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We're still in 1897 - where you most of you will recall Barnabas is SUPPOSED to be looking in the past for the reasons why Quentin's spirit in the present (1967) is being so troublesome and taking over David, the overacting 13 year old. Also, I found a site with a quick primer on the plot to help you catch up if you want


Mon Jan 13: Hottie Tim, under the influence of whatever potion Evan has given him, tries to force the brandy down Evan's throat but sadly for the legal profession and happily for me ('cause I love Evan), the lawyer manages to break away and re-establish control of his murderer in training. While Evan is trying to fine-tune the hypnotic control of Tim, Beth phones from Collinwood. She begs Evan to come help her find Quentin (who has disappeared into the night in his werewolf mode) but Evan insists that there is nothing he can do. Beth pleads but to avail. 

She'd probably STILL be pleading except that Judith walks into the Foyer Of Overheard Conversations (where we see the phone has moved for a change of scene from the drawing room). Beth hangs up quickly and when questioned, says it was just a cousin of hers in trouble - nothing for Judith to worry about. Judith makes the suggestion that after Beth leaves the estate - her two weeks are almost up - she will have more time to help her family. Beth, who'd rather not leave for "howlingly" obvious reasons, asks if she might have a little more time. Judith wants to know why, naturally so Beth says that Quentin's son is sick according to Mrs. Filmore, the village woman who cares for the twins and Beth wants to make sure the children will be all right. Judith appreciates Beth's concern but says it isn't necessary "I'm planning to tell Quentin about the children," Judith says. "No," yelps Beth. "You can't, please don't!" Judith doesn't know why Beth objects - it was always her understanding that Beth thought Quentin SHOULD know. "Perhaps Quentin needs responsibilities. Children do change a person," Judith -who-has-had-no-children says knowingly. Beth makes a strong case for at least waiting until the little boy is better and mentions that in any case, Quentin is out so he can't be told now anyhow. Judith agrees, and says Beth can stay until it's settled. Beth leaves to run an errand in the village and says that she will stop and see the children after that if anyone needs her. As Beth leaves, a wolf howls, and she weeps softly to herself.

Judith is in the drawing room playing solitary when Barnabas opens the front door (no knock, no yoo-hoo - he just opens the door and stands there) and they stand together listening to the wolf's seemingly endless howling. Judith mentions hopefully that it might be a dog, left alone too long but Barnabas says no. It's the same creature that killed that teacher last month (last month!?) My goodness, how time flies - Barnabas 1967 has been in a coma for AGES). Judith nods; she's known it all night but didn't want to think about it. She goes to the phone (back in the drawing room once again - how it DOES get around) to call the police but before she can, it rings and it's Ezra Braithwaite, Collinsport silversmith, calling for Barnabas. Judith hands him the phone and says that she'll use the study phone to call the police. (the Collins family must be very rich to have multiple lines in 1985!) Barnabas finds out from young Braithwaite that Beth Chavez ordered a pentagram charm and changed it to Quentin (saucy wench!). She wanted it right away. Barnabas thanks the young man for his information, compliments his work ethic and hangs up, wondering how Beth found out that she needed a pentagram and about the werewolf. He again wonders - as he hasn't wondered since he traveled back in time) about the baby whose grave he and Chris (the 1967 werewolf) opened. Judith enters and says that police are sending men to search the woods and Barnabas takes the opportunity to question her a bit more about Beth. Judith might have wondered WHY he was asking all these questions but she seems oddly intent on her restarted game of solitaire. She does say in a fairly bored way "It doesn't pay to be too interested in servants, we found that out in this house." And I wonder what the hell THAT means. The howling continues and Barnabas moves to leave. Judith thinks it's unsafe and that he should stay but he assures her that he is well armed, showing her his cane. And as he goes to join the search, Judith returns to her cards.

Back at Che Hanley, Tim is again licking his finger and reading the Latin text. Evan is watching him closely and decides to try another test run of the "fetch the brandy" game.

It goes just like last time. They sit down to play cards; Evan makes small talk (about a primitive tribe in the Brazilian jungles where the brightest youth is chosen to deliver death to those condemned by the elders and how Tim must consider it an honor to be chosen). He orders Tim, who is keenly attentive (or wired on caffeine, I can't tell), to pick up his cards. As Tim does so, Evan moves on to talking about symbolism and the emotional significance attached to cards. The heart signifies romance, Evan says with a sneer (and I wonder if our Mr. Hanley didn't have it pointy little heart stomped on), - "What does a spade mean, Tim?" Tim says it means death. Evan puts down the Queen of spades and Tim rises, crosses to the decanter, pours the brandy, adds the poison and hands Evan the glass. Evan thanks him carefully and puts it down on the table. He tells Tim to sit down now. Tim does as he's told. Evan smiles a very grinchy smile and compliments Tim on a job well done. It's almost time, he tells Hottie Tim. It's almost time.

Beth returns to Collinwood, having been escorted by a policeman (from the group searching the grounds). Judith asks for a report on the little boy and Beth says he still has a fever but no other symptoms. A knock is heard and Beth answers the door to Tim who rushes in, having just seen the search party on his way back to the school. Judith says it is unsafe for him to go back out and instructs Beth to prepare a room for the young man. Hottie Tim thinks he should fetch Nora and Jamison and bring them back with him and they'd all be safe if they went together but Judith stands firm that it isn't a good idea to go at night through the woods just now (and I must agree). When Tim worries about Trask's reaction, Judith says that she will explain it all to Reverend Trask later. She sits back down to her cards (uh-oh!) and again is so intent on them, she doesn't notice how closely Tim is watching as each card is revealed. Judith tells Tim, I'm eager for the children to return to the school, considering how difficult the last few weeks have been for them, especially Jamison. Yes, the Reverend is anxious to have them back, as well, says Tim. Judith gushes how impressed she was with the school when she last visited, how well the children behaved. Tim, even as he watches the cards, sarcastically remarks that Trask does require very strict discipline. Judith smiles warmly and says "My father was strict, and god-fearing, and would have been an ardent supporter of Trask."

Judith is holding the queen of spades in her hand and is about to put it down when they hear gunshots. They both race out the front door (as I am sure we all do when we hear gunshots). Beth joins them seconds later and the all gaze into the night until Barnabas comes over (from behind the fake tree where he has been awaiting his cue) and tells them it got away. Beth is about to give a big sigh of relief when Barnabas adds "They wounded him at close range, and the bullet went through his chest; they might catch up with him." Beth starts to faint and Judith catches her (Tim, you missed a manly cue there. Better luck next time). Beth gets a hold of herself though and runs back into the house. Barnabas goes to rejoin the search (he just came to tell them what the shots were) and Judith says again to be careful "the animal will be more vicious than ever, now that he's wounded."

A bat appears outside Beth's bedroom and when she comes in, she finds Barnabas there before her. As people usually do at this point, she demands to know - how, when, what? And as vampires usually do when confronted like that, Barnabas dismisses her questions and "Unimportant," he says. He asks about the pentagram, tells her that he knows that she knows there is a werewolf. She refuses to tell him who it is - and so - he bites her.

Beth lays on her bed as Barnabas checks his handiwork on her throat. He asks his questions again and this time he gets all the details - Jenny's death, Magda's curse, the twins and how she bought the pentagram to help the baby boy. Beth begins to cry. She doesn't know what's going to happen or how it's going to end and the stress has clearly become too much for our lanky heroine. If Quentin lives long enough, Beth says that he must know about the children. Barnabas promises that Quentin will live despite the bullet wound the creature has sustained. It wasn't a silver bullet and when he reverts to human form, the wound will be gone. Convenient. He leaves her with many assurances that all will be well. A moment later a wolf howls. She opens her drawer and takes out the pentagram, which is on a chain, and holds it in her hands. 

Magda is at the front door to Collinwood, gun in hand. She puts in silver bullets and is poised to enter when Judith hears her and asks who it is. Magda hides the gun in a planter, and then identifies herself. Judith flings open the door and orders the gypsy away. Magda wants to see Beth but Judith refuses and Magda gives her a look and starts to leave, slowly, hoping no doubt to retrieve the gun once Judith has closed the door. But Judith watches and Magda walks off. Judith goes back into the house and begins to turn off lights in the drawing room. She closes the double doors and heads upstairs. Magda looks in the drawing room window, and enters the house through it as a wolf howls loudly. 

Magda is about to walk out into the foyer when she hears Beth and Barnabas talking (didn't he leave her in her room?) and heard Barnabas say "I know I will have a difficult time, but I will try to convince Quentin I want to help him. After I get Quentin back to Collinwood, I plan to have a talk with Magda, and try to make her reverse the curse one way or another. Magda clearly has a pretty good idea what THAT might involve. Barnabas leaves and Magda joins Beth in the foyer. She asks Long Tall Sally - I mean Beth - if the baby has the pentagram and when Beth assures her that it's done, Magda calls Beth a fool for telling Barnabas. Beth says that he wants to help Quentin but Magda insists that only she and she alone can help him. She takes her leave, retrieving the gun from the planter. She loads it with silver bullets and heads off. 

Beth is pacing in the Foyer Of Agitated Females when Judith comes down in a rather vivid pink dressing gown and asks what the maid is still doing up. Beth said that she couldn't sleep. Judith suggests tea and notices that the drawing room doors are open. "Odd," she muses. "I closed the earlier." Feeling a draft, Judith checks the room ore thoroughly and sees the open window. Someone has BEEN there, the head of the household declares and she thinks they should both go to their rooms and lock the door. Beth leaves to do so but the phone rings and Judith pauses to answer it. It's the sheriff reporting that they still haven't found the wolf but that they are still looking. 

Beth finds her room a shambles and leans against her dresser for a scared moment, then leaves her room. 

"I hope the animal has crawled off to die somewhere," Judith says to the Sheriff, "but keep looking." She hangs up and again turns off the lights. As she comes into the foyer, the growling wolf waits on the landing. He leaps over the railing (hey! That's what stairs are for you lupine lump!) and Judith screams as he advances, menacingly. Judith backs away from the wolf. Beth comes out and raises her pentagram into his line of sight, holding him at bay. He races into the drawing room and leaps out the window. 

Magda searches the woods, holding the gun ready. She hears footsteps and hides. It's Barnabas, holding his cane in front of him like a weapon. Magda comes out after he has passed by. 

Beth has called the sheriff to report the incident in the Foyer of Furry Frights and Judith feels better after hearing that the sheriff is sending men to guard the house. She's feeling so much better in fact that she starts peppering Beth with Pointed Questions. "What it was about you that scared off the animal?" Beth plays dumb. "I was frightened, not blind," says Judith. "I saw everything. When he saw you, he started for you, then stopped, as if frightened of you." Beth suggests that the animal WAS frightened but in a general sense. "He was more frightened than we were," asserts Beth, "I could see him bleeding, and if an animal is badly wounded, it's badly frightened." Judith paces the room and complains that they must find the beast and destroy it because she can't take another night like this. I never thought I'd say this but Judith, have a sherry.

The wounded wolfman crawls up on a rock, panting with the effort. He collapses at the top. Magda approaches. They spot each other. He crouches into attack stance, Magda holds up the gun and shoots! 

Tues Jan 14: The wounded wolfman crawls up on a rock, panting with the effort. He collapses at the top. Magda approaches. They spot each other. He crouches into attack stance, Magda holds up the gun and shoots! Barnabas hears the shot and comes running over. Magda and Barnabas argue over whether or not it's right to kill the werewolf (Barnabas threatens Magda which goes pretty much as it always does until she points out that the gun in her hand with the silver bullets will do vampire a world of hurt as ell. Barnabas sees her point but remains adamant that she was in the wrong and even if it was to free the children from the curse, she had no right to kill Quentin. Suddenly they hear a moan and notice that he's not quite dead. 

The werewolf lies on the sofa at the Old House. This is a HILARIOUS visual and I can't do it justice. Magda brings water and Barnabas dabs at the wounds of the unconscious fuzzy one. As we hear the cockcrow, Barnabas heads off to the basement and tells Magda to do everything she can to keep the creature and when he transforms (and the wounds are healed by the transformation), explain everything and tell him we want to help him. Magda isn't sure how she'll explain it - seeing as she is having difficulty with the concept herself but it IS for Jenny's children after all. Before leaving, Barnabas demands the gun Magda had earlier. She hands it over with little fuss and he receives it with a tad more fuss about a missing bullet. But she convinces him that she must have dropped it somewhere and the she isn't planning on using it on him so he lets it go and heads off to bed - uh, coffin. Well, you know what I mean. Magda speaks to the still out cold werewolf, "The day you met my sister, all hope died for everybody." She crosses herself and prays. The creature comes to in a confused state and attempts to attack Magda, who holds out her pentagram. The werewolf knocks over a table, and runs from the house. 

Later as the new day dawns, the creature changes back to Quentin who once again exhibits great dismay over the state of clothes and wonders what havoc he has created while in the other "state". He hears a woman crying and glances around. "Who is crying? I promise not to hurt you." You know, I wouldn't believe that from Quentin normally but somehow, in his "early day after" look, I buy it. Getting now answer, he makes his way home, the sound of sobbing still haunting him. Suddenly, he sees the ghost of Dorcas Trilling standing before him. He offers to get help for her (like WHAT Quentin? What a dimwit) but his offer is spurned. "Murderer!" she accuses over and over. He demands that she stop saying or everyone in the house will hear her. He moves to grab her, but she disappears.

He makes it upstairs without being seen and while listening to Quentin's theme, makes a bad and shaky attempt to tie his tie. Suddenly Dorcas is seen in the murder, uttering her usual murderer refrain (talk about Johnny one note). He freaks, shouting that it wasn't him that it was the creature and besides it wasn't his fault. It was the curse. Dead girl doesn't care and keeps right on with the murderer chant. He begs her to have pity and leave him alone and finally turns from the mirror to get away from her accusations. Judith knocks and comes in right at this sensitive moment and we can tell how wrecked Quentin stops just a smidgen short of confessing. "She's torturing me. That girl in the mirror." Naturally when Judith looks, there's no girl in the mirror but Quentin insists that she's hiding and will come out after Judith leaves. "I told her it wasn't my fault," babbles the terrified man, "but she wouldn't listen." Quentin begs his big sister to make it stop and make the girl listen. Judith is very concerned and urges him into a chair. Judith asks what the girl looks like and Quentin says it's hard to describe but she was awful. He suddenly realizes whom he's confessing to and about what. He gets angry (at himself I think) and orders Judith out. Judith wonders at the sudden shift. "Why have you changed? She asks. "Now you're sometimes as wild as an animal." Quentin demands to know what she means by that and she says, "An animal snarls, fights, kills when it's cornered, and that's what you've been acting like, as if you're cornered." He goes for a drink and hilariously, Judith comments "You won't find refuge in that." Quentin is sickened by her platitudes and again orders her out. He again hears Dorcas sobbing, but clearly Judith doesn't. "Get out and stay out!" he shouts and she does, in great haste. 

Back at the Old House, it's dusk and Barnabas is up and about. He's not thrilled that Quentin is gone but Magda explains that she made her way to Collinwood and all reports are that Quentin is all right, except for getting drunk. Magda has also given some thought to what might be done to remove the curse. There was an old gypsy who turned Count Petofi into a werewolf who knew about everything and gypsies came from everywhere to consult with her. Oddly, Barnabas had heard of this woman too. "She was an old woman when I was a child" he says, incredulously. Magda says yes, she was old a very long time and probably has passed on but she had a daughter, Julianka, and if that daughter is alive, perhaps she has the knowledge. The problem will be finding her since gypsies wander so much. She is a member of the Romana family, and not long before, Magda heard that King Johnny Romano (sounds like a Sopranos character) was there, perhaps Julianka is too. Barnabas and Magda agree that haste is necessary (who knows when Quentin's destiny will kick in) and Magda wants to go to Boston right away, but Barn wants to speak to Quentin first. Magda says, "I'm sorry for what's happened and want him to know. I want the children to be healthy, well and free from the curse." Probably remembering the baby's coffin he and Chris dug up back in 1967 - gosh that looks odd), Barnabas looks away sadly. Magda notices and wants to know if he knows something about the children that she doesn't. Avoiding her question, he advises, start packing for your long trip. She stands, brooding. 

Barnabas goes to see Quentin and attempts to assure him that there ARE people on his side. As you might imagine, Quentin is not exactly warm and welcoming. In fact, he is dangerously angry that Barnabas knows about the werewolf issue. He refuses to accept that Barnabas wants to help him - "Is this hand of friendship you're extending contain a knife, waiting to dig even deeper?" Quentin orders Barnabas out but Barnabas refuses to leave. He insists that Quentin can't go it alone and that he will NEED help. And besides, there are people Barnabas cares about whose lives depend on Quentin getting through this whole ordeal (though how Barnabas knows this to be true, I haven't the vaguest idea). Eventually Quentin is worn down enough to express interest in what Barnabas plans to do in order to help. Barnabas trots out a few cases of curses (including some werewolf curses) that ended one way or another - usually in death, I'd like it noted. Quentin wants it noted too and says he'd prefer an answer that left him alive. "I've taken steps in that direction. A gypsy Magda is searching for. She's gone to Boston, and when I learn something, I'll tell you." Quentin has not thrilled to discover that his fate is resting on Magda. Barnabas starts to leave, but Quentin stops him: "Barnabas! If you find out I'm going to be like this always, promise me something. Promise me that you'll shoot me through the heart some lovely, moonlight night." Quentin tosses the glass to the floor, shattering it. 

We're back in my favorite room - The Foyer of Secrets That Mustn't Be Revealed and Judith enters from the drawing room just as Barnabas is leaving (I love the way everyone come and goes in this house). He's in rather a hurry but she says that something urgent - and odd - has happened that disturbed Jamison very much. "You know so much about the family," says Judith. "who everybody is and was, and perhaps you would recognize the name David Collins. Barnabas is shocked (as am I frankly. I thought I was the only one who remembered poor David, lying there in 1967 in a coma). He asks quickly for more details. It seems that young Jamison awoke from a dream a few minutes ago, screaming, "David Collins is dead! David Collins is dead!" Barnabas stands stock still, eyes wide. 

Barnabas says that will speak to the boy about it and she goes upstairs to fetch the poor beleaguered heir to the Collins fortune. Quentin enters and is surprised to see Barnabas still at Collinwood. 

Barnabas explains that he's going to speak with Jamison about this dream which has upset him and Quentin makes some cutting remarks about how odd it always is that Barnabas - rather Johnny come lately as far as Quentin is concerned - is always the one being turned to. "I simply want to help Jamison," says Barnabas and Quentin suggests that a caring Uncle might be a better person for that and further suggests that Barnabas go about his business of helping him. "My helping Jamison IS deeply involved with you." Barnabas tells him. "I getting confused," complains Quentin (me too, my mutton-chopped darling). Quentin reminds the dour faced vampire "Remember your promise to help me because my destiny is tied in with people you care about? Who are these people?" "Jamison is one," replies Barnabas. "As for the others, their names would have no meaning to you." Quentin wants to know more about these mysterious people but Judith enters with Jamison and when ordered to leave, Judith starts to go but Quentin makes a territorial fuss over leaving the boy alone with mysterious cousin Barnabas. Judith commands that Quentin do as she says. She even point at him. "Yes, your Majesty," says Quentin, bowing and he sweeps out. Barn promises to speak to Judith after he's spoken to Jamison and she leaves with an admiring smile. Barnabas urges to Jamsion to take a seat and relax while he tells all about the dream and though the boy is clearly still freaked out, he begins his tale. You can tell it's a dream because of the wavy lines and the boy is narrating as the action progressing

"It began in the cellar of the Old House," says Jamison. "I to play there before you moved in. It was different now." We see Jamison walking downstairs into the cellar, where he spots Barnabas, sitting in his I-Ching trance. He tries to wake him up. Suddenly we see puppets talking. One tells the other it's ridiculous. The other voice, a man, says to stop playing with that and listen to me. We see Carolyn (1967 garb attitude and all) with a puppet on her hand, and she repeats that it's ridiculous, having a party for him. Roger (again 1967 attitude and look - think Edward but in a modern suit and a rather fey air about him) reminds her it's the boy's birthday; Carolyn says birthdays are for people who get older and that David won't get any older. Roger forbids her to talk like that. Carolyn mimics him with the puppet, calling Uncle Roger a fool. After all, she points out, the boy must know sooner or later that he's dying. He again orders her to be quiet, they're coming. Elizabeth helps a very weak David downstairs, into the drawing room, onto a chair at the party table. They sing "Happy Birthday" to him (what? DC paid for the rights?) David (who Jamison thinks is him obviously and the resemblence is - as it would be remarkable) thanks them, and they all sit down at the table. Carolyn makes many allusions to not being here for future birthdays and despite Roger's shushing, David begins to ask questions. Liz (who looks just a boozy as she does as Judith) tells him it's nothing, and suggests he start cutting it. He wants to wait and says Barnabas and Quentin aren't here. Carolyn tells David that Barnabas can't be here--he sent his regrets. "Will he come to my next birthday?" asks David. Roger and Carolyn exchange sad glances. "What about Quentin?" he persists. None of the rest know of a Quentin Collins so Liz tells Roger to look him up. Roger takes the family history tome (overlarge as props are in these Alice in Wonderland sorts of dreams) and looks for Quentin, but can't find anyone of that name. Liz again suggests the cake. Carolyn makes her puppet say I'm hungry, hungry hungry-"starving to death!" Roger orders her to stop talking that way. When David wants to know what the problem is, Liz says it's a surprise party. Carolyn - who's really starting to bug the heck out of me even more than she does as Charity Trask - says she knows what the surprise is but that it's forbidden. David is frightened and doesn't feel any better when Liz says she had the cake made especially for him. Quentin is suddenly standing there bathed in green light, grinning. None of the others besides David can see him, however. "He's here, Quentin's here!" insists David. Liz says we're the only ones here. And one of us isn't going to be around much longer, hints Carolyn's puppet. Quentin IS here, insists David. He isn't listed, says Roger. Carolyn advises them to light the candles, there isn't much time left. "Carolyn!" objects Roger. David asks Quentin to sit at the table. "I knew you'd come to my birthday. I knew Quentin wouldn't miss it. Why can't you all see him?" Carolyn lights the candles on the cake but David doesn't want to blow them out. "It will be so cold once the candles are blown out and I'm frightened. Liz calls this silly and Carolyn asks of what. Roger forbids her to ask that. Liz encourages David to be a little man and blow out the candles. Carolyn tells him to close his eyes and make a wish. David closes his eyes, makes his wish and blows out all the candles, taking several breaths. He looks up, but everyone is gone. He's upset

"I told them I didn't want to blow out the candles! I told them I was afraid to be left alone in the dark." Quentin assures him that he isn't alone "I'm still here. I'll never leave you, even after it's all over." David asks what Quentin means. "Your life," replies Quentin. David says he's young and won't die for quite a while but Quentin tells him that he is, in fact, dying. "That's why everyone disappeared. The look of death makes the living very uncomfortable, David. I learned that. You will, too," says Quentin. Davis asks why no one else could see Quentin and is told that it's because Quentin is also dead. The boy is devastated and upset. Quentin assures him it will be quick and painless, over before you know it. "I don't want to die!" David cries. "No one does," says Quentin, "but you can't pick and choose; I didn't want to die, either, but 3 things happened. If I could have changed any one of them, or known what they meant while they were happening, perhaps I wouldn't have died when I did die." Not unnaturally, when left a lead line like that, David asks what those three things were and we hear Quentin intone "The first was the discovery of a silver bullet at Collinwood. Then the one person who could have helped me, kept me alive, was murdered (David asks who but Quentin won't tell) and then the third thing was the worst. The one person in this world I truly loved turned against me. After that happened, there was practically no time left for Quentin Collins." David again cries that he's frightened so to cheer him up Quentin suggests that they sit down and eat the cake. Quentin cuts into it, putting a slice on David's plate and the boy realizes it's made of Styrofoam. "It isn't real, it's a make believe cake," he points out with a shock. "Make the most of it," advises Quentin, because it's the last one you're ever going to have!" The wavy lines come back and we hear Carolyn's puppet singing Happy Birthday to David again. Then, we're back in 1895's drawing room again and Jamison is saying, "When the singing was finished, David Collins was dead. I woke up screaming because it was so frightening." Barnabas asks if there was anything else and Jamsion said just one thing - everyone was so strangely dressed, except for Quentin. He was dead in my dream. Why?" Barnabas smiles sadly and says that no one can answer all the questions in a dream though he believes he can understand some of it. Jamison accusingly says, "I think you can answer ALL the questions. You know!" 

Later on a new set of people are in the drawing room. Charity has come to visit Judith (I don't know why unless it's a meeting of the Reverend Trask Admiration Society) and we see Quentin nervously pours himself a brandy. The women are discussing the beast and the latest hunt. They go into what I feel is less than lady like detail on how badly Dorcas was mauled and as their conversation reaches a crescendo of titillated horror, Quentin throws his brandy glass into the fireplace in a fury, making Charity gasp. "You make me sick!" he screams, "talking about blood, killing and murder. He's an animal who doesn't know what he's doing. Judith asks about the "he," reference to the creature. Quentin moves towards the booze and Judith forbids him to have another. Quentin bursts into wild laughter and to Charity says, "Have your father give my sister another gold star for her record." Barnabas enters to report on Jamison now that the boy is back in bed. He lies adroitly and says that David Collins doesn't exist and is only someone Jamison has created to act out what's troubling him. He double-talks a good deal and Judith seems satisfied. She goes to look in on the young master of Collinwood but as she crosses the Foyer of Feature Family Moments, Edward comes in, looking troubled. Judith asks him what's wrong. He reaches into his pocket, saying, "I found what I thought at first was a coin on the path." He hands it to his sister and adds, "A silver bullet. Judith wonders what someone would want with it. Barnabas recalls the events Quentin outlined in Jamison's dream and we hear the voice over from the dream - the first event being the discovery of a silver bullet at Collinwood! 

Weds Jan 15: Barnabas is brooding in Collinwood's drawing room when Quentin comes in, offering a penny for his thoughts. Barnabas admits that he was thinking of Jamison's dream. Not knowing the details of the boy's dream, Quentin is a tad put out. "Aren't you disturbed by that silver bullet?" he asks. "I have no explanation for that," says Barnabas. Quentin has one though - He thinks someone knows what has happened and is planning to kill him. And he thinks Barnabas knows who that someone is. 

A short time later, Quentin is alone in the drawing room and wanders into the Foyer of Fortuitous Meetings just as Beth comes in. He questions where she's been. Not wanting to tell him about the children, she says that she was visiting the sick old mother of a former Collinwood employee red-headed Alice Austin. Alice is in Portland, Beth explains and wanted someone to check on her mom occasionally. Quentin mocks her and calls her a do-gooder and I think Quentin needs a serious attitude adjustment. Beth tells him to stop making fun of her and he assures her he's very serious. He demands she meet him at the cottage in an hour, but she says that might be difficult. After all, she points out, Judith wants me to stay in at night. "Why can't we talk here?" she asks. After all, everyone always talks here with a beautiful disregard for curious ears. "It's too important to talk about here," says Quentin. AS IF!!!!! We see Judith on the landing, listening and as Beth disappears into the servant's quarters, Judith joins her brother in the foyer. She says nothing but looks at him curiously. "Stop staring at me as if I were some kind of exhibit!" He orders, and storms out. 

Judith joins Barnabas in the drawing room and worries aloud about Quentin's recent behavior - the drinking, the yelling the lashing out. We see Dirk watching through the window, grinning. Damn. I was hoping Dirk was dead. Barnabas offers to talk to Quentin but Judith says talking doesn't help with Quentin. She does ask Barnabas to see Jamison though, who awakened a short time ago. "He admires you so," praises Judith (gack!), "as I do (double gack). I'm so happy you decided to stay here with us." (Awww.Barnabas gets a warm fuzzy!) Barnabas thanks her warmly and leaves to see Jamison. Judith closes the double doors, remaining in the room. Dirk steps into the room from the window and Judith demands to know where he's been the past few days? He doesn't answer, but looks at her oddly. She reminds him he's employed by their family and has a responsibility. He nods and says that he knows what he has to do. "I'm doing it right now, just what SHE said." Judith wants to know who SHE is. "Laura," he replies, "she told me to give you this letter, and you have to read it very carefully. He pauses and looks around suspiciously. "Read it carefully because it's about Barnabas Collins!" His eyes are freaky weird, his smile is maniacal and I am afraid of his hair.

Judith insists that Dirk straighten up and grasp that Laura is dead. He says that Laura's enemies - Barnabas and Quentin - said that but that it isn't true. He asks for Jamison and Judith gets scared. She orders him out and he won't go. She fires him and demands that he leave before she has him thrown out (By who? Beth?). He accuses her of always hating Laura. "You always had a tight, pulsing thing in your neck. You know what I wanted to do-CHOKE you!" he yells, and begins to strangle her. She screams! Barnabas rushes in and pulls him off her. Dirk turns and leaves. Judith nurses her throat. Beth comes downstairs. Barnabas tells her there was some trouble with Dirk, but it's all right now. Judith describes his behavior, describing it as mad. "He gave me a letter from Laura!" This surprises Barnabas. "Dirk said it was about Barnabas," she continues, "but the paper is blank." Beth says that Judith looks like she needs to lie down and offers to get her some tea. Judith decides to go up to her room. Once he and Beth are alone in the Foyer of Fearful Hairdos, Barnabas tells Beth "I will need you later, in about an hour, at the Old House. Gee, how is a girl to keep her social calendar straight.

At the Cottage, Dirk sits before the fireplace and tells the flames (who I guess he thinks are Laura) about his day. Quentin comes in and says snidely, "She's gone, and no matter how many fires you stare into, she's gone." Dirk scoffs at this suggestion. "Laura said right from the first, you hated her. I made a vow and you know what that vow was? I hated you and I vowed that I was going to avenge it sometime and I think the time is now." He punches Quentin in the stomach. Not very well, I'd like to point out. They are tussling when Beth comes in and orders Dirk to get out right now or she'll tell Judith.

He leaves after making a few sad threats and as soon as they are alone, Quentin starts in Beth. "I don't have time to trade questions with you," says Beth. He asks what the hurry is and she relates what happened with Dirk and Judith. She wants to go back and make sure Judith is all right. Quentin is enraged by her seeming devotion to everyone but him (I am going to smack him very shortly). He wonders what little lie she will tell him next. "Why don't you tell me, instead of accusing me?" cries Beth. "I haven't begun the accusations," Quentin declares dramatically like a little girl. "Is Dirk mad or just pretending? Are you in love with me or are you just pretending? It would be nice to have some sort of mirror in which we could watch each other and see the truth. What would you look like in it? Or Dirk and Judith. Or our dear cousin Barnabas? I'd pay a lot to see that. And then of course, in that great mirror of truth, here comes Quentin Collins, and what does he look like? At least, in the light of the moon? You know exactly, and exactly how to kill me!" She gazes at him, wounded. He shakes her a little "You are trying to kill me, aren't you?" he cries. She looks at him, unable to understand or believe what she's hearing.

He shows her the silver bullet and says that of all the people who know about the curse, he assumes that only she or Evan would have tried to shoot him. She protests VIGOROUSLY. He says she is lying. "I'd never lie to you," she says. He SLAPS her hard across the face. "LIAR!" he blares at her and I am OUTRAGED! He chuckles as she holds her throbbing face (and I am FURTHER outraged) and adds, "That slap gives you another reason to want to kill me. Don't you want to know why I call you a liar?" He asks. "I don't care," Beth mumbles through her tears and the hand holding her face. "Alice Austin's mother died five years ago of pneumonia! I helped comfort poor Alice on that sad occasion (I bet you did, you slimy cursed bastard) and remember it well." Beth claims she was confused and that it was Alice's aunt. His yelling and accusations mixed her up. He grabs her again and that's when he spies the vampire bites and asks what they are. It was Mrs. Austin's cat, claims Beth. "I love you, I'll never hurt you." Beth promises. "And Quentin, if you love me, promise you won't hurt me." He stares at her, unsmiling, unforgiving. I hate Quentin.

Old House later, Beth tells Barnabas about her encounter with Quentin. She explains that she's tired of lying, that it's piling up and she's feeling afraid. She sobs and babbles that everything that could go wrong went wrong. Barnabas tries to calm her but she's hysterical. "I've been telling one lie on top of another and soon they will all come crashing down on me, I don't know how much more I can take, and there's no one in the world I can turn to." Barnabas steps closer, "Except me," he assures her, "except me." She calms down immediately and asks what he wants her to do. With Magda away, he wants her to guard him during the day. He hands her a gun and tells her to be watchful. She promises that to do so and goes into the cellar. Beth sits upright in a chair, gun in hand. 

Beth has drifted off to sleep when Dirk enters and she bolts awake. She demands to know what he's doing there and he laughs at her, calls her a watchdog. He's remembered what he saw in the basement and plans to go kill Barnabas. Beth threatens to shoot him but he tricks her and gets the gun. Pointing it at her, he teases her. "Didn't your mother tell you that you should only play with dolls?" He opens the door and heads downstairs. Beth watches him, then walks to the window and the sun is finally up. It's morning. Dirk walks down the stairs into the basement and opens the coffin. Barnabas is still slightly awake and realizes the danger he's in. They struggles and Dirk backs away, pumping one shot after another into Barnabas' chest. Barnabas slumps over as Dirk continues to fire the bullets into his unmoving body. Dirk returns upstairs. Beth is panicked and races to him. Dirk addresses the ceiling and tells Laura that he's just beginning. "Before I'm through, I'll get them all." Beth tells him Laura wouldn't want him to kill anymore and he asks how she would know. "You hated Laura from the start and always told Judith lies about her. Weren't you happy when I was dismissed from this place?" He touches her chin and asks if she's happy now. When she moves to leave, he points the gun at her and promises she won't get very far. "I want to have some fun watching you go and tell Judith about Barnabas being in the coffin in the cellar, and how you will be down there next to him, with an empty gun!" Dirk tosses her and the gun through the basement doorway and laughs. Beth goes downstairs and finds Barnabas hanging down over his coffin. Gently, she re-arranges his body and closes the lid. Miserably unhappy, Beth leans over the coffin and begins to cry. 

Jamison is at the cottage when Dirk enters. Dirk is delighted and tells them boy he tried to see him earlier but "they" wouldn't let him. Jamison is perplexed and Dirk blathers on about Laura's enemies and how now that Dirk is taking care of them, Laura will be happier than ever. Jamison's head is starting to hurt if I am any judge of facial expressions. Dirk gleefully tells the boy that Barnabas is dead and Jamison doesn't believe it. After all, he just saw Barnabas that evening. "I can't reveal how Barnabas died," says Dirk, "because your mother's enemies would come after me and I wouldn't be able to finish what I have to do but it's true, Barnabas is dead in the cellar in the coffin at the Old House." This is all incredible news to Jamison, who asks why Barnabas has a coffin. Because of what he is, explains Dirk with a crazier than ever light in his eyes. He grabs the boy's arm and says earnestly. "The reason Barnabas killed your mother is because of this secret. You have to tell them the vampire is gone." This really scares the kid, who insists Dirk is just trying to frighten him because as Jamison points out -there's no such thing as vampires! Dirk advises him to go to the Old house and see for himself! He releases Jamison, who races from the house. Dirk laughs. 

Beth is sitting beside the coffin and we see an outside shot of the sun going down. The coffin lid starts to open. She is stunned and thrilled and frightened all at once. He explains that the bullets were just normal ones and couldn't hurt him. But Barnabas does admit that Dirk is a danger and must be dealt with. Beth worries about how all this seems to lead to more and more people getting hurt. She sighs. "What do you want me to do?" she asks. "Be calm," he says, "don't tell Quentin anything. The less he knows, the safer we will be. He can be dangerous, destroy all of us," warns Barnabas. Beth says he's not usually like that, he's just frightened now (yeah, a good slap across the face might smarten him up) Barnabas, his face inches from hers, says, "you are a soft-hearted girl, and in this world of heartless people, you will be hurt." She smiles sadly and disagrees. "I used to be. I stood in this very house and pleaded with Quentin not to kill Jenny. But I'm not anymore. I'm hoping you find Dirk quickly, and do whatever he must to silence him." Oh Beth!

The confrontation between Dirk and Barnabas at the cottage is pretty much what you'd expect. Dirk is talking to the flames when Barnabas comes in and tells him that he will never leave the house alive. Of course, it takes a bit longer than that with all the eyes widening and the cackling laughter but the upshot is Dirk reveals that he told Jamison the secret. 

Jamison enters the Old House and looks through the window of the basement door - I see someone motioning behind it - they are wearing a white shirt so it shows up CLEARLY but I doubt we are supposed to notice it.

Beth comes to the cottage as Dirk grabs for Barnabas' cape and falls to the floor. Barnabas tells her that Jamison knows and that she must go to Collinwood and keep him from talking to anyone. As Edward and Judith are both in town, Beth doesn't see a problem there. If Jamison does speak of what Dirk said, Beth is to remind Jamison that Dirk has gone mad and spinning fantasies that aren't true. She's got her orders, gives a passing glance at Dirk (who Barnabas says he has plans for) and off she goes. 

Jamison troops downstairs into the Old House cellar and spots the coffin. He gasps "It's true! What Dirk said-it's true!"

Thurs Jan 16: Jamison starts to open the coffin, but stops when he hears a door slam. Upstairs, Barnabas leads the half-conscious Dirk in, blood dripping from the holes in his throat. Barnabas explains that the only reason he didn't kill Dirk is because he wants Dirk to convince Jamison that everything he was told was a lie. Down in the basement, Jamison looks nervously around for a hiding place and decides his best bet is to sneak OUT of the basement. The thing is that "Little Lord Fauntleroy in bad knee socks" is so nervous that he stumbles. Barnabas hears and orders the moaning Dirk, stay where you are! Barnabas opens the cellar door but doesn't spot Jamison hiding behind it. The boy sneaks from the cellar and exits the house. 

Barnabas checks the cellar and finds no one, then heads back upstairs. Dirk has gathered enough strength to try and make a break for it but seconds before he gets to the door Barnabas grabs him. He opens the secret bookcase and leads Dirk inside so he can rest up for his visit with Jamison.

Jamison dashes into the Foyer of Floating Phones and Beth is on him like a dog on an old bone. She tries to rush him to bed but he is insistent that he MUST speak to his father. Beth says Edward is away and not expected back before quite late so Jamison declares that he intends to wait up. She tries to get the boy to confide in her so she can do as Barnabas instructed and convince him that Dirk was babbling in his madness. It's no go though since Jamison has decided only Edward will listen (which is touching really). She tries again to make him go upstairs, but he pulls away and slams the doors to the drawing room, leaving Beth pacing nervously - which is really the only way you CAN pace in that foyer. She stops, glances at the clock, wraps herself in a shawl and leaves the house. 

Dirk has been dumped into a corner of the secret room of the Old House and Barnabas is standing by with a very puzzled expression. "You should have regained your strength by now." The vampire muses and then leaves Dirk resting (and moaning. And NOT wearing gloves I'd like to note - perhaps the gloves are the source of Dirk's strength?). Beth comes in and tells Barnabas about her encounter with Jamison. She tells him that she's not sure how they will talk the boy out of his plan to tell his father because he seems utterly convinced by something (they don't know he saw the coffin after all). Seeing as Edward is due back any second, Barnabas decides that the best thing to do is to just be prepared to pooh-pooh the story when Edward comes to him with it. His plan with Dirk will have to be changed since it is clear that Dirk isn't going to recover. " I thought you had him under your control," says a miffed Beth. Barnabas said that he did but that he apparently went too far" whatever THAT means. (wink, wink)

Edward is home and I must say that I love his top hat. It suits him some how. He's got the hat off but has just started to unbutton his coat when Jamison races out of the drawing room babbling about frightening events and things that couldn't be true but are. Naturally, Edward doesn't understand any of this but can see that the boy is scared silly. He makes Jamison take a big breath, insists on calm and tells him to start over. "Cousin Barnabas has a secret," reveals Jamison, "and I learned what it is. You won't believe it, but please try, Father." He takes another breath. "Barnabas is. well he, well, he's a vampire." 

Edward rubs his chin, pondering what Jamison said. (And I commend his sensible if somewhat bizarrely calm reaction) "I never heard of anything so absurd," he finally says. Jamison tells him about what Dirk said and about how he went and SAW the coffin. Edward is still looking skeptical and puts it down to imagination. "I didn't imagine it! Please believe me, Father. I'm not lying. He sobs and presses his face against his father's chest. Edward pats his back and assures him that he doesn't think he's lying but he does think he is getting overwrought. "I'll go to the Old House," says Edward, "after I've taken you upstairs."

Edward goes to see Barnabas who expresses amazement that Edward would give such credence to such a strange tale. Edward admits that he wouldn't except that the boys fright seemed so extreme that it couldn't be all put down to what Dirk had said. Barnabas says that he can't imagine what else it could be because it's not like there are any coffins around. Edward would like to look in the basement - not because he believes it, he is quick to point out but because he owes it to Jamison to do more than just ask. Barnabas understands that and leads Edward to the basement where - gee, it's empty. "I don't see a coffin", points out Barnabas. "Do you?" he asks lightly. Irritated and embarrassed at the whole situation, Edward says no but he does say that he doesn't understand what's happened that evening. Barnabas suggests that the whole wild story was Dirk's bitter attempt to get back at the family because he'd been dismissed. "I don't think the story was wild as you might think," says Edward. At Barnabas' amazed look, Edward hurries on. "There was a time I would have though it impossible but since learning the truth about Laura I can no longer dismiss the supernatural as a figment of imagination. Then there are those strange, unexplainable attacks both here and in town, with Charity Trask had those strange marks on her throat, if you recall." Barnabas certainly does and asks Edward what he intends to do about this situation. Edward wants to find the truth and says that the best way to do that is to track down Dirk Wilkins, find out exactly what he told Jamison and demand to see whatever evidence he has." Edward heads back upstairs; leaving Barnabas in the basement, thinking that life was easier back in 1967.

As Edward leaves the Old House, Beth comes downstairs and meets Barnabas in the entryway. He fills her in and says, "I'm safe," Barnabas tells her, "but only for the moment. He refused to believe there's no vampire and is going to pursue it until he's satisfied." Well, it seems that Dirk can serve a purpose after all. They'll make sure that Dirk rises as a vampire. "I will see to it that Edward discovers and destroys Dirk, closing the whole matter and keeping my secret." Barnabas announces proudly. He then decides that they should both watch over dirk until the end and leads the way to the secret room. GASP! Dirk is GONE!

Well, damn! Don't you hate when prisoners escape? Particularly the ones who are teetering on the verge of death. Barnabas and Beth rush out of the secret room and are standing in the living room making plans to find their pesky runaway when the front door flies open and in dashes CARL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frantic, fluster, babbling, gushing and blithering Carl. And I quote "What a time I've had. Do this for me, Barnabas. It's the only way out, you can't imagine what a time I've had, sitting on that train, not sure of what I'd do or say, and then I thought of Cousin Barnabas! And it made all the difference." Barnabas takes advantage of a short pause to ask Carl what he's talking about and Carl suddenly recalls that he has a gift for his favorite cousin. " Fresh from Atlantic City, NJ-salt water taffy!" Carl goes on about how a taste of it is like feeling fresh air blowing from the sea. Barnabas thanks him gravely but asks if he might speak with Carl later because he and Beth were just on their way out to find Dirk who's gone missing." Then Judith will just have to find someone else," babbles Carl heedlessly. Eventually after much guiding and stops and starts the truth is revealed. Carl has brought a girl home. "I thought this would never happen to me, I thought I'd go through life being one of the unmarried Collins brothers." Barnabas wasn't expecting this! "You've gotten married!?" He asks Carl, with a sideways glance at Beth, who looks equally surprised. And let me chime in with the shock as well. Not that Carl found love but that his love has a name like Pansy Faye. "Married! Oh, no", says Carl, "I wouldn't do anything like that behind my family's back, as if I'm ashamed. You don't know Carl Collins, or for that matter, Pansy Faye if you think that." Barnabas repeats this name slowly and I think Beth actually mouths it as well. "Pansy wanted a church wedding," says Carl. "You can be my best man!" Turns out that Carl's plan is that Barnabas put the woman up at the Old House until Carl has time to prepare Judith for the news. Barnabas is glad to discuss anything Carl like "tomorrow", stresses but guess what? Pansy is RIGHT OUTSIDE! Carl, ecstatic, dashes off to fetch his turtledove and in that brief respite Beth offers to go on to Collinwood. "I don't want you in the woods alone", says Barnabas but the truth is I think he doesn't want to be alone with someone named Pansy Faye. Carl bursts back into the room, announcing in a cute overdone voice, "Presenting, direct from her triumph before her Imperial Majesty, Queen Victoria of England, that world famous mentalist and most beguiling songstress, Miss Pansy Faye!" In walks mutton dressed as lamb, in a dress that Magda would love and waving a tattered boa. When she opens her mouth, it gets even better because the British accent (if I can call it that) is HIDEOUS! She then begins to sing and dance - straight out of a music hall of questionable reputation. She wiggles, she giggles, and she's making me seasick. There is no way to do justice to Barnabas and Beth's stunned expressions. Pansy finishes with a flourish and a bow. Carl claps alone, Barnabas cannot believe his eyes and Beth looks like she'd like to claw hers out.

Barnabas tells Pansy that as delighted as he is to make her acquaintance, one of our servants is missing, and he and Beth must tend to that. Carl tells Pansy that Barnabas is the perfect person to introduce Pansy to Judith and Pansy tells Carl that she's decided he must be terrified of his sister. Carl denies this hotly and says it's just that he wants the whole family to love Pansy as much as he does (Oh, Carl. Oh dear, dear Carl. How sweet. And how fatal!) And the situation with Dirk has given Carl a GREAT idea. Pansy can do her mentalist act for them and find Dirk. Judith will be so grateful! Carl gushes about how great an act Pansy has. "The first time I saw her act, she even read my mind." Pansy giggles and playfully smacks his arm. "I was sort of embarrassed", admits Carl "anyone could tell what was on my mind." Ewwwwwww. He grins and clings to Pansy's arm. And again, eewwwww. Barnabas, being undead isn't as sickened as I am by this display and merely says, "I can well imagine." He asks Beth to get Pansy some coffee as he and Carl leave to go to Collinwood.

Once the ladies are left alone, Pansy looks around adding things up as she goes. When Beth asks if she does want coffee, Pansy declares that she never touches the stuff and asks for sherry instead (she and Judith may get along very well after all). Beth says she'll see if there is any and Pansy realizes that Beth doesn't live there. "No, I don't live here. I work at the big house." Pansy, who'd been impressed by the Old House, looks very interested. "How big is it?" asks Pansy. "Very" says Beth abruptly. Pansy smiles and says that Carl "had claimed it was like a castle but being in my line, men tell me lots of things." Beth says nothing (but he face speaks VOLUMES) and simply hands her a glass of sherry. "I'm going to be very happy here", says Pansy. "Cheers," she toasts, downing her drink in one gulp. 

Barnabas, Judith and Carl are in the drawing room discussing the Dirk situation. Judith is saying, "It's hard for me to believe monsters are running around the estate, but given all the strange things that have happened lately... " Carl says he has a great idea to find Carl and Barnabas, looking to get out before the crap hits that family fan, says he is off to search the cottage. " Don't take chances", warns Judith as Barnabas exits. She is annoyed that Carl isn't offering to go out and search as well but Carl says "I'm not leaving the house until I explain my plan. Judith seems resigned and they sit down. "Most people don't take me seriously", begins Carl earnestly. "With good reason", interrupts his sister. Carl bristles and announces proudly that he hasn't played a practical joke in over 48 hours. He then tells her that he is a changed man. He met a person on the train and everything changed. Judith is alarmed! "Did you bring someone terrible back from Atlantic City, like that tart you met in Albany?" WHAT!!!!!!!!!! You mean Carl makes a habit of this kind of woman? I am gob smacked! Carl looks ashamed but insists that this is not at ALL like that. "This person is a world famous mentalist, and highly regarded-Scotland Yard used her once." Judith wants nothing to do with it and says that Carl isn't sending for this person. No need, he says happily. She's already here! Judith starts getting pretty annoyed and Carl hurries to explain that he invited her because when he saw her on the train, "she looked so wan and pale, and I invited her to rest at Collinwood." Judith stands stiffly and asks frigidly, "Where is this person now?" At Cousin Barnabas', says Carl. He begs his sister to give her a chance. 

At the Old House, Barnabas and Beth are talking about Barnabas' new houseguest when Carl and Judith knock at the door. Barnabas orders Beth to get Pansy, and then return to Collinwood. "I don't want Judith to question your presence in my house." So sweet of him really. Undead and yet, still concerned for the proprieties. Judith enters apologizing to Barnabas that he has had this all foisted on him and Carl is begging her to keep an open mind (Carl, this IS Judith we're talking about). Pansy comes down. Carl is bouncing with excitement and joy as he introduces Judith to Pansy. Pansy curtseys and says, "Pleased to make your acquaintance, I'm sure." Judith looks at Pansy with bored disregard that is more killing that actual disgust somehow. She says nothing though and rushing to fill the awkward silence, Carl suggests that they begin right away since Judith is so very worried about Dirk. Pansy asks if they brought something that belonged to the missing man. Carl hands over on of Dirk's cufflinks (I really wish it had been a glove) "That will do", she pronounces and then grandly tells everyone to sit. She orders Carl to put on her music "I've got to have my music to get in the mood", she says with a coy smile at Barnabas. "I'm sure you do," says Judith, Queen of Snark. The music plays. Everyone sits. Pansy concentrates and suddenly she begins to speak softly "There's someone out there and I've got something of his. A gentleman by the name of Dirk (well, she'd heard that). "Dirk Wilkins!" she says. Barnabas starts eyeing her, nervously. "Where are you, Dirk? Let me know where I can find you, let me know...Dirk." She suddenly passes out. Carl jumps up, worried. That's never happened before, he tells them. In an eerie, faraway voice, Pansy says haltingly, "He is dead! Dirk Wilkins is dead, and his murderer is in this room!" Barnabas looks horrified. Carl races over to Pansy's side asking, "What do you mean? Who killed Dirk?" She comes to, snaps her head up and asks what she said. Judith says that she told them that she has an overactive imagination. She also suggests that Pansy owes them an apology. "You have no right to talk that way to Pansy," huffs Carl. "Especially since Pansy and I are getting married." Judith storms out and Carl chases his sister from the house, begging her to listen."

Pansy asks Barnabas what happened. You accused one of us of murder", he says. Pansy admits that is a little scary, especially since she can't remember doing so. She then decides not to worry about and to worry where her meal ticket has run off to. "Judith didn't like me, did she?" asks Pansy. Nothing gets by her. She's a mentalist you know. Pansy wants to go and have it out with Judith and show her that Pansy Faye isn't afraid of anyone. "Stay here", advises Barnabas, "I'll handle it." Pansy, left alone sits down and lectures herself sternly for "mucking up that one." The more she thinks about it though, the more she wants to tell Carl off for putting her in such an awkward position. She leaps from the chair and heads out the door. 

Barnabas arrives at Collinwood, and hears the raised voices of Carl and Judith arguing in the drawing room. Beth joins Barnabas in the Foyer of Fortunate Coincidence and tells him Dirk isn't in the house. Barnabas says he knows of at least one place Dirk has to be if they can get there in time. They leave as Judith and Carl continue to argue about Pansy's unsuitability. 

Pansy is in the woods when she hears a sound. The thing is - I think the sound is one of the cameramen stubbing his toe because that is EXACTLY what it sounds like. She demands to know who there and as we hear the "bat" sound effect, she starts to scream! We see the "flying bat effect" fly toward her as the attempts to ward it off. Barnabas and Beth are standing at a gravesite. Barnabas tells her that it is Dirk's secret sleeping place. "But where is he now?"

Judith is bored with berating Carl and declares that Pansy is not only unsuitable but will leave this estate tonight. "You can go with her, but you aren't getting anymore money. Nor will you be allowed to come back ever again." Actually I don't think Judith can do that according to Gradmama's will but since I am the only one who seems to remember, we'll let it g. Carl sobs, his lips quivering sadly as his sister leaves the room. 

Barnabas returns to the Old House. He finds Pansy sitting in a chair. She doesn't respond when he speaks to her and when he touches her shoulder, her head falls back, revealing blood dripping from two wounds in her neck. "Oh NO!" says Barnabas. "No!" 

Friday Jan 17: Barnabas has found Pansy dead but suddenly I notice that in addition to the fang marks, there is a rope around Pansy's neck (which wasn't there at the end of the yesterday's show. So, I'm not sure what I am supposed to think at this point). Barnabas has locked the door and it's a good thing because while he's standing about trying to think of some place to stash the body, Carl comes hammering on the door. Barnabas hides Pansy's body in the secret room, hangs up his cloak, and lets Carl in. Carl is not thrilled to hear that Pansy is not where he left her and Barnabas is well on his way to convincing Carl that Pansy may have left - but ooops! Barnabas overlooked something and Carl finds Pansy's purse, which he says, proves she is still around because she would never leave without it. He has a point. Barnabas is now annoyed an desperate (the sun is a mere 30 minutes from coming up) and says that it's possible Pansy decided to follow Carl to the main house and got lost in the woods. Carl feels he is being rushed out (which of course he is) but is more amenable once Barnabas assures him that "if she isn't at Collinwood, you're free to search the whole house for her. I'll be out looking for Dirk." He also suggests that perhaps Pansy got lost in the woods and went to the cottage or the house Trask is using as a school. Carl is keen on that idea and is off to check. Just in the nick of time.

We then see Carl bothering Charity about Pansy. She is understands his concern but he's probably been at it a while because she's obviously also annoyed by him. Carl leaves and Charity celebrates this small victory by bringing tea to Tim. Sounds rather like a song title. Tim is tired and cranky and is quite sharp with Charity. Not very nice of him considering that she's just bringing him a little coffee. He's fiddling with the vial of nightshade and Charity demands to know what it is. He brusquely orders her out and then seems to passes out on the desk as Charity looks on in horror. 

Barnabas is hurrying to bury Pansy Faye and it's a question of whether he'll finish before the sun is up. 

Tim, having somehow moved from desk to bed, is - um - writhing. Charity comes in and bolts awake, claiming a nightmare. She calls him on his recent odd behavior but he blows it off, saying that he's just working very hard for Evan on this translation. He then seems to notice all at once that Charity is in his room and demands to know why she can't just leave him alone. Charity, with more charity than I would exhibit at such behavior, says that she's brought a message from Evan and hands him an envelope. Tim tears it open and written on the paper is QUEEN OF SPADES. " Tonight", Tim tells himself. "He told me when he sent me this, I'd know the time had come." Charity asks what the message is but her refuses to tell her. "Is this the way you'll be after we're married?" asks Charity. "You never talking or explaining anything to me?" Before he can answer, Minerva enters, berating Charity for allowing the school to run itself. Charity explains about the message but Minerva is uninterested in it or anything involving Mr. Hanley. Once Charity is gone, we learn that Minerva has come to demand Tim pay a little attention to his teaching job and a little less on Evan's work. After all, she points out, they are paying him to teach. She declares herself uninterested when Tim reminds her that Trask himself suggested the job to Tim and Tim decides he is uninterested in Minerva's disinterest. He orders her out - much to her outraged shock. She can't BELIEVE the way he is talking to her. "You're impertinent", she shrieks. "We'd be better off without you." Tim agrees that they all will be and he'll leave when his done with Evan's job. Minerva reminds him that he can't go without paying The Debt. "Oh, yes", says Tim sarcastically. "The famous debt, how shall I pay it? I guess I never will be able to do so, will I? No, there's no way I can do it with your bookkeeping. Minerva gasps at his effrontery. "Are you accusing me of dishonesty?" she demands. "Yes", he says. "But I'm also busy, so if you don't mind - GET OUT and leave me to finish!" She vows that he will be sorry and leaves.

Carl returns to the Old House, miserably calling Pansy's name. Suddenly he hears her singing and is thrilled! He calls out to her and asks where she's hiding. When he doesn't get an answer and the singing fades, he is confused. Barnabas comes in and asks if he can help Carl. Carl demands where his Pansy is. She must be there, he insists because he just heard her. Barnabas tries to soothe Carl and convince him that what he heard was his imagination. Carl calms down a little but he's still distraught. "I can't believe Pansy is just missing," he sniffs sadly. "As is Dirk, says Barnabas pointedly. Carl, being impressionable and accommodating, picks up his cue and suddenly declares, "I think Dirk came to the Old House and forced Pansy to go with him! We must find Dirk, Barnabas." Barnabas agrees heartily.

Charity is with Minerva and it seems that Mother Trask has been giving some thought to her daughter's future. Tim is unsuitable she tells the girl and suggests that Charity should turn her attention elsewhere. What about Carl Collins?" Minerva asks. "What do you think of him?" Charity is an honest girl and says in a puzzled voice "I don't think of him at all." According to Minerva it's time to START thinking about Carl. "I think you should end your engagement." She rushes on to prevent Charity interrupting. "I don't want to hear sentiment, or that you're in love with Tim." Charity cuts Minerva off saying that no, she doesn't love Tim. Minerva is surprised but pleasantly so. Charity admits that while she does like Tim, but there is someone else. She plays with her collar and sighs blissfully, "Barnabas!" Minerva hides a chuckle and tells Charity that though her instincts are correct, Barnabas is only a cousin. She tells her daughter to be practical and fall in love with Carl Collins, one of the brothers. There's a knock at the door and Minerva tells Charity that she has sent for Tim and it is up to Charity to tell him it's over. Minerva opens the door and says briefly to Tim, "My daughter wants to speak to you." then hurries out. Charity confesses to Tim that she isn't in love with him and she doesn't think he's in love with her so perhaps it's best they not be married. Tim assumes - partially correctly that this is all Minerva's fault (though really, I think Charity would have done it on her own eventually. Charity says, "No, it's nothing to do with her, really. I'm not in love with you that's all. I'm in love with someone else. And I don't think you're in love with me, really." Tim insists that he'll apologize to Minerva for that scene earlier but Charity explains again that it has nothing to do with that. "I just can't marry you, although I like you a lot. So please like me a little too." Aww, Poor Charity. She really is trying to let him down easy. Mother returns and sends Charity and Tim off to their respective school duties and as soon as they are gone, she sneaks out a deck of cards hidden from some books. Ooooh, scandal! Tim re-enters and she tries ineffectively to cover. He sort of laughs and tells her to continue. After all, he points out, he already knows she plays. She deals out a solitaire game while telling Tim that if he's come to plead about Charity, there's not point. Tim says it's not that. He's simply come to apologize for earlier and his behavior. She's very ungracious about it and I must say that when she turns over the Queen of Spades, I'm practically cheering the hypnotized homicidal hottie on.

Tim offers to fill her teacup, which has conveniently come up empty. She allows is though she says it isn't necessary and it won't help his case with Charity or her. That's OK, Tim tells her as he drops the poison into the cup. He just wants to do something for her. He hands her the tea and tells him to leave but he says he'd like to know if it's OK so she takes an annoyed sip to assure him it's drinkable. Minerva finds the tea very bitter and unexpectedly, blames herself. "I shouldn't have let it steep so long", she complains. He tries to take the cup and fix it but she insists on doing it herself. She adds more water to it and tries again. "Much better", she says. Tim watches as she sips. She notices him staring at her and orders him to go. He doesn't move and she demands to know "What's wrong with you? Go!" She takes a step forward but stumbles, apparently feeling the effects of the poison. "What's wrong with YOU?" asks Tim, gazing at her with an odd smile. She clutches at her chest and Tim tells her to sit while he calls a doctor. She's afraid, uncertain of what this pain is. Tim picks up the phone and pretends to try a call. Minerva says that the room is growing dark. Tim informs the panicking woman that the line seems to be out of order. She is now utterly hysterical and in terrible pain. "Why are you just standing there, not helping me? Help me!" she screams. She tries to make it to the door but grabs at her chest again and collapses. Tim smiles and the camera lingers on the Queen of Spades on the table.

Charity is in another room, discussing grades with Rachel who is more interested in finishing the report than discussing whether Allison Ainsley gets a D or an F in sewing. "You're in a hurry", Charity says with a smirk. "You certainly didn't waste much time. I knew he'd come to you first thing, but I want you to know that I broke the engagement." Rachel is confused and asks Charity what the heck she's talking about - though obviously Rachel didn't use any language as HARSH as heck. "I have no idea what you're talking about", says Rachel. "Tim told me nothing." Charity nods and says that he's sure to. "And probably propose to you. I think the two of you might be able to be happy, and work out the problems you each obviously have." Nasty bitch. I thought you said you liked him a little? Charity muses on what her life might be like with a more suitable man "I wouldn't be at all surprised if my life were to change completely. Imagine, having closets full of beautiful dresses, jewels. Father wouldn't approve, but if I were living at Collinwood, he might. I mean he'd realize I had to keep up a certain position. Mama would make him realize that."

Charity's mother lies in her chair, still alive but barely. She opens her eyes and sees Tim. "You did this to me. Why?" she asks painfully and with great difficulty. "You played the Queen of Spades", he explains as if it makes all the sense in the world. "Murderer!" she gasps and sinks back in her chair, dead. "I had to," he says to the very recently departed. "He told me when you played the queen, it would happen." The door opens and Evan Hanley walks in asking "Who told you, Tim?" he asks. Tim jumps a bit but Evan calms him down. Evan checks out Minerva and glances at Tim proudly. "You did well." He tells the teacher. Evan straightens back up and holds up the Queen of Spades. He tells Tim. "Look at me, straight into my eyes. I know that you're troubled by what you've done, but I am going to help you again. Do you want my help, Tim?" Tim nods. Evan makes Tim look at the card and tells him that when it gets torn up, he will remember nothing about what happened - "you will forget all the visits you paid to my house, the talks we had, the plans we made, you will forget all about Mrs. Trask. You want that, don't you, Tim?" Tim nods again; taking the card from Evan. Tim tears the card in half and seems to come awake all at once. The second that happens Evan points to Minerva and shouts, "You did that, Shaw!" Tim immediately tries to help Minerva and realizes she's dead. Evan says, "I heard her last words: Murderer!" Tim protests that he didn't do it - couldn't have because he doesn't know what he's even doing in that room. Evan orders him to stand back and not to try anything. Upset, Tim stands and says again that he didn't do it. Evan picks up the phone and starts to ask for the police, but Tim wrenches the phone away from him. They fight and Tim gets the better of Evan, knocking him out. Tim glances around horrified and runs out.

Tim listens at the door of the room where Rachel and Charity are talking, still arguing about grades. Tim hides as Charity leaves the room, and when Charity is gone, he knocks on Rachel's door, ordering he to lock it. She does. He tells her as much as he knows and begs for her help. 

We see a stunned Charity kneels before her mother's dead body. Evan is asking if Tim had any motive for killing Minerva but Charity can't seem to grasp any of this. She repeats over and over that Minerva can't be dead, that her father should be here. She looks at her mother one more time and burst into tears. Evan tries to comfort herb but she snaps at him suddenly, "Why aren't you looking for Tim? What can you hope to do here?" Evan says that clearly Tim is violent and "I didn't go because I didn't have the foresight to bring a gun." Charity tells Evan that the person Tim would most likely run to would be Rachel. She opens a drawer and takes out a gun that Trask keeps around for intruders.

It seems Tim has filled Rachel in on what he recalls and what happened. Tim pacing, talking about what he'll need to escape but Rachel is bothered by pesky details like "Why would Evan come here in the first place? Why was he in the room?" Tim doesn't know and repeats says "All I remember is standing outside, then walking in the door. I wanted only to apologize, that's all. Why don't I remember anything? People don't just lose minutes from their lives like that." Well, they do if they are hypnotized but our two innocents wouldn't know about such chicanery. "Maybe Evan killed her and is trying to put the blame on you!" Rachel suggests. They decide it can't be sorted out that night and that Tim must hurry and get away. "Go to that abandoned house", advises Rachel, "where we went to hide the first night we ran away - the one right near the Collins estate. I'll bring you as much money as I can tomorrow morning." Tim recalls Peabody's farm perfectly and warns Rachel, "They'll be watching you. They'll think I went straight to you. Be careful." And then - a KNOCK! It's Evan. "I know you're in there, Miss Drummond and I hope, for your sake, alone. Open the door immediately!" He rattles the door and calls Rachel "Miss Shaw?" Oops! He then covers the error by saying if Shaw is in there, you can be charged as an accomplice to murder. Tim climbs out a window and is gone. 

Rachel opens the door, saying she was delayed since she'd been getting ready for bed. She asks what happened. He demands she tell him where Tim is. He glances at the window. "Did he go through the window, running through the woods?" Rachel looks at him all big brown eyes and quivering lips. "Why on earth would Tim be going anywhere?" she asks. Evan grabs her arm and hisses, "Don't you lie to me!" Rachel squirms and says he is hurting her (Rachel dear, I think that's the point. He asks her again about Tim and she tells him again that she has no idea what he's talking about. "You have the perfect face for it", praises Evan. "Those great, innocent eyes. Tell me where he is; I know you're lying. You're glad Mrs. Trask is dead." Rachel expresses COMPLETE shock. "You do THAT very well, too", says Evan and I must agree. Evan says that perhaps she and Tim planned it together. "Tim didn't plan anything", insists Rachel, "and if Mrs. Trask is dead, Tim had nothing to do with it." And then our brave little miss says, "What are you doing here? You aren't a friend of anyone here." Evan is caught off guard slightly but recovers quickly saying that he came for his translation Tim was working on. He tosses her around a bit, and then grabs her around the throat. She continues to plead that he must believe her - that she doesn't know where Tim is, or what's happened. Evan leans in close and says, "You're lying to me. Shall I get rougher? I can, you know (I just bet you can, black magic man) or would you prefer to wait until after you've lied to the police?" He releases her, but takes the key to her room, assuring her that it is for her safety and that she won't be alone long. She gazes about her room hopelessly. 

Tim is in a very dark cellar where he conveniently finds a red candle and a handy book of matches. Tim lights it and begins to look around. As you might expect in a Dark Shadows cellar, there is - a coffin. He sets the candle down on a nearby box and throwing caution to the wind - opens up the coffin and gasps!!! 

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