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We're still in 1897 - where you most of you will recall Barnabas is SUPPOSED to be looking in the past for the reasons why Quentin's spirit in the present (1967) is being so troublesome and taking over David, the overacting 13 year old. Also, I found a site with a quick primer on the plot to help you catch up if you want


Thursday Jan 2: When we last left our festively facial-haired anti-hero, he was quaking in fear, waiting for the curse to come upon him but since he didn't have a mirror and it wasn't cracked, he couldn't cry about it like the Lady of Shallot. He could only stare frightened and wait for nightfall when Magda told him the curse would begin. In the cemetery, Magda is speaking comfortingly to Jenny's gravestone (boy THAT went up quick) about her death will be avenged, how there is no escape for Quentin Collins, punishments worse than death, etc.

Judith, in a truly stunning green velvet ensemble and attractive earrings is looking through letters but pauses to speak to Beth. She hands the long lanky one a letter terminating her employment plus two weeks' severance pay. The severance was Edward's idea, Beth is told. Beth, surprised at this turn of events, can't imagine why she is being fired and is told by Judith (who is enjoying it) that since Jenny is dead - who needs Beth? Beth asks if the children can't be brought home now and she could care for them. Judith says no. They will stay in Collinsport with Mrs. Fillmore - after all, how could they explain two infants suddenly arriving? "Tell the truth", says Beth, "that the children belong to Quentin and Jenny." But Judith says now and that Quentin must never know about the children. I must say that despite Beth's insistence that Quentin has a right to know - I'm with Judith on this one. Judith notes that Beth seems very concerned about Quentin lately and that the servants have been gossiping about it for a month (there are MORE servants? Where?) Beth asks if that isn't the real reason for he being fired but Judith sneers and Beth flees (probably to cry in a tall thin corner in the kitchen).

Quentin returns home and Judith meets him in the foyer of great import. He declares that everything is settled with the gypsies (LIAR!) and that Judith will be rid of all of them by nightfall. "Splendid", pronounces Judith with actual glee. A knock at the door breaks up the homey cozy scene Judith answers. Quentin, heading upstairs, stops. It's Magda, come for Jenny's things. Judith, in high fettle says she'd be glad to have Beth put them together and suggests that Magda worry about packing her own things for her departure that evening. Magda spills the beans about not taking the money and says that she and Sandor are staying. Judith is horrified to hear they didn't take the money - and Quentin is horrified that his lie is being exposed so soon. Magda explains that they gave the cash back to Quentin and Quentin cuts her off quickly.

Magda snidely and happily points out that he's frightened now that the time is drawing closer for the curse to begin. They shout a bit and Magda leaves, saying that she will send Sandor for Jenny's things later. Judith tells Quentin he's an unspeakable liar and demands back the money. He says he's keeping it to start a new life somewhere else. She insists that since the gypsies aren't gone, he failed to keep up his end of the bargain. Quentin reminds her that she has his signed agreement waiving all rights to his inheritance. She agrees to give it back but wants the money. In very modern fashion, Quentin says that if she wants the money, she should sue him and he runs upstairs.

Later - we see Beth packing Jenny's things (in the drawing room for some reason) when Quentin comes in and tells her that they must leave tonight. Beth is having second thoughts about Quentin (and well she might) and says she will tell him later if she has decided to go with him or not. He's prepared to press his case but there's a knock at the door and the vast number of servants that Judith thinks are gossiping about the house are nowhere in evidence so Beth goes and answers it. It's Sandor, come for Jenny's things. Quentin asks Beth to leave him alone with Sandor so they can talk and she does after casting a worried eye at both of them. Quentin says he will give Sandor the WHOLE $10,000 if he'll reverse the curse. Sandor is insulted. He says Magda would never forgive him and that she is worth more than money to him (Sandor is a gruff old thing but a sweetie and he and Magda are the most functional couple on the show - weird!). He takes the case with Jenny's things. Quentin says he can have the money if he just fesses up to what the curse is. Sandor relishes Quentin's desperation (and fails to mention that he doesn't know exactly what Magda has done so he couldn't tell even if he wanted to) and leaves.

The sun is setting and Sandor joins Magda at Jenny's Insta-Headstone (just add water). He complains that he doesn't like graveyards (well who DOES Sandor?) and why can't they go home. Magda wants to wait until the moon rises and the curse begins.

Quentin, dressed and packed for traveling, trips lightly down the stairs while Beth is in her room packing. It's about 7 p.m. and it's getting dark so Quentin is anxious to be gone before something happens like -- oh, a pesky curse. Quentin comes to Beth's room and is THRILLED to find her packing to go with him. He sets immediately to mauling her - or perhaps it's an enthusiastic hug. She seems less that overjoyed and he once again chides her for not seeming happy to be with him. She wonders why he wants her with him and when he declares again that it's because he loves her, she sadly points out that she doubts he loves anyone. She feels fairly sure that he only wants to not be alone and that he'll abandon her when he is bored. He huffily asks that if she feels that way, why she is coming with him? Even sadder, she says that despite knowing he will hurt her, she loves him and wants to be with him. Gee, Beth. You make that sound so dire. This girl is SUCH a downer! Quentin on the other hand, seems happy enough with that answer and the macking begins. He's practically sucking in her whole face and says breathily that they should hurry to the carriage. She says that she has a quick errand in town - a personal matter. Quentin insists that there isn't time and that they must leave now. When Beth persists, Quentin demands to know what is SO important. Not wishing to say anything about the children, Beth demands to know why they have to leave in such a hurry.

The moon is up and so is Magda. She stands mulishly and glares at the camera. She "Let my voice be carried by the wind, be taken to the surrounding countryside, heard by all the tribal chiefs and prophets. I speak for one of us who has been struck down and for whom we must secure justice. Listen! Hear my words! Honor my wish!" She makes the two-fingered curse gesture and intones, "I place this curse upon Quentin Collins, and upon all his male kin of succeeding generations."

Quentin shakes Beth and demands to know what the errand is. She refuses and pleads with him to let her have just a few minutes. He's frantic by this time because he sees the moon in the window. "There isn't that much time!" he shouts. "It's getting dark out and the gypsy told me. . ." Quentin suddenly jerks upright, he cries out in pain and says that he feels tearing at his insides. He flails about the room and shouts for Beth, who is staring in shock, to get a doctor. As she flees, Quentin falls to the floor, writhing in agony. Fade to exterior shot. We see the full moon. We hear a howl.

Beth rushes to the phone (which today has moved to the table in the Foyer Of Great Import) There's a knock at the front door. What to do. What to do? Door, phone. Door, phone. Overwhelmed by tradition, Beth - no longer employed at Collinwood, puts down the phone and answers the door (and puts off calling the doctor). Rachel enters in a panic demanding to see Judith or Edward or Quentin about Jamison. Beth says no one is home but Quentin and that he is very very sick (which is why she answered the door before calling a doctor I'm sure). Having reminded herself of her lover's condition, she turns back to the phone and calls the doctor, who isn't in (as they usually aren't). She leaves a message for him to call back, then tells Rachel she's got to return to Quentin.

At the temporary home of Worthington Hall (which looks a good deal like the old one) fetchingly young teacher Dorcas Trilling reports to Reverend Trask that Rachel has snuck out and run to Collinwood. Trask thanks Dorcas and says he expected Rachel to do that when she found out that Jamison had been punished again (locked in the closet and denied supper). Dorcas, who has a very obvious case of the hots for the Reverend, tells him that he inspires her. I gag on a toasted bagel as I try to repress an image of WHAT Dorcas is inspired to. Trask praises her as a comfort while others are a trial. Dorcas, jealously and quite bitchily suggests that he just let Rachel go and be done with it if she's such a trial but Trask gives what may be the smarmiest and most disgusting speech yet why he keeps Rachel around. He feels that because Rachel sometimes makes him feel animal instincts like anger and ugliness (and I would add lechery, lust and general ooginess) having her around gives him a chance to face those sins and fight them. He keeps her there to help him become pure, he states. Dorcas is thrilled and I am sickened.

Back at Collinwood, Beth and Rachel go to Beth's room and find it a wreck. Quentin is gone. Speculating that Quentin might have had some sort of seizure and wrecked the room this way, Beth tearfully begs Rachel, help me!

Trask and Dorcas continue making goo-goo eyes at each other in the portable Worthington classroom. Trask tells Dorcas to give Jamison his supper, but not too much. That way when Rachel tells the Collins family that the boy is being starved, she'll look like a liar. Dorcas flees to do his bidding.

Beth and Rachel search the house but find no trace of Quentin. Rachel says that they should call the police but for obvious reasons (Judith's anger, Jenny's death - page 45 of the script), Beth hesitates. Rachel says that in that case, Judith and Edward should be told. Beth puts the kibosh on those ideas when she reveals that Judith is in Bangor and Edward dining at the Old House (one presumes with Barnabas and being served by Magda - how jolly!) Rachel loses patience with all the secret keeping in the Collins family manse. "What is it they try to protect Beth?" she asks harshly. "I'm glad I'm just the governess and not a member of this family." Um. Rachel, you aren't governess anymore. Beth reveals that she might be a member of the family myself one day if Quentin can be found. Rachel is shocked.

Back at Worthington Hall Trask has decided against feeding Jamison in case that's what Rachel wanted to accomplish. Instead he intends to call and tell her that the boy cheated on his exams, then lied to his teacher about being mistreated. Dorcas points out that it's hard to imagine Jamison having to cheat on his exams since he's so smart. I wonder if we are talking about the same boy? Trask, amused, says that yes, Jamison is smart and sometimes that makes him arrogant. He calls Collinwood and Beth answers. When he is told that Judith is away, he asks for Rachel. Trask starts in with his usual intimidation bit - murder and robbery accusations. He orders her to come back to the school immediately and hangs up. For some reason, she hangs up like a zombie and leaves the house. Beth stops her briefly and asks, "What did you want to see Quentin about in the first place?" Rachel says quietly that it isn't important and leaves.

Out in the woods, Rachel thinks she hears someone approaching. So naturally, she stops to let the mysterious footsteps catch up. As soon as they get closer, she screams! Reverend Trask comes up behind her and when she tells she heard someone following her, he assures her that she is safe with him (HA!) and takes her back to the school.

At Collinwood, Beth calls Evan Hanley about Quentin and he says he'll come by tomorrow.

Meanwhile, at the school, Trask accuses Rachel of everything under the sun and they argue so violently that he slaps her. Both are shocked at this and Trask insists that everything he is doing is for her own good. Then he leaves to meditate. Rachel catches Dorcas outside the door eavesdropping. They argue and Rachel snappily says Dorcas and Trask deserve each other. She flounces out, leaving Dorcas alone and smug. A moment later, a window shatters, and Dorcas screams in horror, "Stay away from me!"

Trask hears the screams and runs in. Rachel has come right back as well and Dorcas dead on the floor. She cries in a horrified voice "Her body is mutilated!" Trask, surveying this suspicious scene, wants to know who did this. Don't we all? Was that a howl I heard?

The sun rises and Beth finds Quentin lying unconscious on the floor of the Foyer Of Attractively Disheveled Men. He is wearing a bloody, torn shirt - which is lying open in all the right places. His hair is disheveled and he's smudged with dirt and has leaves in his hair. He comes to and asks what happened. She describes how he disappeared, and says, you've been gone all night. Both are dismayed to realize he doesn't remember a thing. 

Friday Jan 4: Beth smuggles Quentin (who's hair is noticeably darker than it was in previous episodes) up to the west wing and suggests that he change out of the torn, bloodied clothes he's wearing. She presses him to tell her what happened while he was missing but insists that he doesn't remember. Beth think that the gypsies drove him crazy with fear by talking about the curse, then sent some gypsy fiend after him. She fails to say how this explains the violent seizure she witnessed but hey, whatever works. Beth tells Quentin to get some rest but he intones darkly "whatever Magda did to me, it's not over yet."

In the drawing room, Evan (and his snappy, pointy devil mustache) are listening to Judith complain that Quentin has reneged on the deal they had and is still at Collinwood. She asks him to bring the law to bear and get rid of her baby brother. Beth joins them and reports on Quentin's ill health and Judith asks if he's well enough to talk to Evan. The phone rings before Beth can answer and Judith answers. It's Trask reporting Dorcas' death and the details. Judith is shocked and yet retains her grasp on the niceties, thanking Reverend Trask for calling and wishing him well. She relates the story to Evan and Beth, who looks nervous at the mention of "torn apart by a wild beast" and Evan notices her reaction. Beth excuses herself and leaves. Judith goes on about how poor Reverend Trask has been through so many trials lately and yet always thinks of others. "Even though he's busy with the police, he took the time to call us and warn us." Evan asks if she is all right and Judith rather sickeningly states that thinking of that heroic Reverend Trask inspires me to courage, replies Judith. Evan, with an eye roll I can only aspire to, goes to speak to Quentin. 

Beth is telling Quentin about Dorcas' murder and has decided that the same beast that attacked Quentin committed the attack. Quentin, observant as ever notes that he didn't have a scratch, yet I was covered with blood. Evan knocks on the door and as soon as Beth hides the bloodstained clothes, Quentin lets him in and Beth reluctantly leaves the two to discuss what Evan describes as a delicate matter regarding Judith and the agreement. Evan starts to discuss Judith's issue but stops when he notices that Quentin looks like hell and asks what's wrong. Quentin tells Evan about Magda' placing a curse on him and begs Evan to find out what the curse is, that he - Quentin - can't remember anything. By now, Evan has seen the clothes hidden so hastily under the desk and asks Quentin if he's really sure he doesn't remember anything. When Quentin is adamant, Evan agrees to help for a substantial fee. Quentin is shocked that Evan would take this stance with a friend. Evan informs Quentin there's no such thing as a friend and seeing that Evan is serious, Quentin tells him to name his price. "I'll let you know when the time comes, Evan assures him. Judith comes in just then and Evan, on his way out, tells her that she should find Quentin cooperative now. Quentin offers Judith the money back so he can stay at Collinwood. She refuses and he decides to stay anyway, saying that she can't stop him. 

Evan goes to see Magda at the Old House where for once Edward is not dining with Barnabas (though we've not seen either of them in AGES so one does wonder what they might be up to and where). Magda is reading tarot cards when Evan arrives and he asks her what the cards say about Quentin "and how your curse is working." She pretends not to know what he's talking about but when he refuses to buy her line about being a poor ignorant gypsy, she admits that 's surprised Quentin told him about it. Evan explains that weird things happened to Quentin the previous night and demands to know what the curse was. She refuses to tell, he becomes more forceful, they stand closely together and continue "he said she said" for some moments and then Evan notes that Magda's wearing a pentagram, so there's no need for her to be scared. Now Magda gets nervous and insists that it's just a piece of jewelry. He offers to buy it but she refuses to sell it saying it was her mothers. "What did it protect HER from?" Evan asks pointedly. He then informs to agitated and festively garbed gypsy that he knows that the pentagram worn with two points facing down, toward the devil, it protects against all sorts of evil witches and malevolent demons. "Now which is it you've set abroad in your curse, Magda?' 

Later in Quentin's room, we see Beth and Quentin watch Evan drawing a large pentagram in chalk in the middle of the floor. He says that he isn't exactly sure yet what they are dealing with but that the symbol will be a haven from whatever it is. He tells Quentin to place two black candles at the bottom points of the pentagram at sunset, then get inside the pentagram and stay put. Quentin asks what will happen then, but Evan says he doesn't know (I think he does but is getting a tad squeamish - oh wait - this is Evan. Never mind.) Still freaked and not at all comforted by what little Evan has been able to find out, Quentin has a temper-tantrum and rubs out part of the pentagram with his foot to show his displeasure (spoiler rotten brat). Evan, not liking this attitude at all, is quite blunt when he says that it's entirely possible that Quentin might die inside the pentagram. Quentin suggests that a better idea would be killing Magda but Evan says that would things worse. Beth agrees, saying that if Magda is dead, they might never get the curse removed. Quentin, feeling ganged up on, orders Evan to leave. As he goes, Evan tells Beth to stay away from Quentin tonight and go far, far away. 

Later we see Beth (obviously not taking advice from any quarter) with Quentin waiting for the moon to rise and something to happen. When he gets her to admit to being scared, he orders her out. She wants to stay but he is quite angry and she moves to leave. Suddenly, Quentin starts to feel the same pain as before and pleads for her to stay. She grabs the chalk and starts to redraw the lines of the pentagram that Quentin rubbed out earlier, and then she puts a chair in the middle and helps him to it (all the time he is writhing and jerking in pain). As she tries to recall what to do with the black candles, Quentin collapses. Fearing he's dying or worse - dead - Beth puts down the candles and drags Quentin out of the pentagram, where he passes out again. We don't see what Beth sees but she gasps as we hear a growl. She stares off camera in terror, calling out, "Quentin! Don't come near me!" 

And as she backs away, we see werewolf (wearing Quentin's clothes but at least a foot and a half shorter), chase a screaming Beth around the room. It leaps from the floor and chases her to the pentagram. Unable to get at her as she stands inside the shape because of some magical property is has, the werewolf gets frustrated and leaves to seek easier prey. 

Meanwhile, at the House by the Sea otherwise known as Worthington Hall II, Jamison is in the closet. Um. Yes, but he's trying to get out. Wait - no, see he's been locked in by Trask but he's unable to reach the window. Hottie Tim enters the classroom outside the closet and Charity comes along a moment later. They discuss Dorcas' murder, the fact that the Trasks have gone and left Charity in charge while they bring Dorcas' body back home and the fact that Charity feels a tad nervous at all this sudden responsibility. She tells Hottie Tim (who'd rather be sneaking food to poor Jamison) that she believes Dorcas' death is a warning that ALL of them are doomed. Tim tut-tuts this and assures her that she will be fine. She suddenly wonders what he was doing in the classroom at all and he says he wants to mark some papers. She offers to help so they can be together but he prefers to do it himself he tells her so she leaves to do a bed check. After she's gone Tim locks the door, gets food out of the desk where he's hidden it and goes into the closet where Jamison is currently being held. 

Jamison is extremely grateful to have something to eat besides bread and water and while they discuss how unfair it is that Jamison is being punished for intelligence and independence, Charity knocks on the classroom door. Tim tells Jamison to keep quiet, leaves the closet and lets Charity in. Naturally Charity wonders why the door was bolted but when Tim tells her that he just wanted to make sure he wasn't disturbed, she can tell he is lying. He denies it (pathetically really - I mean, Hottie Tim would be a terrible poker player) but she still doesn't believe him, so she goes into the closet to question Jamison. He assures her that he's been alone all the time but she sees the food he attempts to hide (again the men in this show demonstrate how pathetic they are at dissimulation. If Jamison were so smart, he's have hidden it better than that). Tim comes in and fesses up and declares that the boy can't live on bread and water alone. Charity is appalled at this flagrant disregard for Papa's dictate and gives Jamison her father's very large book of meditations so he can realize the error of his ways. She and Tim leave Jamison and she locks the door. Jamison, alone again, looks at the book, then at the crate that is just a bit to small to allow him to reach the window. Using his alleged intelligence, he puts the oversized book on the crate, reaches the window and escapes. Noisily

In the classroom Tim is trying to talk Charity into not telling her father about this whole thing when they hear a noise from inside the closet. Jamison's gone! Tim is thrilled and shows how the boy must have used the book of meditation to help him escape. Charity declares Jamison "insufferable" but Hottie Tim (looking hotter than ever when he grins that aw shucks grin) says that the boy is "very original." They argue over whose fault it is and Charity fears big trouble for her when Daddy gets home. Tim says he'll go find Jamison, but Charity says there's no need since most likely Jamison will go to Collinwood, so they'll just go there and get him. 

Jamison is hurrying through the woods when he hears footsteps. He pauses, hears nothing and then continues on his way. The werewolf climbs up on a nearby rock. 

At Collinwood Beth is on the phone with Charity hearing about Jamison's escape. Beth worries that the boy is wandering alone in the woods but Charity isn't worried at all. She instructs Beth to not let the boy out of her sight when he gets there and adds that she and Tim will be over shortly. As soon as they hang up, Jamison arrives. He starts to pour out his tale of woe and wants his father or Quentin or someone to help when SUDDENLY there's a knock at the door. Beth sends Jamison to hide in the drawing room and lets Tim and Charity in. She denies Jamison is there and so Charity says she wants to talk to Edward. Beth tells her that he's at dinner at the Old House with Barnabas (again?). Charity states that she and Tim will wait for his return and heads into the drawing room. Beth is reluctant to let her in, and Charity notices. She declares that she and Tim will search the house, but Beth insists Edward must give permission for such a search. Charity suspects that Jamison is hiding behind the drapes and orders him out. She doesn't find him there. Tim suggests that he and Charity go back to the school. He points out that Reverend Trask would be quite angry if he gets back to the school and finds that Charity isn't there like she's supposed to be. Charity decides Tim is right and says it will be better if Tim will help her explain to her father what happened. She heads out to the front door. Hottie Tim whispers a thank you to Beth when Charity is out of earshot. After they leave, I see what a darling couple Hottie Tim and Beth would be - if only. Beth hurries back to the drawing room window and calls to Jamison-but there is no answer

So Beth armed with a gun, goes searching for Jamison to the woods. She arrives at the boulder where the werewolf waits, crouched on top. He growls at Beth, who screams and aims the gun at him, preparing to shoot. 

Monday Jan 6: How on earth Beth expects to shoot the werewolf while screaming like a banshee, I have no idea The Werewolf has the same thought since it disregards the gun and leaps at her, knocking her to the grounds. Her screams attract Edward and Barnabas who are walking through the woods (likely working off all that dinner they've been eating). Barnabas beats the monster off wit his silver headed wolf's head walking stick while Edward helps Beth. As she comes around, she tells them that Jamison is in the woods! Barnabas wants Edward to return to Collinwood with Beth while he searches the woods but Edward doesn't want Barn left alone and besides, Beth has now passed out and she's too tall to carry alone. As the trio moves off (Beth towering above the two men), the wolf, back on his boulder, watches and growls. 

Cottage - Jamison goes to Laura in the cottage and begs her to make up with his father. But she assures him that this will never happen so it would be best if the children left with her. She entices him with visions of a place of warm sun, no time and a place of special people. When he hesitates, she adds "Darling, I cry every night when I think of you and Nora in that dreadful school." (Nice move! Score one for Laura!). Jamison agrees to go and Laura is thrilled! 

Barnabas finds Edward in the drawing room, examining a rifle. Still shaken, Edward remarks that the animal "if that's what it was" wore clothes and walked like a man. That Edward - always on top of things. Despite Barnabas comments that the bullets won't kill this creature, Edward is determined to find go Jamison. Jamison might have gone to Laura, suggests Barnabas. This makes sense to Edward, who passes his rifle onto Barnabas as he goes out to the cottage. After Edward leaves, Barnabas' voice over wishes he had silver bullets and realizes that, "for the first time since I arrived in this century, I understand why I'm here." (I thought we knew that. At least we did but perhaps Barnabas forgot. See, David is still in 1967 in a coma and THAT is why I thought Barnabas was there. But since he further muses that "THIS werewolf is connected to Chris, and hopes to solve at least one of his riddles soon" I guess I was mistaken. 

Laura is seated by the fire, rubbing her scarab and calling on Nora to come and leave with her and Jamison, when Edward arrives - gun in hand - demanding to know where Jamison is. Laura declares that Jamison isn't there and seeing the gun, asks if he has come to kill her. Edward tells her about the creature wandering the woods and the women attacked in the past two days. Laura is appalled and demands he go back out and search for Jamison before he gets hurt. He leaves with a stern warning about lying to him. 

Beth remains very nervous about "that animal" and Barnabas finds it odd that she asked about that first instead of Jamison. Beth uses the excuse hat she's very upset. Barnabas then suggests that Quentin join the search and Long Tall Beth nearly jumps out of her skin. She says that he can't join the search because he is in town. Barnabas finds her behavior suspicious, but Edward comes in at that moment and starts phoning for the police and Beth shouts, "NO!" Then she babbles that she doesn't know why she said that, and Edward resumes his call. When Quentin returns, Barnabas leaves a message for Quentin with Beth about settling Laura tonight. Edward finishes on the phone and remarks to a quaking Beth. "They'll find it," he says. "They'll hunt him down-God, if he's harmed Jamison. . .!" 

Jamison comes out of the cottage bedroom complaining of a high fever. He's afraid they will have to postpone their trip if he's sick. Laura brushes this concern aside and tells him that it will stop soon. As she helps him back to bed, we see Barnabas outside the window watching. He enters while they are out of the room and finds the scarab by the fire. Laura, sensing it perhaps, is back in a flash and demands that to know what he's doing there, how he got in and that he hand over the amulet. Barnabas agrees to trade it for the boy. She blusters "Do you think I'd do him any harm?" She displays motherly outrage. "I know you would," he answers smugly. "I know what you are." She scoffs, "I am Jamison's mother! You are nothing but a very distant relative. How distant, indeed? Someone should answer that question." When Barnabas again orders her to give, she waves her arm and instantly Barnabas is bathed in hot white light and seemingly wracked with pain. "I have my tricks," she tells him with a smirk, "just as you have yours, whatever they are." Jamison exits the bedroom and in his fevered state, mistakes Barnabas for Quentin. "The boy needs a doctor," says Barnabas and they begin shouting at each other. Seizing the opportunity, Barnabas grabs the boy and runs from the cottage. Laura shouts after them "You'll pay for this! Before this night is over, I'll see that you pay!" 

In the Foyer of Significance, Barnabas waits for word on Jamison and notes that it is almost dawn. Beth joins him and tells him Jamison is with Edward and Judith, both of whom want to see him before he goes. He suggests that she go to bed, but she says she can't sleep. She's worried about what Edward said about the creature wearing clothes and walking like a man. She insists that she didn't see any such thing and he must be wrong. Poor Beth. Trying so hard. Barnabas prepares to leave, but runs into Laura who has arrived to nurse her son back to health (or so she says). She tries to stall Barnabas leaving but he brushes her off (after glancing nervously at the clock and hearing the cock crow). After he leaves, Laura gazes at Barnabas portrait. Beth returns to tell Laura that Edward won't allow her to see Jamison who's gotten worse. Laura advises Beth to leave her to wait in the drawing room but Beth indicates that she has orders to lock the door after Laura when she left. Laura scoffs at Beth's attempt to get rid of her and remains staring at the picture of Barnabas. She notices the ring in the portrait and starts speculating about the resemblance, the ring both the man and the man in the portrait wear. Beth tries again, assuring Laura, "I'll come to the cottage and let you know if there's been any chance in Jamison." Laura ignores her continues to wonder about Barnabas. "Have you ever seen him in the daytime?" she asks Beth. Beth thinks and says that she hasn't but that she might have missed him if she were upstairs working. Laura doubts this and dismisses her. She then sits by the drawing room fire and prays to Ra for help in killing her enemy. 

Outside Collinwood, Beth wonders where Quentin is, and hopes he'll come home soon. 

Back fireside in the Drawing Room, Laura has summoned Dirk's gloves and since they came attached to Dirk. She sends him to go to the Old House, watch through a window and report back to her on what he sees.

At the Old House, Barnabas leaves a note for Magda telling her that she must remain at the Old House for the day and that Laura has threatened him. He heads off the bed - uh, coffin - but is stopped by a wall of flames that abruptly appears before him. He can't get around it. Dirk watches as Barnabas solves his problem by vanishing into thin air. 

Dirk has returned to Laura to tell her what he witnessed. Laura decides quickly and simply that Barnabas must not be human. Dirk seems slower to grasp that than Laura but then he IS human and she's not. She then orders Dirk to return to the Old House to a secret passageway that Edward told her about it years before. Dirk wants to know what he is searching for and she tells him to look in some old trunks containing papers, diaries, books, letters-bring me anything written within the last century for mention of Barnabas.

Quentin, in torn bloodied clothes again, staggers to the front door of Collinwood, but, hearing Dirk and Laura's voices, leaves again. "Come to the cottage when you're done," Laura tells Dirk. "If I'm not there, go to Collinwood." They leave with Dirk still protesting that they're taking a chance. As soon as they are gone, Quentin staggers in and collapses in the foyer. Beth cries out and helps him into the drawing room, locking the door behind them. Beth is looking at him with a horrified expression and he realizes that she must KNOW what happens to him. He pleads with her to tell him and after much hesitation and difficulty controlling her tears (really, it's a fine, fine performance - no, REALLY.), she tells him that he attacked her after he changed into an animal. She tells him that Edward and Barnabas saw him and that Barnabas beat him away with his cane. She tells him that he becomes a wolf that walks like a man. Quentin is overcome with horror, and buries his face in his hands. Beth cries that there must be something that they can do and suddenly Quentin asks, "Who did I kill?" Beth, frantic, cries out "No one!". Quentin comes up out of the chair suddenly and she pulls back. He says that all she has to do is look at him, the clothes, the state he's in. "It isn't you!" Beth wails piteously. "You don't know what you're doing. It's the curse!" Quentin again threatens to kill Magda and again is stopped with the reminder that she can reverse the curse. Quentin is afraid of it happening again. "We can make plans," insists Beth, "we have until tonight." They hug, swearing that they'll find out everything they can about werewolves. Someone knocks. It's Laura, who wants to know why Beth locked the door. Beth claims she can't find the key and stalls as Quentin goes out the window. 

At the Old House, Dirk finds the catch to the secret door. He opens the panel, steps into the secret room and gazes around the very dusty interior.

Right after Quentin exits through the window, Beth unlocks the door to admit Laura and after they trade snarky comments about Quentin (they both know the other has been with him clearly), Beth excuses herself-I must go check on Jamison. She leaves. 

In the secret room, Dirk finds a diary written by Ben Stokes (the slave Barnabas taught to read and write back in 1795) "I will tell you the story of Barnabas Collins and how he died," reads the diary "or did he die?" He flees back to Laura with his find. Drawing room, Collinwood - Laura finishes reading Ben's diary. Dirk points out that Ben didn't reveal the secret but Laura doesn't care. It shows that there is a secret and they'll find it in Ben's grave. Dirk is appalled but his gloves are game. After all, they aren't just a pretty - um, face. Them's workin' gloves..

In the Foyer, Beth tells Quentin that there's no full moon tonight but this news doesn't cheer him up. He can't forget what happened and is worried that he be different than the books they've looked at describe. He's decided to check with Evan Hanley and see if he has any ideas now that they know what the curse is. Barnabas arrives, anxious to speak to Quentin about Laura but Quentin blows him off and rushes out. Barnabas gazes at a quaking Beth.

Dirk and Laura are in the cemetery and have Ben's coffin out and open. They find a book in the coffin. A clap of thunder frightens Dirk and Laura sneers at him with disdain matched only by the disdain of the gloves. Laura begins paging through it when Dirk, announces that someone is watching. She can't quite make out the shadowy figure of Barnabas. "Who are you?" she demands. 

Tues Jan 7 - When we last left our story, Laura and the gloves were robbing Ben's grave. Dirk came along to fill in the exposition and be frightened by the weather. And now, we continue.

Barnabas comes upon Laura and Ben robbing the grave of Ben Stokes and grabs the book from the coffin before they can read it and discovered the Secret of Barnabas Collins (SOBC). Dirk lunges at Barnabas but the vampire overcomes the be-gloved henchman easily and with out mussing a hair (as IF it could move under all that goop). Dirk passes out while Barnabas and Laura vow to destroy each other. Dirk comes to and Laura sends him BACK to the Old House to find the SOBC there. She now realizes that not only is Barnabas not human but that he is the same Barnabas that she once knew ("a young boy with sad eyes, who one could be fond of")

In the House by the Sea otherwise known as the Set That Was Once Worthington Hall, Nora is being scolded by Charity for playing outside and getting her shoes muddy. Charity doesn't seem as concerned about the mud as she is about Trask finding out about the mud and goes to fetch a brush to clean the shoes. While she is gone, Barnabas appears and convinces Nora (through hypnotism) that her recent bad dreams and unhappiness and due to her mother. Charity comes back and is shocked to see Barnabas and pleads with him to leave before Daddy finds out. He instructs her to let Laura in when she arrives and Charity says that she couldn't possibly because it's too late and against the rules for visitors at this hour. (And Daddy might find out) So, as he usually does when Charity thinks for herself, Barnabas lulls her, bites and leaves. She is once again complacent and woozy. Which reminds me - didn't everyone find out about those bites before? Nothing ever came of it. Odd. Anyhow, the result of all this biting and "look deep into my eyes" is that shortly thereafter, Laura shows up at the school to take Nora away and the girl refuses to go with her. Laura realizes that Barnabas has gotten there before her and is more determined than ever to rid herself of this meddlesome vampire.

Dirk is at the Old House (where Magda clearly isn't - despite Barnabas' instructions to the contrary) and finds Barnabas' coffin in the basement. It's empty of course since Barnabas is out putting the whammy on young children but a coffin empty of not must have something to do with the SOBC so Dirk, gloves a fluttering, runs back to mommy - uh, Laura - and tells her about the coffin. When she hears Dirks report, she realizes that he is a vampire and plans to destroy him.

Since Magda seems to be among the missing, Laura and Dirk have no trouble getting into the Old House after the sun comes up and while Dirk stands guard at the front door (with a gun - as if that does any good on an estate with a witch, a vampire, a phoenix and a werewolf), Laura goes downstairs, gloats over the slumbering form of Barnabas and is poised to drive a stake through his heart when -

Angelique! stops her. Angelique (in a stunning green shimmery gown) wrenches the hammer from Laura's grasp and after the polite, bitchy introductions are done ("There was a picture of you in Jeremiah's room. I remember you looking arrogant and rather woodsy in your riding habit. You're still very lovely, my dear, but perhaps time has begun to press in on you a little.") and Angelique has dealt with Dirk ("Don't worry. He's just gone."), they proceed to threaten each other. It's very much a 'don't get in my way vs. don't mess with my man' kinda thing. Angelique tells Laura how mad an enemy she can be when someone threatens Barnabas. Laura isn't quite sure what Angelique is but she makes a fairly solid verbal hit "You ARE a fool. Perhaps you can force him to love you through spells and potions, but if he really had a choice, do you think Barnabas would choose YOU? How does it make you feel that you are succeeding as a-whatever you are-but failing as a woman?" As you might guess, this is NOT the way to make friends and influence she demons. Angelique declares that Laura will never leave the Old House and is doomed. As she heads upstairs, a wall of flames appears in front of her and she draws back frightened. Laura laughs as she passes Angelique on the stairs "I am not without power. And it would seem you are not without fear-till we meet again, my dear Angelique."

Magda, who has finally returned, sees Laura walk out but before she can find out what she'd been doing there, Angelique comes in to lecture the gypsy on leaving Barnabas exposed and not protecting the SOBC. Magda is very alarmed at this and fears that when news gets out about the SOBC, she and Sandor will be killed as accomplices. Angelique, orders Magda to fetch Quentin so he can help fight Laura. He's not worth five seconds of my time! Spits Magda declares that Quentin is worthless and will be of no help. Angelique gives her a choice - get Quentin or join Jenny in the graveyard!

In the Collinwood drawing room, Quentin, resplendent in a purple velvet dressing down trimmed with magenta shiny fabric that defies definition, is drunk. Really drunk. Falling DOWN drunk. He answers the knock at the door and laughs maniacally at the sight of Magda. He rambles about knowledge and the curse and fear and how despite her and the curse, he refuses to lie down and die. He lunges for her throat and she sidesteps him easily (since he misses her almost entirely and falls on the steps). Magda wonders aloud with contempt dripping from every pore how Jenny could love such a mess of a man. This seems to have an odd effect on Quentin because he suddenly gets a far away dreamy look in his eyes. "She love me when we first met," he says quietly, "and I loved her." He gets to his knees (a fine look for him in any case but a VERY nice look when decked out in that dressing gown with his hair so tousled) and begs Magda to end the curse for the sake of that love. Magda, not as moved as I, refuses and instead informs him that she has a message for him from Angelique that he must go to the Old House. He asks why but Magda says she doesn't know. What she does know though is that "you cannot lie to her like you do everyone else-you cannot give her your boyish charm and smile-she's not like Beth, Jenny or any of the others!"

Angelique is explaining to a VERY hung over Quentin that the two of them are going to stop Laura from harming Barnabas but Quentin isn't listening very carefully and besides, he doesn't understand what this has to do with him since he no longer have an interest in destroying or dealing with Laura. He points out that he's in no shape to help anyone - not even himself. Angelique looks at him closely for the first time and sees that he really IS having some problem beyond the booze and offers to help him once Barnabas is safe. When Quentin still hesitates, Angelique lays it on the line - people are either on her side or her enemies and "However bad things are for you now, they'll be much worse with me as your enemy." That gets Quentin going and he straightens up and agrees to help. She asks what happened when he destroyed the urn (back in the year one it seems so long ago). He describes how he destroyed the urn and she nearly died, but she prayed to her gods and received a scarab containing life force for 20 generations. Angelique calls Magda and sends her to deal with "a small matter of theft" for them. Magda really doesn't want to help get the scarab but Angelique threatens to tell Barnabas that Magda was out of the house when Laura and most likely he'll get angry enough to kill. Quentin objects on the same grounds everyone stopped him from killing Magda "If she dies, I'll remain under her curse." Angelique seems surprised at the mention of a curse but declares, "I can't be involved in that. I only care that Barnabas be protected, whatever the cost or who must be destroyed!"

Magda goes to the cottage to see Laura and confronts her with the fact that she (Laura) knows the SOBC. Magda begs her not to tell anyone and Laura is surprised that Magda would care about Barnabas. Magda doesn't care about Barnabas but is more concerned about Sandor being killed along with the vampire. She persuades Laura to use a silver bullet through the heart to kill Barnabas, rather than telling people about him, so Sandor can be freed. "And I will be free, too", sighs Laura, who goes into another room to get money for Magda to buy the silver for the bullets. While she is gone, Magda finds the scarab under a couch pillow. Laura comes back with the money and Magda states that this is the answer to many things.

Having brought the scarab to Angelique, Magda leaves the witch and the werewolf to perform their ceremony. "Did you bring the Book of the Dead?" Angelique asks Quentin. He hands it over but she tells him to hold on to it because he will perform the ceremony. He says that he's a tad nervous about coming to close to calling on dark gods (excuse me? He called up Angelique in a similar kind of ceremony). Angelique reassures him and fetches and a wax doll from the mantle. She lays it in the flames and Quentin begins his chanting for Amon-Ra to "Accept our sacrifice!"  I must say that for a man who wasn't all that into doing the ceremony, Quentin really gets into it.

Meanwhile, at the Cottage, Laura is feeling the effects of the ceremony and searches frantically for the scarab. Quentin continues his incantation and Angelique smiles a quiet evil smile while gazing at the doll melting in the fireplace. Laura's face, which we see fade in over Angelique's, is beginning to melt, too. She calls upon Ra, "Hear me-protect me-and crush my enemies!

Weds Jan 8: The year is 1897, and the Collins estate is peppered with supernatural spoiled brats all who want their way. Who will triumph? Only the shadow knows - bwhahahahahaha

So - Quentin chants while Angelique (who I shall now call Angie) smiles an evil smile as she watches the wax doll burn in the fire. And speaking of witches, down he path at the cottage, Laura is doing a fine wicked witch of the west imitation and is melting away. She begs Ra to save her and to send Jamison to stop her enemies. Jamison, you will recall is delirious with fever and is in bed, watched over by his concerned and fabulously gowned Auntie Judith. He's tossing and turning, muttering about a fire in the Old House. When he starts awake with a gasp, Judith, tries to convince him it's just a nightmare. He asks her for water and as soon as she leaves to get it, he slips out of bed. She fell for the oldest trick in the babysitting book. The glass of water routine.

Quentin is still reading from the Book of the Dead and this chanting is starting to get on my nerves. Clearly Ra is bored as well because suddenly the fire goes out and Angelique can't get it restarted. The snafu here is that the fire actually DOES start and clearly it wasn't supposed to so Lara Parker has to fudge a bit until she can get it to go out again. Angelique, having restarted and re-subdued the fire, wants Quentin to try some more incantations to another Egyptian god, Set but he isn't crazy about calling upon the God of the Dead any more than he was about calling on the Sun god. Say what you want, but Quentin isn't always wrong.

Angelique reminds that if Laura survives, she will know he had a role in this and so, Quentin -ever practical begins the incantation entreating Set to show Ra who's boss and the fire rekindles on cue. And then Jamison shows up, shouting that they must stop. Angie orders Quentin to remove the boy but Judith is hard on the boy's heels and arrives in a bit of a pet. She is very annoyed that Quentin didn't return Jamison to the Old House but her baby brother points out that the boy just only arrived that moment. Jamison refuses to go unless Quentin and Angelique promise to stop. "Stop what?" wonders Judith. And you can see her jump instantly to the wrong and tawdry conclusion because then she asks just WHAT Quentin and Angelique were doing here - together! She makes together sound so - filthy. And fun. Angie says it was a coincidence and that both came to see Barnabas at the same time. Jamison tries to show his aunt the doll in the fireplace, but it is gone so naturally Judith thinks he's hallucinating again.

I am HIGHLY amused when we return because Judith and Angelique are both tucking Jamison in for a nap on the couch. Oh, Nurse! *snerk* Judith muses on what might be wrong with the boy - she hasn't a clue because the doctor says he can't find anything that would be causing the fever etc. "Have you ever thought how upsetting his mother must be to him? asks Angelique artlessly. The adults ponder this and then realize that while they've been chit chatting, Jamison has taken off again. Judith races out as Quentin panics. He demands to know what Angelique intends to do. As usual, her plans involve ordering other people about and she send Quentin to fetch her a mirror. He's not sure why she wants it but with relatively little fussing, he goes off to get it.

Jamison enters the cottage and finds Laura passed out in the settee. She wakes when he speaks to her and she credits him with her recovery. In response to his questions, Laura says Angelique is the danger and not Quentin - who Laura points out, is merely weak and only does as he's told. Jamison wonders if that's wrong and Laura explains with great seriousness "For a boy, no, for a man, yes." Jamison wants to know why Angelique hates her so much and Laura says it is because she (Laura) knows a dangerous secret about Barnabas that Angelique doesn't want told. The boy is anxious to know what the secret is - I mean, hello? Of course he's gonna as if you leave it hanging like that. But Laura declines to share and after confirming that Jamison still wants to leave with her when she goes, Laura says they should return to the main house.

In the Foyer of Family Squabbles, Judith upbraids Quentin for not going after Jamison as soon as they realized he'd left the Old House "I won't even think about why" she says but you know that she HAS been thinking about in the way Victorian spinster sisters ALWAYS did. Quentin's smirking is interrupted by Laura coming back with Jamison. She glares at Judith and Quentin as she sends the boy up to bed and chastises Judith for her lack of care regarding an ill child. "I'm surprised you brought him back," quips Quentin. And frankly, I don't understand why everyone didn't assume right off that he'd gone to his mothers. After all, that is where he was last time. Geez, these people! Laura insists that someone sit with Jamison until he's well and Judith is about to head upstairs to do just that but Laura stops her, saying that they need to have a little talk about what's been going on at the Old House. Judith shoots Quentin a "See! I told you!" look and the two women go into the drawing, leaving Quentin in the foyer. Judith asks if this has to d with David, uh Jamison (I think perhaps Miss Bennett should focus a bit but it's nice to know someone remembers David even if that someone lived almost three quarters of a century before he was born. But I digress. Laura says that it concerns Barnabas mostly but just as she is about to reveal all - the doors to the drawing room fly open and there stands Angelique! Laura's voice fails and all she can do is croak. "She seems to have lost her voice," observes Angie innocently and with great concern Judith wants to call a doctor but Laura rushes out, giving Angelique a dirty look. Angelique amusingly calls out, "At least let me walk you home!" Quentin, who comes in as Laura left, asks what the secret was but Judith says that she never had the chance. "Laura lies so much", says Quentin (her former lover!) that I'm surprised she hasn't strangled on her stories by now." Judith nods at this and says she can't help wondering what Laura wanted to say about Barnabas and wishing she trusted her more. It can't bother her too much though because she then brightly announces that she's going upstairs to see Jamison. Quentin, left alone with Angelique, expresses his admiration for her - skills. "You're very gifted, you know, besides being beautiful, dangerous-all the things I like. Why do you want Barnabas Collins and not me?" he asks, all seduction and charm. "Because I love Barnabas and not you", she replies sweetly. She then goes back into tactical mode and tells him that they haven't time for compliments with Laura plotting revenge at any moment. "Go to the Old House and wait for me there." He complains about not knowing what's going on and wants her to explain but she is having none of that "Shall I simply make you do it?" Angelique asks. I think he'd like that, actually. So Quentin leaves and as soon as he's gone, Angelique says, "You're such a child, Quentin, but what a surprise I have in store for you."

Laura is at home, still mute (a good look on her by the way), praying silently to Ra for help (again!)

At the Old House mere moments later, Quentin enters and is stunned (as am I) to find Angelique already there, playing solitaire. She suggests a game of cards while they wait. Quentin insists she couldn't have beaten him to the house and played a whole game. When she tells him to sit, he does, murmuring, "If I had your powers, oh, if I did. . .why do you want me here?" She lays out another game and tells him "I wanted you to be with me when it happens". Quentin the confused gets more so. "When WHAT happens?" he asks.

Meanwhile, Laura is still looking for some divine intervention to crush her enemy - specifically she asks that Ra start a fire "in the depths of her soul! Let her feel the flames inside her! Let it happen, great Ra, for I am lost unless you do!" Or something to that effect.

Angelique is still patiently and silently sitting with the cards. Quentin is getting anxious and asking questions and the silence thing really bugs him. He grabs her arm, and then drops it, horrified. "Your arm-it's hot!" he cries. "What's happening here?" She rises and steps back. We hear Laura's voice begging that Ra make Angelique's body like "red coals about to burst into flames!" and we - along with a horrified Quentin - watch, as flames surround and engulf a screaming Angelique.

Quentin's is a study in horror as he watches Angelique burn (déjà vu, eh Quentin). AS she finally fades from sight, he covers his face and cowers on the sofa

Laura is giving thanks to Ra when Dirk arrives. She speaks of leaving soon and this panics Dirk (though not the gloves who are feeling a bit like second fiddle these days). He says that he won't let her go, she says she must. They continue in this vein for a bit (get it - vein, bit? Right, OK, I'll go on) and she puts an end to it by fainting.

Magda returns to find Quentin sitting still dazed and still very much in shock. She starts to bust on him for being at the Old House so much but she notices how strange his eyes look and asks what he's seen? To give you an idea of how weirded out he looks, Magda actually seems concerned and this is the guy she cursed for killing her sister. He tells her about Angelique burning and she looks around for any sign of a fire and sees none. Besides, she tells him " No one can kill Angelique." He points out, shakily that witches burn and that Laura has won. Magda laughs cruelly (not so concerned now that she thinks he's beaten). She tells him to get out. He wants to stay and tell Barnabas about Angelique but Magda orders him to get out before Laura does something to him. "Run, Quentin," she chants snidely, "run, hide from her, hide!" Laura had the power to stop Angelique, see what she can do to you!" Quentin runs off, and Magda laughs at him.

Laura is awake again and lying down with Dirk hovering over her. She wants Dirk to go get the scarab from Angelique room. Dirk fears being caught but Laura assures him that he won't be.

The sun is setting and Barnabas wakes to face another brisk evening at the family manse. As he comes into his living room, he sarcastically remarks on what an honor it is to see Magda, seeing as she is so often gone these days. Magda is nervous and asks him to listen to her but he's too angry to do so. She insists that it is urgent that he does so and then they will see how angry he can get. This gets his attention and he is all ears (literally. And I notice for not the first time that Frid has quite pronounced ears). Magda crosses herself, straightens her spine and reports that Laura knows the Secret! Barnabas is stunned - and you guessed it - angry.

Back from commercials and Barnabas has been told what happened. He is puzzled that Angelique was careless enough to let herself be burned and you can see that he doesn't quite believe it to be so simply. After all, she was cagey to begin with and certainly would have been on her guard at that moment. Still, he supposes it could have happened and turns his attention to whether or not Laura has revealed the secret. Magda thinks not since if she had, wouldn't there be angry mob at the door?

At the writing table in the cottage, Laura is penning a note when Dirk comes in reporting that he found no scarab. Laura takes this as a sign that Ra says "time's up" and she declares that she hasn't the strength to fight anymore. Dirk, his facial hair quivering manfully, pulls her into his arms and tells her, "I can give you the strength the way I did once before. I'll do it again, now!" Um, yes Dirk but uh - I have a headache. He kisses her, but she nearly faints. She repeats that she must return to Ra and Dirk wants to go with her. Laura must be regretting this whole Dirk thing by now - I certainly am. But she puts him off saying that yes, yes they will be together soon but first they plot to get her and the children away. She gives him a note for Judith, but Dirk says she's gone to town. Laura doesn't see that as a problem as long as no one else gets the note in the mean time. "When Judith reads the note, everyone will know about Barnabas. Make sure Edward is asleep, then go to Jamison's room", instructs Laura. "If anyone is there, get them out. Nothing can go wrong. You must have a carriage ready and go to the school and get Nora. We must be away from here by midnight. Go quickly!" After assurances that she will send for him very soon after, Dirk macks on Laura once more and the camera pans to the window where I think we are supposed to see someone watching them but it's fuzzy and I can't tell.

We see Dirk at the front door of the Main House when he is attacked by a bad special effect shaped like a bat. He backs away, screaming like a girl and we hear the clock chime 11 PM.

Shortly thereafter, Laura enters the Foyer of Mysterious Comings and Goings and she gasps overdramatically when Barnabas touches her shoulder. He suggests that it's rather late for visiting and Laura, believing that she has the upper hand, makes a few barbed comments about how it may be late for her but it's rather early for him - seeing as he only has until dawn. He smiles graciously and allows her to savor her misguided moment. Then as she starts to walk upstairs, he mentions that her plan has already gone wrong. He faces him and realizes that the gloves are. "Isn't it strange," she says, "that we should be standing here in this house, in this year. I remember when Jeremiah brought me to the Old House, you were there watching me, following me around." Barnabas nods, still smiling and asks, "Were you a Phoenix even then?" Laura goes on, ignoring the question, "You were in love with me, as only a little boy can be. Have you forgotten that?" When he says that he hasn't forgotten she asks that he just let her take the children and tries to bond with him "It's not our fault what we are! You know that about yourself!" Well, she's got him pegged there. Barnabas has never accepted any responsibility for his state. Still, he doesn't see that they have so much in common and claims that "I'd want you to stop me if the situation were reversed." She says he can't possibly know what she is planning and that it's all bluff. He says that he most certainly does know and not from such an unreliable source as Quentin - oh no. Much better. Offering to show her, he opens the door to the servants' hall and we see Dirk lying there with two puncture holes in his throat, special effects blood dabbed lightly along this collar. Laura rushes forward, kneels and reaches out but he falls over. She whirls on Barnabas "You killed him." She accuses! "No, I had no need to kill him, I only wanted something he had. The letter, realizes Laura. "Your letter," says our happy smug bloodsucker. "It was as elegantly written as I would have wished. Unfortunately, no eyes will see it but mine." She glares at him and he tells her that it's been burned. He tilts his head to one side and wonders aloud "Have you time to write another?" She declares that she will tell - especially since Barnabas has lost his protectors. She starts up to get Jamison, despite Barnabas' promise that she won't leave the house with they boy. She hesitates to see if he will attack but he just stands there smiling. "Just as I suspected," she says almost jauntily. "You can do nothing." She heads upstairs. Barnabas smiles even more broadly.

Laura crosses Jamison's room, telling the form in the bed "I've come for you as I said I would." But when she reaches out to touch him - she finds a dummy in the bed made of pillows and hears a woman's laughter. Standing to the side in a green light that really brings out the Grinchy aspect to her profile, is a hysterically laughing Angelique. Laura's goggles disbelieving, as Angelique continues to laugh and laugh.

Thurs Jan 9: Angelique's manically laughter shatters Laura's fragile composure (and possible glass). Laura is shaking - angry and terrified at the same time as she cries that she KNOWS Angelique was destroyed. She watched her burn. Angelique stops with the chuckles long enough to explain she had in fact destroyed exact replica created to take the fall. "A doppelganger", she adds. Ohhhh, Angelique is using fancy words now! Laura gathers her wits about her (or tries) and swears she will do what she came to do and Angie says, "I won't stop you but a word of friendly advice - you really should use more caution in choosing your enemies." Laura storms out and Angelique enjoys a moment of triumphant solitude.

Edward comes into the drawing room where Barnabas is waiting. The children have been safely hidden away, Edward assures his "cousin" and Barnabas says that as Laura has not come down yet, they should discuss how best to handle her when she does. Edward doesn't care very much for the idea of his ex being all supernaturally - he'd much rather say "disturbed" but he agrees that she should have NO access to the children ever again and also agrees (though some what more hesitantly) that there shall be no flame ANYWHERE in the house until Laura is gone. Laura enters (looking really worn out - time is not on her side) and insists on speaking to Edward alone. Barnabas doesn't love the idea but leaves the room. Laura shuts the doors firmly after him and tells Edward that she is leaving - forever and ever. If only, she pleads, she could say good-bye to the children before she goes. Edward scoffs that it's out of the question and she tries to invoke her "right as a mother" to say goodbye. They continue to argue until Laura collapses from exhaustion. Edward calls to Barnabas who rushes in. The consider calling a doctor but Barnabas concludes that by the time the doctor arrived, Laura will have died.

Oddly enough, she is still alive when we come back from commercial and is on Jamison's bed, twisting and turning, calling to Ra (who must be getting pretty darned tired of this already). Edward enters and she starts awake. She indicates that she's very cold and when he offers to fetch blankets, she stops him. She'd prefer a fire if he would be so kind. He wouldn't and she plays the "it's my dying wish card" which anyone could have guessed would work on him. It does and he lights a small fire

Somewhere in the house, Nora (fully dressed despite the hour and being pulled out of bed abruptly and hidden away) lectures Jamison (also fully dressed despite all the same reasons AND being ill) about trying to open doors that are locked from the outside. Besides, she doesn't see what the big deal is. They were told to stay and ask no questions so why doesn't he just relax. Jamison (and I) can't believe that attitude and he asks her how she would feel if their mother went away and they never saw her. Nora thinks that's just silly but Jamison tells her that Laura wants them to go with her. Nora knows this and she tells her brother that she already said no, that she wants to stay at Collinwood where it is easier to be happy (WOW! This girl is crazed). Jamison agrees that it would be nice to stay all together at Collinwood but that it won't happen because Laura MUST leave so the choice is go with her or get sent back to the Trasks (Now, I'm not sure that's true. One of the reasons Edward sent them back was to get them away from Laura so perhaps they wouldn't - but I digress and the script writers didn't so back we go). Jamison then tells Nora how Laura described the place they will go - a very special place where they would never have to be unhappy again, high up on a mountain, very peaceful, and the sun is always shining. (They are going to stay with the von Trapps?) Nora begins to waver.

Edward is finishing up the fire in Laura's room and she asks him to help her sit up so she can see it. He does and she says that there's nothing more he can do for her and he leaves the room. Laura stares into the fire, calling in her mind to Jamison. "Let me know where you are, Jamison. Hear me and tell me how to find you!

Jamison does hear and calls out "The East Wing, in a locked room" Nora looks concerned until he says that he's speaking to their mother and Nora grins like a simpleton

Laura, strengthened by the fire gets up just as Edward returns. He is amazed at her recovery and even more amazed by her attitude "Don't try to stop me," she warns him. "If you do, we will both go up in flames." Edward recoils in terror and lets her pass. "I should have listened to Barnabas," he chides himself. "He warned me about the fire." Yes Edward - you should have but you didn't. Milk. Cry. No use. Edward calls to Barnabas to come up at once and Laura tells him, it's too late for Barnabas. She disappears before his very eyes.

A fire suddenly appears in the fireplace of the room where the children are hidden. They realize that this means their mother is coming for them! They stare eagerly, happily into the fire. Hmmm Mom = fire and I'm happy about this?

Barnabas races into Jamison's, Angelique in tow. "How did the fire get started?" Barnabas demands of a still shocked man. "She just disappeared before my eyes," says the befuddled Edward. "She's gone after the children." Barnabas orders "Go to them right now, orders Barnabas, I'll join you shortly." After Edward rushes out, Barnabas tells Angelique that they need her to stop Laura. Amused by the idea that she'd care one way or another if Barnabas himself were not in actual danger, Angie asks what he expects her to do. "You can put your powers to great advantage when it suits you," says Barnabas, "I ask you to do it for me." It's always about Barnabas, isn't it? I fail to see why this creature was so attractive to anyone. Angelique points out that Laura is a creature of fire so her own powers may be useless. Barnabas begs her to try and flees the room. Angelique shrugs and goes to kneel by the fire.

Nora is getting a little less gleeful and little more frightened and notes the flames are getting bigger! Jamison tells her not to be frightened and the children beg Laura to let them see her. "Soon," her voice promises. "Soon."

Angelique calls into the fire to Laura - "Wherever you are, hear my voice for the power to command you belongs to me. I have invoked the powers of darkness, and you can't resist me. Your children are waiting, but when you appear to them, they won't know you. You will be a stranger to them."

Nora and Jamison are hugging each other tightly, fire all around them and closing in on them. "There's no way out," says Jamison. Suddenly they hear their mother call "The moment has come for us to be together, always."

Angelique is still speaking into the fireplace and reminding Laura that she is in the presence of an enemy and that enemy is time. "All the years and centuries and eras you have lived through, I have summoned that enemy to confront you now, and you will appear as you really are." Laura comes closer to the children, telling them to run into her arms! Through the flames! They look for a minute like they are going to and then they both pull back shocked. The woman that reaches out to them looks ancient, crone-like and fairly gross. Oh and yes - a stranger. She realizes what has happened and screams as the fire reclaims her. She fades into nothing and all we hear is the weakening screams.

Nora and Jamison, relieved that the old hag is gone, are still alas trapped in the fire. Edward and Barnabas reach the locked door and can't budge it. Barnabas sends Edward to get an axe and as soon as the man is out of sight, Barnabas uses his vampire powers to dematerialize. Edward returns with an axe but can't find Barnabas. He starts to pound at the door with the axe but Barnabas has gotten into the room and opened the door from the inside. "The fire went out as mysteriously as it started", says Barnabas. Nora tells Edward that they saw Laura in the flames but it wasn't her somehow - it was someone very old. Edward hurries the children out and goes to phone a doctor.

A new set appears and I wonder where we are. There's a pounding on the door and since no one is RIGHT there to answer it, it is obviously not a Collins house. No, it's Evan's house and he appears, rousted out of bed in a gown that would be put any of the Collins' sleepwear to shame. It's a very drunk, totally bombed Quentin at the door, wanting - no, DEMANDING - that Evan help him with this curse. Evan reminds him that he has tried several times and failed. Quentin wants him to keep thinking. "I can't go through with this again, I'd rather die!" He throws himself into a chair for a sulk. Evan pats his shoulder, promising to keep thinking. In the meantime he suggests getting Quentin cleaned up and back to Collinwood.

Back at the Main House, Edward has joined Barnabas, reporting that the children are fine but suffering from fatigue and shock. Barnabas is glad to hear it and suggests that it is time then for him to go back to the Old House. Edward delays him and says he has some questions - notably how did Barnabas get into that locked room. Barnabas thinks quickly and invents the story of a ledge outside the room and crawling out from a room next door. Adrenaline, you know. This sounds OK to Edward who is really more concerned with how he is going to explain this whole thing to the kids. "They don't believe it was their mother in that room, but an incredibly old creature they had never seen before." Barnabas - who knows SO much about children - says that since the kids probably won't sleep anyhow, after the doctor leaves, Edward should have a long talk with them and MAKE them believe it. Edward says that he'll try and Barnabas says goodnight and leaves.

It's a little after 4 AM and I guess Barnabas is right about the kids not sleeping because Jamison comes downstairs and goes into the drawing room to sit in the dark. We then see time pass (camera shot of the clock) and a tad before 5 AM; he's asleep on the sofa. Quentin and Evan come in - making enough noise to wake even the undead. Jamison wakes and runs to Uncle Quentin, begging him to be his best friend again. Quentin is touched (and Evan is - I suspect - slightly sickened) and assures the boy with a gentle smile that they never stopped being friends. Jamison knows that deep down but admits that he said some really rotten things. Quentin wonders what happened tonight to upset Jamison and prompt this. Jamison tells him about Laura being trapped in a fire in the east wing (Evan looks up quickly). Quentin kneels down and takes Jamison by the shoulder, telling him that he doesn't have to talk about it anymore if it upsets him. Jamison smiles weakly and says he is afraid Quentin will go away, too. His uncle assures "I'm staying right here and we will be better friends than ever. Go to bed and we can have a nice long talk in the morning, like we used to." Jamison feels better and bids both men good night as he goes upstairs. Evan, seeing the expression on Quentin's face suggests that grief is a little tough t believe considering that Quentin hated Laura. He still hates her, Quentin says but no he envies her as well - being dead means being free and Quentin is trapped by his curse. Evan berates the mutton chopped chucklehead and says that as long as he is alive there is hope. And speaking of hope, the devilish lawyer says - he thinks he has a plan. They need MAJOR help so why not go straight to the top - why not summon the Devil? He says it very matter of factly and Quentin is not sure he's serious at first. "I admire a man who aims high", says Quentin but even if Evan is serious, Quentin doubts the devil would respond. Evan points out that they have nothing to lose by trying but if it does work - well; Quentin will have to pay a price. Not Evan's price in this case - the Devil's, which Evan predicts would be very high.

In the drawing room, Nora sits along, gazing sadly about her when Edward enters and asks if sitting her alone means that she is thinking about Laura Yes, she admits that she is but doesn't want Edward to be angry. She just can't help it. Oddly, I feel bad for Edward because he isn't angry at all - he just isn't quite sure what to do to make it better. But he tries manfully and isn't too far off base. "I understand, he says. "Nora, I don't know how long it will take but you will have to accept your mother is gone and not coming back. You must make every effort to forget about what happened last night and the best way to do that is to occupy your mind with other things. Will you try that?" She promises she will, then says she's going upstairs. Alone, Edward broods until the phone rings. It's Trask, asking about the lease. I bet if Judith had answered, it would have been about a great deal more but - whatever. Edward says that if it's about the lease, that Trask should Evan Hanley, the family lawyer. There's a pause and I assume Trask asks if Evan would mind talking to him at home because Edwards says, "I don't see why not. He's courteous and most efficient (oh and practices black arts but always with a smile and thank you). He hangs up just as Quentin crosses the hall. Edward asks to wait a moment so they can discuss a very important family matter. Quentin expresses amusement that anyone still thinks of him as a family member and Edward says that this is JUST his point. Edward wants that to all - he, Quentin, Judith and Carl (wow! Where IS Carl these days) - should all try to become a family again, to reconcile their differences and bond. "What brought this on?" asks Quentin. Edward says that it was the realization that there is something unnatural about their lives. Gee, Edward. Ya think? "What happened to Laura last night went against the natural order of things, and I want to make sure nothing so freakish and abnormal comes into our lives again." Quentin looks disturbed. I'm guessing that werewolf would fall under the heading of abnormal. Edward notices Quentin's rather odd expression and asks what is the matter but all Quentin says is, "I must go. I'm going to be late." Edward wants to know what's more important than family matters and though Quentin doesn't deign t explain fully, he does say that he too is interested in the natural order of things. And with that, he leaves.

Back at Evan's abode now and Evan is lighting black candles and slipping on a fabulous black robe. Quentin is getting lit himself and drinking heavily. Evan is disgusted and suggests postponing the event until Quentin can do it sober but Quentin doesn't see why it matters. "I am the victim here", Quentin reminds him. "I must pay the price. Let me pay it in my own way!" I think there are many many victims here and Quentin isn't even in my top five. But if Evan wants to help the whiney brat, fine. Evan turns down the lights, then stands before black candles asking the Prince of Darkness to hear his pleas. He chants, thunder crashes, lightning flashes, Quentin starts at the noises/ He really jumps out of his skin as the chanting gets louder and the weather blows the doors open. Suddenly, Evan's shouting has reached a crescendo and - LOOK! Someone has appeared in the double doors! Quentin drops the booze, checks the area for furniture and then faints gracefully to the floor.

Whew! I'm exhausted!

Friday Jan 10: Don't you hate when you're in the middle of conjuring Satan and the local Reverend stops by? I sure do. And from the look on Evan's face, it's not his favorite thing either. Quentin has passed out so when Evan tries to make light of the ceremony Trask saw and calls it an intellectual game, Trask looks down at Quentin, who has passed out from - fear or booze - and remarks dryly that he doesn't look terrible alert. Commenting further than perhaps this is NOT the best time to discuss the lease, Trask leaves with the promise that he will return. Quentin comes to and right away he and Evan end up having a huge argument. Quentin demands that Evan continue the ceremony, but the lawyer refuses, saying that enough is enough and he can't risk his reputation any further. Quentin then takes his usual stance and threatens to kill his friend. Evan suavely notes that Quentin would be better off saving his bestial behavior for the following night--you'll need it. 

We leave Evan's lovely home and return to the familiar surroundings of the Collinwood Foyer. A knock at the door, answered by a still drunk Quentin, shows us Minerva Trask who has stopped by to give Judith some of her plum preserves. Quentin, feeling feisty (and I supposed depressed 'cause the Devil never showed) keeps implying that Judith and Trask are spending a GREAT deal of time together - alone. This shakes Minerva but clearly it's something she's used to hearing so I guess Trask is a bit of a hound. She isn't shaken enough to take a drink from Quentin when he offers it, but she does decide to leave. He accepts the plum preserves for Judith, and offers to give Trask a message when he brings Judith home but Minerva says quite sharply that she will speak to hubby herself. 

Evan is at home fretting over what Trask's price will be for silence, considering he caught them in a satanic ceremony. Quentin calls and reveals his encounter with Minerva. He thinks it'll lower Trask's price. 

Our next scene opens at the House by the Sea and Reverend and Mrs. Trask's are going at it (in the classroom for some odd reason - classroom at school is as foyer is to Main House). Minerva tosses about accusations about a few rich widows that Trask has courted (He says it's for the good of the school). Minerva rails about how he only cared about taking those women to restaurants and the theater and planning worldwide trips! Trask says she's hysterical and a constant embarrassment. He leaves, she says he must be going to see Judith but he just walks out having had enough.

Well, Minerva was wrong because when we next see Trask, he's at Evan's house hinting that he might reveal what he saw to Judith. They verbally tussle until Trask forces Evan to admit what happened. Having come clean, Evan demands to know what Trask wants to keep quiet and Trask smiles, telling Evan "I hope you are VERY good at the black arts, very good indeed."

At the school, Minerva is giving Hottie Tim a hard time about the way he grades papers when Trask comes back asks her to leave, which she grumpily does. Alone with Hottie Tim, Trask asks him to conjugate some Latin (sure, that's what I do when I am left along with a strapping example of - um, the teaching profession). Trask then suggests that perhaps Tim and Charity should leave the school and make a life for themselves somewhere. Neither Tim nor I believe it but Tim really WANTS to so he becomes grateful for Trasks suggestion so fast, my head whirls. When Tim asks what prompted this, Trasks says it was the visit to the lawyer. Trasks says Hanley needs someone to translate a Latin manuscript and if Tim did a good job, perhaps Evan would help him find more of the same type. Tim is stunned and actually apologizes to Trask for misjudging him in the past. Hey, I said he was Hottie Tim. Not Brilliant Tim. Trask sends Tim to see Evan immediately. 

Evan is mixing up a potion when Trask calls to say Tim is on his way. I don't know what they are planning but the brew Evan is working on is smoking - that can't be good. 

A short time later, we see Tim thumbing through the book (speed reading the Victorian Way) when Evan comes in to see how he's getting on. Tim says he's not having any trouble at all - except he says with a laugh - "I'm having no trouble with the Latin, just the thin pages." Evan comments that he seems to have found away around it - licking his finger, and then flipping each page. "Others have always teased me about that habit", says Tim. Evan assures him "it's the perfect thing to do in this case." Oh no! 

Later, Tim, now under the influence of the potion, drops the book from his hands. Evan checks to make sure he is completely under. When asked, the young teacher doesn't even know who he is so I'd say completely under. Satisfied, Evan instructs, "At the right time, and at a given signal, you are going to kill someone." 

Evan is giving instructions to Tim. We learn that under this influence Tim will do whatever Evan says without knowing why. He will only know that he must do so and that later on he will not remember it. Asking questions already - Tim asks in a drowsy voice who he is supposed to kill but Evan says he'll know when the time comes. At the right time, Tim will get a signal - a playing card, specifically the queen of spades. Evan tells Tim that it's the face of a woman who needs to be punished, and that he, Hottie Tim, is lucky enough to have been chosen to do it. 

In Quentin's room (because he's finished all the booze downstairs) Quentin (still drinking) and Beth (trying to stop him) are playing cards. Bored with such a mundane activity, they launch into an argument about whether to hope for a cure or to wallow. I see as Beth stands in front of the mirror that they have fixed the noisy boom mike because I didn't hear it as it went sliding by. Quentin picks wallowing but Beth wants to hope and says that she will have a go at Magda. "You feel you have a special way of dealing with gypsies?" he asks snidely. Beth states that yes she does and defiantly sweeps out. Quentin gazes through the window. 

Magda is at home for once and therefore when Tim knocks at her door, she's able to answer it. He tells her that he wants to buy something from her - something that only gypsies would have on hand. He spins a tale about an old manuscript that contains alchemist's secrets, and can turn copper into gold. Magda laughs and so do I - but I'm laughing AT her, not with her. She stops laughing when he says that what he wants to buy is nightshade powder. I stop laughing also - 'cause even I know what that does. Magda confirms, "nightshade only turns warm living people into cold, dead ones." He says again that he's willing to pay so after they agree on a price; she agrees that he should return in an hour to pick it up. He doesn't want to wait, but she says he must. I trust you, he says, pulling her arms behind her back painfully "I'll kill you if you mention this to anyone!" 

Later, Magda is STILL at home and this time. It's Beth with the gypsy. She pleads for Magda to take pity on Quentin (no dice), to take pity on her (no dice) or to try and imagine how she would feel if it were Sandor in Quentin's position. Magda tries to convince Beth that Quentin isn't a good person to be around - even apart from the curse (and Magda is right, you know) but Beth says she can't go back with out hope - she juts wants to know that there IS a cure. "I could spend the rest of my life with Quentin, marry him, get money somehow, travel, and find a cure!" Magda looks appalled, "You would marry him, knowing his son, if he has one, will suffer the same fate as Quentin." Now it's Beth's turn to be horrified. "Then" says Beth, "you have cursed your own kin." And the whole horrible story of Jenny having her twins taken away comes out. Magda is CRUSHED. She sobs that she didn't know and calls upon Jenny's spirit to forgive her. Devastated, Magda says she wants to be left alone but Beth thinks that she's fond a wedge - she begs Magda to help the children by ending the curse - for Jenny's sake. Magda tells her, go to town and get a pentagram, put it around the little boy and make sure he wears it every day of his life. "You can't end it!" realizes Beth. "Oh, a child," sobs Magda, her face collapsing with misery. "A child! I did not know." She asks Beth to leave her alone, sobbing. 

Quentin is pacing his room, when Beth comes in. I thought for a second that she was gonna finally tell him about the kinds no. She points out that it's dark out, the moon is full and he hasn't yet changed. For a brief moment, they think they have a future - and then the pain begins. Beth doesn't want to leave him, but he insists she must get out before it happens. "I've got to get out, I'll kill one of them-you must get out of this house and forget about me", he insists as he falls to the floor and writhes - again.

We sure are spending a lot of time at Evan's house. This time, Evan is gazing at the moon. He muses on the tides of the moon and then marvels over the amount of nightshade Magda supplied for Tim, who is also there looking sort of bored - or hypnotized. They look a lot a like. Evan suggests a relaxing game of cards and after a few hands (and a few snippy comments about Judith's skills and cards and Edwards lack thereof) Evan orders Tim to bring me a brandy. "Soon - you'll know when the real moment comes - it might not be brandy, but tea, or sherry, but you understand that, right?" Tim says yes, he understands that they cannot control what it will be. Evan puts down the queen of spades and Tim, very robot like, rises, crosses to the decanter and pours a glass of brandy with a dash of the nightshade in it. Evan watches with a proud smile. Tim brings the drink to Evan. "Good!" praises Evan, "For your first time." Evan sets down the brandy and a worried look comes over Tim's face. He lifts the glass, sniffs it, and says, "You are going to drink it." Evan refuses, alarmed. Tim grabs him around the throat, holding the poisoned glass in front of his face as though preparing to force him to drink it. "You are!"

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