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This is obviously my personal site but my online content arsenal is vast. It includes Greater Gotham: Going Global, a blog about being out and about in New York City and what happens when you turn Gotham Girl lose on the UK; Fabulous Foodie, where food and food culture are served up a la carte. Last but not least, there is Modern Parlance -- home to my hard-working writer alter ego and headquarters in my nefarious plan to take over the world. It is also home to my work blog - Personal Parlance, where I hold forth on publishing, books, social media, communication, indexing, writing, education and anything else content-wise that catches my eye. 

I had wanted to call the whole thing Operation Empire but several of my friends suggested that might put people off. Upon consideration I decided that a) they were right (so went with Modern Parlance) and b) to effectively take over the world, I would need fewer friends and more minions. Applications being accepted now.

Scribbles & Notes

Of course, the word-smithing started long before the plan for world domination. At one time or another, my personal writing projects have included:

Take 2 Movie Reviews which proved indirectly that I once had a social life where as TV Rants & Raves suggested perhaps that I didn't. (I take comfort in the fact that I haven't updated it lately - which suggests that things are looking up.)

The only thing my ongoing Bibliomania ever suggested was that I needed more shelves and the patience to wait for  paperbacks. Publishing Grunt's Bible came about because working with books isn't the thrill ride that reading or buying them is. 

There were pure flights of fancy like Staving off Ennui, the Server Sees the Sights; there were answers to hypothetical questions like "what should go in a toy hall of fame and then there were the snarkathons - first site website I ever did - Alias Smith & Jones Site and the Dark Shadows Snarkathon.

Much older material is kept in the Ephemera Archives - moved to the backburner but not completely forgotten. Who knows what'll end up catching my attention next...

  Ephemeral Archives

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Wrapping up 2000

Parting the Waters (3/2000)

It didn't rain -- and here I am in an apartment flooded with water.

It's 3:45 a.m.

A pipe in the wall or behind the washer or something apparently burst and flooded not only my apartment but the hall outside and one several floors below.

An hour ago, I was woken up by the sound of Brian, my building super, pounding on the door and yelling my name. To say that I was less than my best when I finally got to the door is an understatement.

The reason Brian knew about the flood was that all the water from the burst pipe that didn't make it into my apartment -- ended up in his home -- 3 floors below me. As soon as I undid the chain he was through the door, nearly didn't wait for me to open it. Apparently he thought I was dead or something. He'd been at it 10 minutes and had gotten no response. I didn't hear him. I sleep with earplugs a lot and since I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately, I'd taken a sleeping pill. Needless to say, that's worn off now. Though I shock is setting in.

The carpets will have to be ripped up in the bedrooms and the floor in the rest of the apartment will likely have to be entirely replaced. I'm glad I didn't have them refinished last month when Dad mentioned it.

As I look around, it's hard to know even where to start. Everything that was in any contact with the floor is wet...the floors, the books, the furniture, the lower section of some of the walls. The books bother me a lot.

I feel like one of those people you see on the news after a hurricane.

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