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We're still in 1897 - where you most of you will recall Barnabas is SUPPOSED to be looking in the past for the reasons why Quentin's spirit in the present (1967) is being so troublesome and taking over David, the overacting 13 year old. Also, I found a site with a quick primer on the plot to help you catch up if you want


February 24-28: Wow! I am still behind but with great hopes of getting the next batch done tomorrow night (tonight is out because Angel is on and as far as I am concerned "more Faith = more gooder). OK, back to our retro vamps and other stylin' sideburned supernaturals

King Johnny plans to takes Magda and the hand back to the gypsy camp. We fade from a shot of Johnny laughing evilly about this into a shot of Petofi grinning evilly. Why the grim grin? Well, he's busy with one of his favorite hobbies -- threatening to destroy Collinwood if Barnabas does not tell him the secret of time travel. 

King Johnny has stopped laughing finally because the ghost of a man we've never seen before has come for his hand. Yes, it's the disturbed ghost of the man Aristede and Petofi dug up so they dummy up a hand to fool the gypsies. The gypsies are remarkably quick witted about this and realize the hand is a fake. Johnny's quickwitnedness is short-lived however since he immediately accuses Magda of having pulled the switch. FOLLY! I shout at the TV. No fool Magda though. As soon as Johnny's back is turned, she runs pell mell (or as pell mell as her voluminous layers of skirts will allow) into the woods in a desperate attempt to escape.

Having grown bored with threatening Barnabas (which reminds me - where's Angelique?), Petofi has gone to see Charles Tate. He suggests that Charles take a break from all this silly painting and go for a drink. Petofi further recommends that Charles try the bar at the Collinwood Inn where he - Petofi - has seen a girl that Tate simply must see. Tate isn't all that keen but allows himself to be convinced to go out for an evening tipple

Amanda is at the inn but in a rotten mood after spending the day with Trask, who's been trying to convince her to move INTO Collinwood so they can pray any time - day or um, night. To improve her mood, Tim suggests an evening out and as they leave, Tate sees them and realizes that Amanda is the woman that he has been painting for the past two years!

Magda comes to Collinwood looking to escape the gypsies. Quentin tells her she can hide there for a while but he's in the middle of a plan to save Barnabas so he'll be gone for a bit. Because they are in the foyer, the naturally discuss the plan loudly and in detail in case anyone might - you know - be around. The plan is pretty basic - Quentin will go to Petofi and tell him that unless Barnabas is freed from the cramped cross-laden coffin, someone sent by Quentin will reveal Petofi's whereabouts to the gypsies who are conveniently at hand. It's not a bad plan as far as it goes but this is Dark Shadows and you KNOW it'll go wrong somehow. Magda thinks the plan is A-OK and hustles off to hide the servants' quarters - but who knows what it's called at Collinwood, The only servant we ever see is Beth.

Speaking of Beth - it is Beth that Quentin intends to send to King Johnny. He tells Beth to watch the clock carefully and if he doesn't return by a quarter after one, assume he - Quentin - is dead and go to the gypsies. Beth isn't terribly keen on this but agrees to help out of her love for her man. Sigh. Poor Beth. She just has DOOM written all over her.

Quentin is explaining the facts of life to Petofi (in regards to Barnabas etc) when we the audience are treated to a first hand look at what is about to go horribly wrong with Quentin's plan. Oh, Beth TRIES to watch the clock but Charity (in her demented cockney state) poisons Beth because she is jealous of her love for Quentin. Luckily for Beth (and is there a servant in all of Gothic Literature with more luck that Beth?), Magda finds her in time and whisks her off in time to save her from the poison. Beth comes to a tad befuddled and hysterical because it's now 1:30 and she's missed her deadline. Magda says that she's sure Quentin is OK and if Beth wants her to, she'll go to Petofi's and check. Magda doesn't get far though because a gypsy henchman grabs her and hauls her back to face her gypsy king. Petofi meanwhile has considered his options and his fear of the gypsies has outweighed his need to keep Barnabas so the family vamp and the family werewolf leave Petofi's den of iniquity just as Charles Tate arrives to question (or rather annoy) Petofi about Amanda Harris. 

King Johnny has decided that instead of taking Magda back to Boston (the traditional home of the gypsies after all) he will try her with a jury of her peers (in Johnny's opinion - her peers being other gypsy murderers accused, sentences and oddly - dead). Johnny summons gypsy spirits including Sandor for a gypsy trial against Magda. Magda is found guilty (SHOCK) and Johnny lets Magda go so that she can be hunted down and killed by the ghosts and Johnny. Magda rather pluckily gets away from everyone but Johnny and as Johnny menaces her in a manner unbecoming his alleged station in life, Barnabas arrives to back Johnny off. Barnabas tells King Johnny that the hand is back with Petofi and Johnny is so thrilled that he agrees that Magda can go free and further more agrees to cure Quentin if Barnabas tells him where Petofi is. Petofi tries to buy off King Johnny, however Johnny (who has donned special enemy killing robes) prepares to cut off Petofi's hand once again!

In the nick of time - for Petofi, not Johnny, Aristede arrives and throws a knife, which stabs King Johnny in the back. Quentin, flush from his rescue of Barnabas, has decided that he will do whatever it takes to save Edward and Jamison as well - you will recall that the two of them are still suffering under various spells from Petofi - Edward being a manservant and Jamison thinking he's David. Angelique arrives in time to make Quentin an offer and again asks Quentin to marry her if she tries to release Edward and Jamison from Petofi's spell. Petofi arrives just as she is starting and warns Angelique not to tamper with any of his spells. Angelique sasses him in her own unique style and goes right on her merry way. She is successful and Jamison and Edward are released from Petofi's possession. Quentin can't decide whether to be thrilled that the delusions are over or not because that done, he is now committed to marrying Angelique. Quentin tells Edward about what's been happening and about Petofi, however Edward is still more interested in destroying Barnabas. Charity has a vision of September 10th in which she follows a trail of blood and finds Quentin dead.

Charity, fresh from her vision runs to tell Magda that Quentin only has 12 days to live. I suppose that Charity MIGHT have gone to tell her father this except he is busy in the drawing room being told by the ghost of Tessie Kincaid that the beast is in Collinwood. Trask goes searching for the beast. For some reason that I am sure made much more sense in more innocent times, Magda and Quentin decide that the "beast" must not get out that night (it's the full moon) so when we see them next, Trask finds Magda in the process of chaining Quentin up. Trask puts two and two together and comes up with shock. He locks Quentin up in the basement and waits for Quentin to change with a pistol full of silver bullets. Magda rushes off to tell Angelique that her affianced is in danger and Angelique puts a spell on Trask to make him write a suicide note in which he confesses to be the werewolf. Petofi shows up with the portrait of Quentin from Charles Tate just in time to stop Angelique from killing Trask (pay back's a bitch isn't it) and Trask goes back to waiting for Quentin to transform.

He's gonna have quite a wait however since - the moon rises and GASP! Quentin does not transform! Trask is terribly disappointed and can't decide what to do but Quentin points out that what it will look like is kidnapping so Trask let's Quentin romp free. But - he makes it clear - he is NOT happy about having to do so.

Petofi is waiting for Quentin when the non-wolfy one bounds gleefully into his room. Petofi's being there puts a bit of a damper on Quentin's mood but he tells Quentin that at the proper time he will send him a bill for being free of the curse. Quentin huffs that Petofi may have had nothing to do with it and sends the large lipped Petofi on his way. Meanwhile, Tim has been thinking. I know, I know. How could this be? But remember, he was a teacher and may have known people who could do it. It may very well have rubbed off. IN any case, Tim says that he's been thinking and what he thinks is that it would be a great idea for Amanda to move into Collinwood - you know, as part of his plan to get revenge against Trask. She thinks he's NUTS! Until she's once again at Collinwood and meets Quentin. He flatters her, she bats her eyelashes at him. They make gooey eyes at each other while Trask isn't looking - I guess we're supposed to think it's love at first sight. Quentin makes his lovelorn way back to his room - telling himself sternly that he has no right to think of Amanda in "that way" with a curse over his head and all - I don't want to be picky but in addition to a curse, he has a fiancée and the love of a good woman (Beth) that might also be reasons not to be spending time mooning over Amanda. His musing are cut short however when he notices that the portrait (in addition to being HIDEOUS) has changed in to - yes, you got it - a portrait of the werewolf. It was bad enough that Charles painted such an icky picture of Quentin but Quentin is NOT amused by this whole Wolf thing and hauls Charles ass up to show him what's happened and DEMAND an explanation. Charles is stunned and swears that he didn't paint the wolf's face. He's says it must have been Petofi and something HE did - since as Charles points out - if it's that strange and hard to believe, Petofi MUST be involved. ON his way out of the house, Charles meets Amanda and asks questions about her past. She feels oddly compelled to admit that she cannot remember anything prior to 2 years earlier. Charles realizes that the first time he drew her was the first day that she remembers. He doesn't mention that to her but rushes off home to find that first portrait. He confirms what he thought and can't wrap his little Roger Davisy brain around it so he decides to do a bit of sketching to get his mind off of things. But - it isn't to be because as Charles draws a picture of vase - it appears before his eyes.

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