooting Rachel Drummond (and a little light comes on in Tim's head). Judith can't believe it and points out that she had no reason to kill Rachel. "I don't even remember seeing her," Judith adds. Tim tells her about finding her "in the abandoned house, standing over Rachel with a gun. Come to the Old House and see for yourself", he suggests. "That's where I took her, but it was too late." Judith wonders aloud if she could possibly have done this and though Trask suggests Tim himself was the culprit Judith starts to remember. "Something in the back of my mind", says Judith. "I remember coming back to Collinwood, but not from where, but I recall you and Edward examining grandmother's gun that she brought me. Then Edward said…" Judith stops and looks at Tim anxiously. "How many times was Rachel shot?" she asks, already knowing the answer "3", says Tim succinctly, giving Trask a look. Judith sits down and covers her face with her hand, sobbing that she did it as Trask comforts her. Trask can believe that Tim is going to accuse Judith who so clearly wasn't responsible for her actions. "Rachel's dead!" Tim shouts. "Shall we all simply forget about her?" Trask, not to be outdone, rails "Forget Rachel? Never! But we must put grief aside and concentrate on the living. Judith wasn't morally responsible, she was under the spell of an unnatural creature, argues Trask. "And so was I when I killed Mrs. Trask", says Tim firmly. Trask looks nervous and the very fact that he doesn't argue is telling. Tim presses his point and says, "I had something to do with Minerva's death, but I don't know how or why or who cast me under this spell. But I think I'll have the leisure to discover who that was - NOW." He pauses and looks significantly at Trask. Meanwhile, why the men were flexing - so to speak - Judith has been thinking and feels that she still must go to the police and tell them what she did. She says that she cannot live with herself if she didn't. Tim and Trask share a look and are in agreement for the first time in years. "She doesn't know what she's saying," says Tim. Trask escorts him out, saying he'll speak to Judith alone and then call him back in.

Trask tells Judith that if she confesses - the terrorists win - uh, I mean, then the evil has won. And he really works the "Poor Lonely Me Without You" angle. Judith laps this up with disgusting eagerness and says that she will do as he advises. "I will speak to the police myself." He tells her. "You can't keep Tim from telling the police about me", says Judith. Trask assures her that he can, picks up the phone and asks for the sheriff's office. 

Out in the foyer, Tim starts to sneak off, then changes his mind. He listens at the door, as Trask tells the sheriff Tim Shaw is at Collinwood with him now. Trask then tells the sheriff, "Tim spent the night in Bangor; in the excitement of the night, and I had forgotten I'd sent him there for supplies." He pauses and in response to a question from the Sheriff, answers, "No, he had no idea she was dead and was extremely shocked. You can speak to Tim yourself but he's a most unlikely suspect. You'll have to look elsewhere for the fiend who murdered my wife." He says goodbye to the hardest working lawman in Maine and turns to see Judith staring at him, eyes shining with unshed tears. Gack! Did I just write that? It was worse than seeing it. 

Judith tells Trask that she's honored beyond words - though she seems to have found some - that he set free Minerva's murderer to save me. Trask says that he had no choice and is SURE that Minerva would have understood. I'm sure she would have - all to well. Trask fetches Tim back into the drawing room and tells the former fugitive what story the sheriff has been given so that he can corroborate it if asked. "Gladly", says Tim with smiles for all - though it's a smile with an attitude. Tim's getting a hard edge fast. I guess grief will do that. "Then you will leave Worthington Hall", says Trask. "Even more gladly", replies Tim. "Do you think Mr. Hanley will still help me find a job?" With a cough or two, Trask advises him against seeking out Mr. Hanley. Tim nods - kinda knowingly. "Perhaps I should speak to Mrs. Collins", Tim suggests as if just thinking about. "After all, I obviously do need a new position." Trask suggests travel - to far away lands is the thing for a young man with so much to offer. Tim thinks Collinsport is world enough for him right now. Judith says Edward usually handles the hiring but Tim points out, "But I'm not the usual applicant. I'm industrious, well-educated, ambitious-besides, I have an exceptionally good memory." Judith promises to speak to Mr. Edward and suddenly Carl interrupts "I already spoke to Edward", he says angrily, "and I learned Dirk is dead! And you never asked him about Pansy, did you?!" Judith insists that Edward was never in any position to ask Dirk anything. "He could have asked him SOMETHING, insists Carl hysterically, "If he wasn't selfish, like everyone else in this family! "What does any of you care about my Pansy, dying of thirst or hunger, or even if she's dead?" he shakes his head and wipes away tears. "No", he sobs, "she can't be dead!" Judith tells Carl quite firmly and with great emotion that she doesn't want to hear another word about Pansy! Carl shuts up, taken aback and Judith's fierceness. Trask tells Carl about Rachel's death. "A search party was out combing the woods for a vampire, and someone heard her moving around and accidentally shot her." Judith bows her head guiltily as Trask tells this lie. Carl is shocked to hear this news "Who did it?" he asks. "We don't even know that", answers Trask. "I found the poor child dying and took her to the Old House - the nearest place to go for help, but Rachel was beyond help." Judith lets out a small moan of guilt. 

Trask covers, telling Carl how very upset Judith is. Carl agrees, casting a puzzled look at his sister. "I want Rachel brought back here", Judith says suddenly, "so she can be buried immediately." Carl asks Judith if she's feeling all right. Trask explains, "She's most upset. Rachel was very dear to her." Carl frowns. "But why are you acting as if she died of the plague? Why do you want her buried immediately?" It's a good question and Trask's answer, "The poor child had no family, why should we delay" doesn't satisfy Carl who is still puzzled by the rush. Trask sends Carl and Tim to the Old House to await the police and soon as the two young men leave, Trask tells Judith that she must be more cautious. "Even Carl is suspicious." Judith knows it and is sorry. She says that perhaps this is beyond her but Trask places his hands on her shoulders, gazes into her bloodshot eyes and says, "You can do anything, I have supreme faith in Judith Collins." She takes strength from this and decides, "We will have the service this afternoon." Trask agrees, "Yes, as soon as I've spoken to the police", he says. She thanks him. 

At the Old House, still no sign of anyone who lives there. The police have apparently come and gone already because Rachel's body is gone. Tim is telling Carl, "It's difficult for me, even now, to realize she's gone. It seems almost as though I myself had died. We were close once, very close." Carl harrumphs. "I don't believe it", he says petulantly and for a moment I wonder if Carl is casting doubts on the manliness of Hottie Tim but then he adds, "I don't believe Rachel died by accident. There have been too many accidents happening around here, and no one explains them well enough for my satisfaction. My Pansy didn't disappear by accident." He says he'll go to the police about it soon - but didn't want to do so when Judith was around. "My Pansy is a wonderful girl", he says, "beautiful, refined, cultured - she's English you see (well, THAT explains that I guess). She just disappeared", he wraps up unhappily. He suggests they return to Collinwood. Tim says he'll join him in a moment. After Carl leaves, he picks up a scarf from the purple piece of furniture and suddenly hears Pansy singing her song. He listens. The curtains blow in, and he's afraid. Pansy's ghost appears before him. "Who are you?" he asks. "You aren't the one I'm looking for", says Pansy in a trancelike state. "I have so little time, I must find him." Tim is confused. "Barnabas?" he asks. She wanders past him. Terrified, Tim races for the door, screaming for Carl. Carl rushes back and Tim tells him, "There's a very strange woman in there; she came from nowhere and came in asking for you", says Tim. Carl runs pell mell into the room and calls to Pansy but she is nowhere to be seen. Carl searches in vain and asks if Tim really saw her. Tim says that he saw someone but adds that they should go back to Collinwood for the funeral service. 

Trask is speaking over Rachel's coffin and the hypocritical smarm could choke and oxe. "Hardly more than a child herself, she had a wonderful way with children, they loved her as we loved her; we will long remember her bright smile, her youthful radiance, but most of all, her devotion, her dedication, to duty. Tonight, the littlest angels will have a lovely new teacher to care for them." Judith, dressed in black, walks away from the coffin, crying into a handkerchief. Tim and Carl stand by - one devastated and one just confused. Trask tells the young men to take Rachel's body to the graveyard, He doesn't think it would be a good idea for Judith to go to the cemetery and he's going to stay with her. 

Tim and Carl bury Rachel and Tim announces his intention of going into Collinsport to get drunk. Carl tells him if he sees Pansy, to tell him he's looking for her. Carl then says he's going back to the Old House, and Tim tells him that if he sees Barnabas, he should tell him what happened. Carl, left alone, hears Pansy singing to him, "I Wanna Dance For You." He talks to the air, begging her to come out. He gets angry, telling her if she doesn't come out, he's leaving! "Oh, Pansy", he begs, "you'll be frightened in the graveyard, alone with the dead. Unless - unless you're dead, too!" Carl's mouth drops opens as he considers this terrible possibility. 

Thurs Jan 23: In the drawing room of Collinwood, Judith is explaining to Barnabas about Rachel's death - which is to say, she explains the story being given out about it. She doesn't tell him the truth. The thing is - even if she did, I doubt Barnabas would notice. He immediately makes it all about him (as I notice he is wont to do). The only thing that stops the Barnabas Depression Train of Fun is Carl - who rushes in crying that Pansy is dead! I'm glad to see Carl catching up with the rest of us. He tries to tell Judith and Barnabas about hearing Pansy singing in the graveyard but Judith isn't interest and says so at great length. Barnabas is too wrapped up in his own misery to care and leaves to sulk elsewhere, leaving Carl and Judith standing around looking for something to argue about. Carl would like to continue the Pansy is dead idea (specifically, he'd like t expand on the "she disappeared in the Old House so Barnabas is suspect theme) but Judith prefers the "Pansy saw that there was nothing to be gained financially and took off" point of view. She explains this relatively gently - I mean, for her. But Carl is adamant. Worn out from her moment of kindness, Judith reverts to form and tells Carl that if he doesn't get over it, move on and shut up, she will be forced to send him "away for a rest".

Barnabas returns to the Old House and is saddened to find no one there to listen to him rail at fate. Happily for him (and for me 'cause I've missed her), Magda returns from Boston right then. She looks upbeat and perky until she gets a gander of the puss on Barnabas' face. He tells her about Rachel. Magda is sad to hear it - I think she really did like Rachel and says that Barnabas can't blame himself. She (Magda) saw the mark of death on Rachel since before Barnabas arrived. She was a doomed innocent. Barnabas refuses to accept this of course because it fails his big test for all things Barnabas. In order to cheer up the moping creature of the night, Magda says that her trip to Boston was VERY Successful. She didn't find the old gypsy's daughter but she did find a way to end the curse. She went to the Gypsy King - Johnny Romana and told him that someone needed help and that two gypsy children were in danger of the curse - and she assures Barnabas that she didn't mention Quentin's name or any name. Barnabas wants to know what she learned and she shows him a very ornate wooden box and starts to explain all the meanings of the various carvings. Barnabas isn't in the mood and asks her to bottom line it. She flips open the lid and reveals - Ewwwwwwww. A hand. Jaggedly cut (bravo to the prop department for including jagged broken wrist bones sticking out the torn edges). No ordinary hand, this. It wears large gaudy rings. Not only is Barnabas not sickened (as I am), he's downright bored. He wants details on how it is allegedly going to work. "When the moon is full", says Magda, "just before the curse seizes Quentin and turns him into an animal, we will lay this hand on Quentin's heart. It will draw the curse from him and Quentin will be cured forever." Barnabas thinks it sounds suspiciously simple and suggests that she (with or without the aid of her gypsy King) is pulling a fast one so that she wouldn't have to risk coming back empty handed. Magda promises is will solve the problems. Barnabas swears to make her regret it if she is lying (yeah, yeah, we've heard it all before). Magda suddenly cries out, "I saw the hand move!" Rolling his eyes, Barnabas again declares that she'd lie to save her own neck and that of Sandor's so he doesn't see why he should believe her. She defends herself, telling him desperately, "It's true. I have lied to you, but what you don't know is that I risked my own neck. Johnny Romano wouldn't give me the hand, not even for the two gypsy children, so I stole it, and we must get it back very soon. When he learns it's missing, he will send someone, and whoever he sends to get it back will do whatever it takes, including killing, if necessary." Barnabas is not happy to learn this. 

Carl is asleep and dreams some dreams of Pansy Faye. She is in her dressing room preparing for a show - her farewell performance, she tells him. He pleads with her not to go but she explains that she must. "It's the way things worked out. It ain't been all roses for Pansy, ya know psychic powers take it out on a girl." He tells her that, "if you stay with me, I'll but you a big house, beautiful clothes, and we'll go around the world together!" She's sorry to miss all that but it's time for the show and she walks away. We hear applause, see Pansy Faye, resplendent in sequins and glitter onstage. She bows to the audience (Judith, Barnabas and Carl) and calls out "There is one answer we seek tonight, and it must be found." She asks for a volunteer, and points to Barnabas, who shakes his head, no. She asks Judith to come up and since this is a dream - Judith comes up when called. She instructs Judith to concentrate on the answer but Judith says she can't concentrate on the answer without knowing the question. You know the question, says Pansy tells her that everyone at Collinwood knows the question but Judith insists that she doesn't. Carl bounces up, squealing that he knows the answer. Pansy invites him up. "The question is this!" says Carl. "Who is the vampire?" Judith says that it can't be the question because the vampire is dead. Pansy says that isn't true and Judith runs off screaming, with Barnabas just watching it all unfold. Pansy asks for another volunteer, and points to Barnabas. He declines again but adds this time, "How about this boy - he's the brightest of the lot." Carl is thrilled to pieces to be asked and races up onstage. Pansy kisses him for luck (he shakes with glee) and then he repeats, "Who is the vampire!" says Carl. Pansy raises her hands and says, "Hidden by day, stalking by night, killing those who cross his path, Pansy will tear away his mask, Pansy will find his hiding place, and put a picture of it in your mind. Concentrate, concentrate. Is there an image?" Carl says he can't tell yet and she tells him to keep trying. We see a vision of the Collins mausoleum superimposed on the close up of Carl (who is concentrating very very hard and it shows). He cries out that he sees it but doesn't know what it means. He begs her to explain but she says that she can't help him - the show is over. "My music, please!" she calls into the wings. Applause. She sings her song very badly and very off-key and the best part is that she is totally off with the music. Carl comes out of his dream with a girlie cry. "The mausoleum!" he gasps. "I must find out what it means!" 

In the entryway of the Old House, Barnabas is preparing to leave and Magda asks, "Will you be safe at the mausoleum?" Turns out that while Dirk was wandering around, Barnabas had been sleeping in the secret room in the mausoleum. He tells Magda that there's nothing to worry about. "Dirk was destroyed. There's no reason to suspect there's a vampire at Collinwood." Magda nods and points out how lucky it was that Dirk was found so quickly. "I knew they would", says Barnabas. "Dirk's not very clever, but he served his purpose--I'll sleep here tomorrow." Gee, Barnabas, Dirk was smart enough to get you hopping for a while. Magda isn't comfortable with all this but Barnabas insists, "The hunt is over. I am safe." 

Outside the mausoleum, Carl peeps in nervously and slowly (to emphasize the squeak), opens the gate. . . 

As Barnabas heads toward the tomb, he spots Rachel's grave (which wobbles to and fro as he touches it gently). "That I should come to this century and find you so like Josette, and lose you", he overdramtizies, "and that I should be the one responsible. Will we meet again? Will I ever get a chance to right this wrong?" Behind him, the voice of reason - otherwise known as Angelique remarks, "Very touching." He asks what she's doing there and she reminds him that she watches over him (oh yeah, where was she when Dirk shot him?). He starts to tell her there's no need to do that, but she interrupts, "Isn't there?" He apologizes (a rarity), and points out that it's almost dawn and he has to go. She suggests that he stick around a while but he declines and adds bitterly, "You're responsible for this necessity. You and your curse." (Make up your mind, Big Man. Is it your fault or her fault?) She begs him to listen to her and reminds him that he's been in the past too long. She reminds him also that if he stays much longer, he'll be trapped there. He prattles on about saving Chris and David and she once again tells him that it's a lost cause, let it go. "This is your last chance", she says. "Trust me, just this once, trust me and forget about the past. We both will." He doesn't see that what he is facing is so terrible. That doesn't go over well with our supernatural honeybunch. "You'd rather face anything alone than commit to me, that's it, isn't it? Fine! All right, do it, do it! Why do I always think you will change?" she angrily asks. "Remember that I have helped you in the past? Oh, go on, Barnabas, go on," she says exhausted by her anger. I feel bad for Angelique. I mean, I know she's mean and vicious and has tormented him through the ages but - honestly, he seems to get off on it. It makes him the center of his epic tragedy. Right where he likes it. Barnabas walks off, leaving our badass blonde, gazing at the flimsy tombstones (do your props swing low, do they wobble to and fro…) and then she watches Barnabas disappear into the mausoleum. Unknown to either of them, Carl is watching as well - he sees Barnabas pull the ring to open the secret panel and slip inside. He until Barnabas had climbed into his coffin and runs away terrified. Angelique isn't there anymore and doesn't seem to have noticed him - or maybe she really just doesn't care anymore.

"Quentin's theme is wafting through the halls of Collinwood where Quentin is - you guessed it - drinking and listening to his music in the drawing room. Magda has come to see him and as they shut the door to the drawing room, he warns her, "You must speak softly - these walls have ears, and what you have to say must be heard by no one else." It strikes me that in this show, he may mean this literally. She tells him the good news - that she came back from Boston with an answer for his curse. He wants details but she says it can't be done until he moon is full. Mr. Impatient is very ungracious about it and frankly if I were Magda, I'd tell the sodden git to get stuffed. She does point out that she has risked a great deal to bring back this ancient relic back and help him s perhaps he could ease up for a bit. "Why are you willing to help me?" he asks suspiciously. She looks guilty, and then asks, "Isn't it enough I'm willing to help?" Apparently it's not because Quentin shakes her and yells, "Admit the real reason you're suddenly on my side!" She tears up and cries a little, "I didn't know", she moans. "I did not know!" That's not what he was expecting. He releases her and asks "Didn't know what?" She gets herself together and covers up stating, "I remembered how much Jenny loved you." This might have affected Quentin but Carl chooses that moment to rush in. He won't tell what's wrong in front of Magda, who is more than happy to leave though she gives him a quick chuck under the chin as she passes. Before she leaves, she reminds Quentin, "Barnabas wants to see you this evening, at dusk." Carl jumps at the mention of dusk. As soon as Magda is gone, Carl asks where Judith and Edward are. Quentin says that they are both off dreaming of Judith's money. Carl can't bear waiting to take care of the situation and demands that both be woken up immediately. "We must do something now!" he cries. Quentin points out that there are so many things in the Collins family that such a statement might apply to - which does Carl mean? Carl tells him about the dream where he learned about the vampire. Quentin points out - as most people would - that the vampire is dead and that "Edward described the staking of Dirk in great, graphic detail." Carl says that there's ANOTHER one - the one who MADE Dirk into a vampire. "Laura," guesses Quentin (and not without reason, I suppose). No, Carl cries. "Barnabas!" Quentin starts to laughs and tell Carl not to be stupid but almost immediately, it starts to make sense to Quentin and his laughter fades as realization strikes him. "Our cousin we never see during the day, who always appears at dusk", he murmurs. He looks sternly at Carl and demands he tell him what he saw. Carl does and Quentin declares that Carl is right - they must do something. And that something is - go to the tomb. Carl is all enthusiasm and goes to fetch the gun, leaving Quentin in the Foyer of Family Oddities, staring at Barnabas' portrait. "Barnabas is my only hope", realizes Quentin. "Without him, what will I do?"

The brothers are at the mausoleum, Carl in the lead, Quentin is trailing. As they enter, Carl asks, "Are you sure Barnabas is asleep? I'm afraid to go in there", he admits. "I'm not sure what I'm feeling", says Quentin. "I wonders why Barnabas came to us?" ponders Carl. Quentin suggests that perhaps he didn't and he's been here all the time, waiting for someone to let him out. Carl is stunned by this suggestion - "Then he's the real Barnabas, our ancestor? That makes it worse", he cries out. Quentin is getting annoyed and tells Carl to open the door as he saw Barnabas do. . Open the door, orders Quentin. Carl does so, holding the gun in one hand. Quentin enters first, spots the coffin, and puts his hands on it. Carl is nervous and excited and tells Quentin to open it. "Hand over the gun", says Quentin. "Unless YOU want to do it." Carl quickly gives his brother the gun and I start to smell a rat. Quentin opens the coffin and reveals Barnabas is sleeping. "Do it!" begs Carl. Instead, Quentin closes the coffin. "What are you doing?" shouts Carl. Quentin is now pointing the gun at his brother. "I'm the one who always plays the jokes", objects Carl, gazing at the gun confusedly. "I'll kill you, Carl," warns Quentin, "if you run." Carl is shocked! "What are you doing?" he cries. Quentin says he is only doing what he must and as he moves to exit the secret room, he asks Carl, "Do you know how to get out? When Carl says of course he doesn't, Quentin says, "Then you'll have to stay here, until dusk, at least." Carl begs his brother not to do this, his mouth poofing in and out like a puffer fish. As the door really starts to close on him, Carl starts to cry and beg. Quentin shuts the door, listening to his brother pleading with him not to do this, and closes his eyes in guilt and misery. 

Back at the Old House, Quentin is glaring at Magda. "I want to find out why you are so willing to help me", he says as he yanks one side of her collar aside. She is alarmed by this move and all it implies. Seeing her shock, Quentin nods and tells her that he knows about Barnabas and has seen him in the coffin. "Are you going to tell?" she asks. "Carl will, if Barnabas lets him live when dusk comes", says Quentin. Again, Magda is shocked. "Yes", he admits, "Carl is there, in the tomb. Magda moans that Barnabas will kill Carl and worries about there being yet another murder, when so many are suspicious now. "We must stop it, wails Magda, or we will all be found out! It is in the cards, she tells him. 

Carl is frantically pounding on the door, still begging to be let out. He collapses on the floor and looks with terror at Barnabas' coffin. 

Angelique titters delightedly at the thought that Magda has come to ask for her help. "After all your own tricks", she teases the gypsy. "Was it the cards or crystal ball that sent you to me? I always wonder how amateurs handle these things." Magda seems slightly embarrassed and admits that it was the cards. "You love Barnabas", she tells Angelique. "I've seen you watching him, he needs your help now." Angelique shakes her head and says tiredly that Barnabas will always need her. Magda tells her about Carl - knowing about Barnabas, being in the tomb and how Barnabas will kill Carl and expose them all to discovery. "I want you to force Carl to lose his memory. You have the power, you must do it." Angelique refuses, tired of always rescuing the big whiney vampire, "Let Barnabas learn find out how important I am to him," she says petulantly. Magda points out that if Barnabas is found out, they will know that his fiancée is more than she seems as well. "I will take care of myself", decrees Angelique, "and Barnabas will do the same for himself, this time. Let him try to live without me. I don't care anymore." Magda can't believe this and insists that, "It must not end this way."

Carl checks his watch and realizes that it must be getting dark. "I have to get out!" he cries aloud. He bangs on the coffin with both fists, then seems terrified that he's done so. "Be logical", he encourages himself, "Somehow there's a way to open that door. THERE'S GOT TO BE!" he screams. A couple of deep breaths later, he's calmer. "I must get Edward or the police. Did the top move? Was it my imagination?" He stares at the door. "Figure it out, now, it's just like those Chinese puzzles I have!" Carl applies himself to his task, resolutely and locates the stone step that moves, inside, the lever. When the door opens, he's laughing and crying with glee. He exits the mausoleum, his face crazed, and grabs onto a swaying cross. "We'll get him tonight!" he yells, laughing. "We'll get Cousin Barnabas tonight!" And he runs off. . .

Friday Jan 24: Carl gets out of the tomb and is headed back to the house. Meanwhile back at Collinwood, Quentin is once again drinking and listening to his music in the drawing room. When he hears a knock at the door, he ignores is and turns up the volume. Trask enters - they snark at each other (Trask suggesting hymns and Quentin making colorful suggestions about Trask fearing temptation in real music). Trask hasn't time for this and asks for Judith. Alas, she's not there and Quentin is off to keep his appointment at dusk. 

Moments later, Carl stands outside the front door of Collinwood, knowing he must finish it now, whether Quentin is there or not! He enters and glad to see no sign of Quentin and oddly enough - happy to see Trask. He's not so much with the happy that Judith and Edward aren't around but he decides to trust Trask who assures him that "Trust is my business." Carl blurts out the "Barnabas is a vampire" kerfuffle and while Trask is interested, he doesn't go off as half cocked as you might think he would at this. He demands proof. Carl isn't all thrilled about going to the tomb again but Trask says they will be ok. "I have the greatest weapon in the world", he says, holding up a large gold cross on a chain looped around his neck. "This has the power to defeat the Prince of Evil himself - if what you say is true, this will keep us safe!"

Barnabas rises from his coffin and just as he's closing it back up - Quentin arrives! Both stare. Barnabas prepares to strike. "Wait!" orders Quentin. "I know! Yes, I know it all but you're my only hope. I now understand why you're trying to help me escape my curse. I know what your offer of help means." Barnabas asks, "You can look upon me without fear?" Quentin assures him, "I'm never without fear, but we don't have time to think of that. Is Carl dead?" This puzzles Barnabas. "Didn't you kill him?" asks Quentin. "He was here. And he KNOWS!" says Quentin, to Barnabas' overdone horror. 

Quentin tells Barnabas about Carl's dream, and how he went to find Judith and Edward and instead found me. Barnabas sends Quentin to Collinwood to stop Carl from telling anyone else. Quentin suggests that Barnabas should do it but Barnabas says he has something to do first. "What if Carl's already talked, and I can't stop him?" asks Quentin. "I offered to help you, so do as I say," orders the testy bloodsucker. "Go to Collinwood, and if it's too late, come to the Old House. I'll be there after I finish what I must do. HURRY and do what you can to stop him from talking.

Carl and Trask arrive at the Cemetery. It comes as no surprise to me that when they enter the secret room, it's been cleared. It does come as a surprise to Carl though. Trask thinks Carl is trying to make a fool of him but soon sees that Carl is frantic with fear and desperation. "I was locked in all day, and there WAS a coffin there. Quentin was here." Trask suggests they go find Quentin. Carl accuses Trask of thinking that he was crazy. Trask says that no, he simply thinks that Carl is possessed (oh, SO much better). This doesn't sound any better to Carl either. "I'll prove what I say," says Carl, "somehow, I will!" He runs out, Trask calling after him. "We must help him", Trask tells himself as he holds up his cross.

Carl throws himself into the drawing room and grabs the phone (which is thankfully not out in the foyer getting a change of scene). There is a large flapping bat effect outside the window and in Carl's hysterical state - I suppose it looks like a bat so I'll accept it as well. Carl's calling frantically for the operator but what's this? Gasp! The phone wire isn't connected! Carl is just noticing this when the lights go out - and the double doors swing shut, locking Carl in. He runs wildly across the room to pry them open but suddenly a voice fills the room. "What have you done, Carl?" Carl begins to cry. "Whom have you told, Carl?" asks Barnabas's disembodied voice (only we can see Barnabas crouched in the corner waiting for his light cue). Carl runs through the darkened trying to get out. "No one will help you", warns Barnabas. Carl finally gets himself together enough to speak - or squeak to be more precise. "Listen to me. I'll do whatever you want, I won't tell anybody, I promise! Just let me leave this room and I won't speak a word! I swear it! Do you believe me?" Sure, Carl, we believe you. Not. Barnabas materializes before Carl (meaning the light goes on) shaking his head. Carl backs away in horror (and seeing how much eyeliner Frid has on, I don't blame Karlen a BIT!) "Don't come near me!" he cries. "I must, Carl," asserts Barnabas, advancing on his prey. "Who else have you told?" Carl insists that he's told no one but Barnabas starts to throttle him anyway. "Tell me the truth, Carl! Tell me the truth!" He squeezes. Carl's tongue begins to protrude from his mouth. How Carl is supposed to tell the truth while being choked to death, no one says but I suppose it doesn't matter at this point.

Carl lies on the floor, Barnabas staring down at his lifeless body. Barnabas kneels. Quentin comes downstairs. Barnabas hears a sound and hides, his back against the wall by the door. Quentin comes down stairs and to the drawing room where he spies his brother on the floor. Barnabas, who had ducked behind a door, reveals his presence. "You had to do it," says Quentin. "I know that, but - oh, God, will tonight ever see an end to all of this?" Barnabas points out that he did it for both of them and it may well give them time. "May?" shouts Quentin, horrified. "You mean you did this without knowing for sure that it would?" Barnabas explains, "He may have told someone else but he wouldn't admit it." There's a knock at the door. Barnabas tells Quentin to answer it and while Quentin isn't at all sure that he can gather his wits enough to do so, he gives it an old school try. Closing the door to the drawing room, Quentin goes to the door and finds that it's Trask looking for Carl. Told that Carl isn't there, Trask heads to the Drawing Room to wait. Quentin tries to get him to wait in the study instead but Trask insists on the drawing room because it over looks the foyer and he doesn't want to miss Carl by accident. He opens the double doors as Quentin nervously glances around. The body is gone though so Quentin relaxes a tad. "Your brother seems to be in a most deplorable state", says Trask. "I fear another tragedy unless something is done--certainly your sister doesn't need more worry and more concern". While Trask is talking, Quentin sees an arm -Carl's arm - drop out from behind the curtain. Trask sees that Quentin isn't listening and just then Carl's body suddenly drops out from behind the curtain. Trask - appalled as one might be at this moment - accuses Quentin of knowing about this. "So Carl was not mad!" Trask declares. "What do you mean, I know about it?" demands Quentin, kneeling, trying to rouse Carl, screaming his name. "He's dead! He's dead!" Quentin cries. 

Barnabas is back at the Old House pacing - a big improvement on being at the Old House moping, if you ask me. There's a knock. It's Trask. He knows all, he tells Barnabas. "I accuse you of the murder of Carl Collins!" announces Trask. "I know the truth about you. You're a foul, evil creature, a bloodthirsty creature of the supernatural--beholden to Satan, sworn enemy of the Almighty. Barnabas approaches him but Trask pulls out his cross, holding Barnabas at bay. Barnabas tries the "don't be silly, it's your imagination" ploy but to no avail. It's almost dawn and Trask tells Barnabas that the only way to prove his innocence is to stay there with Trask until after the sun comes up. Well, he can't obviously and as the cock crows, Barnabas admits defeat and tells Trask, "This is your moment-you might as well make the most of it. But we will meet again, Mr. Trask. I will deal with you then as I dealt with your ancestor before you." (Ha! I knew that guy walled up in the cellar would crop up again). And he disappears right before Trask's eyes. The Reverend, very excited and disbelieving, whirls around and says, "I was right! A disciple of the devil. But I know your secret now, Barnabas Collins, I know you are vulnerable during the daytime, and I will destroy you!" 

We see the secret room behind the bookcase where Barnabas is now climbing into his coffin - just on the other side of the wall from where Trask stands! 

Edward is on the phone (now reconnected) telling the police about Carl's body. Quentin, he tells them is a wreck and of no use whatsoever. Trask returns and Edward angrily demands to know where he ran off to so quickly. "You discovered Carl's body! You had no right to go to the Old House; you were obligated to stay here." Trask assures Edward than he when he hears of the discoveries at the Old House, he will understand. Trask tells Edward that Carl is dead because he discovered Barnabas' secret. Fortunately for all of them, Carl had a chance to reveal it before Barnabas killed him. "What secret?" demands Edward. "Barnabas is a vampire", says Trask, "and Dirk was only used by Barnabas to divert suspicion from himself." He tells Edward about what happened just now at the Old House and while Edward finds the whole thing incredible, he believes it because it explains so much. Trask wants to send the police to the Old House - it was so close to dawn that Barnabas couldn't have had time to move his coffin and must still be there - but Edward thinks they should handle it on their own, for the sake of the family. So, off they go to hunt the vampire in his lair.

When they get to the Old House, they find Magda and rough her up when she went spill the beans on where Barnabas is. Trask is particularly harsh and you can see that Magda believes that Barnabas - even if he is a creature of darkness - is the lesser evil. Edward threatens to search the entire house. "Do it", she says, "you won't find him here." Edward, disgusted, tells Trask to come along, but the Reverend grabs her and shouts, "The Almighty has ways of dealing with those who do the devil's bidding." He slaps her across the face as he continues to rant and shake her, "He will smite you for the sins you have committed!" Magda, holding her hand to her reddened face, maintains her dignity and points out, "I think you've made the mistake in mixing yourself up with the Almighty." Rock on, gypsy woman! The men leave, having learned nothing.

They go back to Collinwood and review architectural plans of the Old House. Edward has gotten silver bullets from Brathwaite and loads the gun with them as Trask remarks, "our ancestors had a penchant for secret rooms." Edward is well aware that they were a curious bunch and asks how many they need to search. Trask says that there are four that he can tell but they must get back there soon - before Magda can help Barnabas move. "We'll begin with the one behind the bookcase."

At the Old House, Barnabas has risen and is in the living room with Magda getting a full report on the day's events. She wants to know what they will do know and while Barnabas is pleased to hear her say "We", he wonders at her commitment to him - after all, if Barnabas is destroyed, She gets control of Sandor back. She informs him that in a choice between himself and Trask, he wins. Barnabas can believe that and when the knock at the door interrupts them, he tells Magda he trusts her to keep them occupied for a few moments. "I'll get myself out you should stall them as long as you can. I will find you!" He disappears behind the bookcase. Magda answers the door and stalls them for a few moments by refusing to let them in. At the sight of the gun however, she decides that a few moments is enough and steps aside. She does mention that they've already searched the whole house. "It's too late now", says Edward, "we know all about the secret rooms. Like the one behind that bookcase." The men go to the bookcase and open it. The coffin is there and empty. "Dead by day, alive by night", says Edward, clearly disgusted. "On the loose somewhere, probably in search of another victim", says Trask. "That woman knows where he is!" cries Edward, "And this time, she's going to tell us." But when they come back into the living room, Magda is gone. No matter, says Trask. "We have already made considerable progress by finding the coffin, to which Barnabas will have to return by morning. When he does, he will find it no longer usable, and without a coffin, he cannot exist."

Whatever Trask had to do, he has done and he is preparing to leave the Old House. He asks Edward, "Are you sure you don't want me to remain here with you?" Edward declines the offer and says that as long as he has the gun, he'll be fine. Trask leaves and Edward sits down to wait. WE see Barnabas appears inside the secret area but Edward hears nothing. Barnabas pauses, feels safe enough and moves toward the coffin but - LOOK! The coffin is chained and there is a cross is sitting on top of it! What to do, what to do?

Well, whenever I am in a situation like this - I call upon a minion. And that's just what Barnabas does. He goes to Charity - who is terrified to have him at the Set Pretending To Be Worthington Hall. He demands that she hide him there for a short while. She whimpers that she can't - it's too dangerous - and that she won't because Daddy always knows when she's hiding something. He mesmerizes her and she is once again his obedient. He tells her that he'll need a coffin and he'll deal with that but she must go get a small amount of earth from the grave in the basement of the Old House. She's all set to go but he wants her to use a secret way so Edward won't see her and he starts whispering to her. Why he's whispering I haven't a clue because they are all alone. But whatever. I guess it's more mesmerizing.

At the Old House, Edward is pacing while Charity is creeping along the basement floor (in a rather filmy nightgown). She scoops some earth from the floor into a rather elegant evening bag eminently unsuited to the occasion but - as sometimes happens when you crawl around in your night things - she knocks over a crate and makes enough noise to attract Edward's attention. She flees to hide in a corner as he calls out, "Who's there?" Edward comes downstairs warning who ever is hiding that he's prepared to use the gun he has. "Come out!" he demands. Charity does so and Edward get all saucer eyed when he sees who it is - and quite probably at what she's wearing.

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