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it's not just for email anymore. Is ASJ not playing in your neck of the woods? Well, why not? What TV stations in your area show similar things? Who is airing Wild Wild West, Gunsmoke, Bonanza? Reruns of other shows? Write to these stations (their programming departments, particularly) and tell them what an excellent addition to their line up, ASJ would be. Mention that there is a tremendous resurgence in interest in the west and westerns. (There is you know. I am not making that up). 

In addition to your local stations, cable stations are prime targets for this sort of write-in campaign. Some of the ones running programs where Alias Smith and Jones might fit in include TNT, TBS, the Nostalgia Channel, TVLand, The Family Channel. Here are some useful web page addresses. Most have email addresses or email links for comments. Send them one. Ask about ASJ. Tell them how well the show would fit in their line up etc...And remember, be nice, be polite and try not to sound too giddy. Giddy isn't the demographic they are looking for. They are looking for adults with disposable incomes. You don't really have to be an adult with a disposable income but you should try and sound like one in your letter. 

Letter writing campaigns are most effective when actual snail mail letters are used. Yes, email is faster and it doesn't hurt. It may even make them think but please make sure that you follow up any email with an actual letter. Snail mail addresses can usually be found on the web page (which is really why I am supplying these links). 

As for videos, my guess is that we are all watching copies of copies of copies that are good enough for us to make out who is who. Sufficient for now, but why settle? We'd all love to have clear, (dare we hope) professionally released complete episodes. How can we get those? We can beg, plead, blackmail, bribe and write...but who can subject to our desperate pleas. Well, The Columbia Video Tape club offers collections of Wild Wild West, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Rawhide, Have Gun Will Travel, Dukes of Hazzard, Battlestar Galactica, Hogan Heroes, The Monkees and all sorts of other stuff. Why not ASJ? Write them. Check out their web page, fill out their survey, send the snail mail, send email. MAKE NOISE! In the meantime, we shall have to count of our fellow fans to help us out and give us copies of copies of copies...In the meantime, we could write to MCA Home Video. They put out Rockford Files which is also a Roy Huggins show so it's worth a shot. You can write them at -- MCA Home Video / 70 Universal City Plaza / Universal City, CA 91608 

OK, so if they are notorious and well known, how is it that they keep avoiding most people realizing who they are? Well it could have something to do with the very vague description on the wanted posters. They read as follows (Thanks to Paula for this):

Offered by Midwest Railroad for the capture
Age 27. Height, 5 feet, 11 inches. Weight 165 lbs. Dark blond hair, blue eyes and even features. Medium build. He is the leader of one of the worst bands of desperadoes the Territory has ever had to deal with. The above reward will be paid for his capture or positive proof of his death.

Heyes' poster reads identically except for: Age 29, 160 lbs., Dark brown hair, brown eyes. I mean, I don't know about you, but it sounds like just about half the people I see everyday. 

Well, let's see. I admit that some of these aren't strictly relevant to the show but I find them interesting and came across them as I pursued ASJ information or I thought it tied in somehow. 
First, there is the episode guide written by Alan Morton (1994). It is available in a couple of places: The Episode Guide on the Tardis FTP site. Another place to find The Episode Guide is on the Episode Guide Page. 

Lots of people have written and asked where they can see the show now. Well, as many of the fans in Britian can tell you, it's on the BBC quite often.  As for the United States -- It's made several brief runs on TVLand this past year or so (weekday afternoons I believe). You can always go to sites that allow you to search by keywords days and weeks in advance. Some suggestions are:

As of Sept 23, it's showing on Plus at the moment. Check the listings

Other appearances by various people who appeared in the show can be found on the Internet Movie Database Site. That's where I got the basis of the appearances for Pete, Ben and Roger though I must say that I have serious doubts about the accuracy of Roger's list. If it's correct, it would mean Roger is much, much, much older than any ever suspected and must have the patent on a superb moisturizer. 

A good place to start is Yahoo. It's where I always start my web research. In addition to listing my own ASJ pages, the Yahoo index lists a number of other TV Westerns. They include Briscoe County Jr., The Wild, Wild West, Gunsmoke, and many others. Strangely, there doesn't appear to be any page for Maverick and that's a shame...no, don't even ask. I will not do another one of these sites for another show. This is fun but it *is* time consuming. 

Another good place to find information of the TV Western is Shadows of the Past. A very comprehensive listing of the 125 TV Westerns that have been produced with links to information for many of them. Let's see...what else. 

Books relating to the show range from closely related to only vaguely on the same plane. There are a couple of ASJ novels from years back. Published in the UK, to the best of my recollection (I'll confirm it) and no longer in print. Copies are occasionally found at collectible shows and offered for sale in various newsgroups. They are by Brian Fox and the titles escape me at the moment. Anyone? From what I've gathered (I've not read them myself), they are not exactly prize-winning fiction. In fact, some people have questioned whether watching an episode of the show was even required since it resembles it only coincidentally. 

Moving further away from the strictly or officially related, to the "amazing coincidence" level, we find a couple of books by Carole Howey -- Sweet Chance and Steal Me, Sweet Thief. These can be found in the Romance section of your local bookstore and feature male leads that any ASJ fan will recognize instantly. I mean, come on Carole? Which ASJ picture do you have hanging over your computer? And finally there are tons of books on TV shows generally and some that concentrate on Westerns. Most of these will have some sort of mention of the show. Sometimes there is even a picture or two. 

Now mind you, I am not endorsing any of these places. I am simply saying that other people have found them useful for tracking down photos of the show and the stars. 

  • Jerry Ohlingers' / 242 West 14th St / NY, NY 10011
  • Movie Star News / 134 West 18th Street / NY, NY 10011
  • Still Things / 13622 Henny Ave / Sylmar, CA 91342.
  • Collectors Bookstore / 7017 Sunset Blvd / Hollywood, CA 90028

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